Thursday, March 16, 2017


"AIPAC gave $60K to architect of Trump’s Muslim ban".  Deep Islamophobia.

"Washington Says Russia’s Condemnation of Damascus Bomb Attacks is Unfair to Al Qaeda Suicide Bombers".

"Protecting The Terrorists? US Forces Evacuate ISIS-Daesh Commanders".

"The 1.6 Billion Dollar Hoax".  Note how easy it would have been to produce a much more convincing document.  Shady Italian source funneled to shady American source - reminds me of yellowcake.

"Carlson: NBC, not Russia, was chief meddler in 2016 election campaign":
"According to sources at NBC, Carlson claimed, the tape of Trump's ribald conversation with "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush was leaked to the Post with the knowledge of NBC brass, including NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andrew Lack.

"NBC’s motive?" Carlson asked. "To derail the Trump campaign two days before a presidential debate."

Carlson added that NBC executives knew of the tape for months, but were hesitant to broadcast it for fear of being accused of partisanship. But as the reality of a tight race became apparent last fall, he said, "NBC rose to the defense of Hillary Clinton and leaked that tape."

Reflecting on the public outcry after the tape's release, which included calls by members of both parties for Trump to quit the race, Carlson asked, "What do you think played a bigger role in the 2016 race, the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape or the Russian government? Just because NBC’s effort failed and Donald Trump won anyway doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant."

"Did Obama Spy on Trump?"  Using the Brits to get around pesky American laws/optics.

Tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"US DOJ charges Russian spies in Yahoo hacking case. READ carefully and wonder: Who's charging the @CIA and @NSA for exactly the same crime?"

"Trump, JFK, and the Deep State" or "The American Empire Isn’t in Decline"?  Trump is still difficult to pigeonhole.

Tweet (EscapeVelocity), answering a question about Russia:
"California has the largest Defense Contractor presence, of any state."
"Fake News about Venezuela: A Simple Recipe".  Who is it that is obsessed with Hezbollah?

"Survivors share horrors of the Holocaust through new technology".  Holocaust hologram.  As opposed to Nakba nologram: "AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy".

"Third Time's The Charm - The Neocons Want Another Sunni Insurgency".  "The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow".

"The roles of the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Israel in Syria: moving towards the end of the war".

"Will Chrystia Freeland Finally Ruin Canadian-Russian Relations?"  Dion got stabbed in the back to replace him with Ignatieff so Harper could win essentially unopposed, and now is stabbed in the back to ensure a Ukrainian neo-Nazi is Canadian foreign minister.  Apparently Dion is too plain-spoken to be a diplomat, as opposed to termagant Freeland.

"When Canada Invaded Russia".

""We Are All Doing It": Thousands Of Canadian Bankers Admit Lying To Customers To Boost Sales".

People are willing to embarrass themselves quite badly in order to protect Canadian neo-Nazism:  "How Russia’s attack on Freeland got traction in Canada".

"Rutte Victorious in Netherlands Election: Wrong Kind of Populism? Who Really Won?"  "Mainstream, Pro-EU Rutte’s VVD Beats Populist, Anti-Immigration Wilders in Dutch Election".  Peasants again doing the opposite of what they are instructed to do, with the result falling within the Brexit-Trump paradigm, not outside. This is encouraging for Le Pen.

Wilders looks like a Grey alien with a ridiculous wig on which someone has painted rather lifeless human eyes.

"Kim Jong-nam's identity confirmed with DNA: Malaysia".  That's their story, and they are sticking to it!

"Liberals and diversity" (also).  Trump is revealing some big internal contradictions.
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