Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lifetime achievement

I'll just place this here as a kind of amuse-gueule:  "Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal" (the NYT could at one time actually do real journalism when it wanted to).  Note the laughably weak attempt of Clinton-stooge Snopes to rationalize this (you'll find a lot of similar attempts by 'journalists', essentially nit-picking small overstatements or unimportant errors by Trump in describing the situation).  I think we all know what pure corruption with Russia looks like, and this is it.

The current Democrat obsession with Russia, a nothingburger outside the Beltway, is tied to hesitation by 'donors' at throwing more money at the spectacularly losing proposition that is the Democratic Party, and is tied specifically to Russia as Russia is the current obsession of the Traditional Enemies Of Peace (things are getting cray cray in Bibi-land, as it has been a very long time since anybody has told the Jews they couldn't so something and has been willing to back it up).  There are signs of considerable, treasonous, desperation as the whole house of cards collapses, both in the US and in the Zionist Empire:  "Democratic Party floats proposal for a palace coup".

"BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under "Systematic Illegal" Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It".  The perfectly unexceptional explanation is that if you speak to foreigners, you will be recorded, almost automatically, and no warrant is needed:  "Congressman’s Trump Surveillance Claims Have An Obvious, Mundane Explanation".  You can tell that Nunes is spot on - thus damaging the vital collection of loot from 'donors' - by the insane vehemence of the response:  "Devin Nunes Must Resign Or Be Removed From Office After Colluding With Trump" and "Pelosi, Schiff Slam "White House Surrogate" Nunes' "Act Of Diversion & Desperation"".

Can you imagine what would happen to a Barry underling if he or she discovered something embarrassing to Trump in the surveillance dragnet, and Barry wasn't told?  Trump, in his odd way with political instinct, has stumbled upon one of the main problems/paradoxes of the Panopticon.

And there is still the Brits:  "GCHQ: You Read It Here First".  For those who believe in Coincidence Theory but not Conspiracy Theory, it is a coincidence that the head of GCHQ suddenly resigned 'to spend more time with his family' (!) just at the time the surveillance issue came up.

"Is Tillerson Skipping NATO for Russia a Crisis? (No.)".  Maybe not a crisis but it sure sent a message that Trump isn't intimidated by the wave of attacks on him.  "Trump opens the Russia file, finally" (Bhadrakumar).

The report wasn't retraced, revoked, or disavowed - it just disappeared in a blizzard of shekels!:  "Out in the Open: Jewish Power Rears Ugly Head in Censoring of UN Report".

"Global Laundromat update: “Bank did bank things with famous person”"!

"“What about Crimea?” – Latest narrative from Canada’s foreign minister".  The (seeming) paradox is that a neo-Nazi can survive in Ottawa with the support of BigJew.

"Man Actually Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Tweet". Eichenwald, who claims to be in peril of actual death by gif, could easily have set up his browser to completely defeat the attacks.  I have to say that jew_goldstein did a remarkably good job at setting up all the requisite parts of the prosecution's case (perhaps a little too much so).

"Whoops: The DOJ May Have Confirmed Some of the Wikileaks CIA Dump".

"The YPG/SDF crosses the Euphrates... again - TTG".  The righteous and accurate comment by Heros didn't go over very well.  Still, and unusually, the Trumpamericans seem to be on the right side of history here (on the other hand:  "Tillerson pledges long-term US military role in Iraq and Syria").

"The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller".  "David Rockefeller: A Dark Legacy in Brazil, A Critical Obituary" ('Thy Will Be Done' is one of my favorite books).  "Land Rights Activist Shot Dead in Brazilian Hospital".

Note the original title in the url!:  "Chelsea Clinton to be honored by Variety, Lifetime".  What a distinguished group of honorees!

"Anti-Semitic Flyers Found On UIC Campus For Second Time In A Week".  What is striking is that they show you the actual content of the flyers, not the kind of thing meant for gentile eyes.

"Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY".
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