Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Or maybe he’s just always angry

"Insider the Alt-Right/All-Russia Nexus".  Tl;dr?  The same lousy, incompetent, lying, Jew-controlled media, which has hidden so much from Americans, including, ironically, the state of Hillary's campaign leading to her loss, hides things which show up in Trump tweets which he receives second hand from real news sources.

"John McAfee: ‘I Can Promise You It Wasn’t Russia Who Hacked the DNC’".

"Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data".  With the collapse of the howitzer theory, there is literally nothing left of the CrowdStrike web of lies.  It appears that the FBI still hasn't done any investigation independent of insider Democratic Party operatives.

"No one excels in the production of "fake news" more than Washington Post and New York Times--no one".

"Neocons as a Figment of Imagination" (Giraldi), and its robust comments (watch the Laughing Mexican Guy video; Americans are finally putting the pieces together and recognizing the real cost to their own well being of having a Bad Case Of The Jews - see, from last year, "The real cost of Middle East wars", not to mention the closely related, "Going After the Opioid Profiteers").  There really has been a shift in what you can say.  On Max Boot (my emphasis in red blood):
"Now, who is Max Boot and why should anyone care what he writes? Russian-born, Max entered the United States with his family through a special visa exemption under the 1975 Jackson-Vanik Amendment even though they were not notably persecuted and only had to prove that they were Jewish. Jackson-Vanik was one of the first public assertions of neoconism, having reportedly been drafted in the office of Senator Henry Jackson by no less than Richard Perle and Ben Wattenberg as a form of affirmative action for Russian Jews. As refugees instead of immigrants, the new arrivals received welfare, health insurance, job placement, English language classes, and the opportunity to apply for U.S. citizenship after only five years. Max went to college at Berkeley and received an M.A. from Yale.

Boot, a foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012, networked his way up the neocon ladder, including writing for The Weekly Standard, Commentary, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. He was a member of the neocon incubator Project for a New American Century and now sits on the heavily neocon Council on Foreign Relations. Boot characteristically has never served in the U.S. military but likes war a lot. In 2012 he co-authored “5 Reasons to Intervene in Syria Now.” He is a reliable Russia and Putin basher.

Max Boot’s articles are smears of Donald Trump from top to bottom. The “closing in” piece calls for establishment of a special counsel to investigate every aspect of the Trump Team/Russian relationship. Along the way, it makes its case to come to that conclusion by accepting every single worst case scenario regarding Trump as true. Yes, per Boot “Putin was intervening in the presidential election to help Trump.” And President Barack Obama could not possibly have “interfered with the lawful workings of the FBI.” As is always the case, not one shred of evidence is produced to demonstrate that anyone associated with Donald Trump somehow became a Russian useful idiot, but Boot assumes that the White House is now being run out of the Kremlin."

"Somalia wants Saudi probe of refugee boat attack".  Tweet (The War Nerd):
"Well, this isn't exactly a whodunit. AFAIK there are no Houthi attack helicopters or naval vessels"

"Reality and the U.S.-Made Famine in Yemen".

Ironic piece by Pre-President Clooney:  "South Sudan’s government-made famine".  "Corrupt Leaders Thrust South Sudan Into Famine and Abject Ruin".  "The Right’s Stuff in Africa" (on Abrams).  "Trump’s “Muslim ban”: Israeli strategic plans to “remake the Middle East” from 2001 and before targeted the same countries" (Weir).  "How The American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind’s Hopes For Peace — Paul Craig Roberts".  South Sudan, Darfur, and the ICC charges are part of the continuing attacks by World Jewry on the anti-Zionist leader of Sudan (part of an obvious series including Saddam and Gaddafi and Assad):  "Omar al-Bashir: ISIS was Created to Justify Attacks against Sunnis".

There is evidence that this is happening:  "US: Team Up with Kurds Not Turkey to Destroy Islamic State".  Unlike Barry, Trump really does want to get rid of ISIS, and Turkey is obviously a comical ally to have in that fight!

"Israel-funded “infiltrators” behind London campus “provocation”".  False flag.

"Belarus arrests "armed provocateurs," Lukashenko points finger at Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland".

They've got a new Israeli Chief Lawfare Czar in the American government:
"The White House on Tuesday named Sigal Mandelker, a former Israeli, as Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. The position places her in charge of US sanctions against countries and terrorist organizations. Mandelker, a lawyer by training, previously held a number of posts in the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department in which she handled cyber security, terrorism and national security matters, among others."
"EXCLUSIVE Jared Kushner Struck Out in His First Foray Into Middle East Diplomacy".  Again, some evidence that Trump lets Kushner get his way on settlements, but takes otherwise sane Middle East positions.

"The Denationalization of American Muslims".  The curious break in American Zionism on the proper technique of maximizing the effectiveness of the killing of people, and the stealing of their land.  The concentration camp guard and Beinart are in the 'respectable' category.

"Campaign Against Antisemitism is a campaign against Palestinians".  Electronic Intifada should be more careful in who it publishes:  "Priceless: Tony Greenstein Admits being a Zionist At Last!".

"Fiona Hill To Take Over President Trump’s Russia Desk".  Since Trump appears to pay no mind to this class of underling, it is unclear whether this is bad or good.

"Airlines Want Protectionism - U.S. Bans Laptops, Tablets On Competition's Flights".  Airlines that don't treat passengers like cattle have a competitive advantage which must be dealt with.

"Meet the Neocons’ Newest American Hero: Ben Sasse".  Note how this religious freak ended up in charge of gathering/arranging blackmail against pervert American politicians.  Also note the process of tuning this theologian into a law/business 'expert' so they could get him into Congress.

"Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger".  Head clown.

"A Breach in the Anti-Putin Groupthink".  "Russia, Trump, and a New Détente".  Note how much more you will get out of reading these with a vigorous Jew skepticism.  It makes all the difference in the world.  Things that the deceived and sad normies would miss just 'pop'.

"A sick human being is free because of Alex Acosta. His associates are protected from prosecution. And now President Trump wants to reward Acosta with a Cabinet seat."

"New Zealand Expels US Spy With Broken Nose And Black Eye, After "Incident"".  This has been covered up very nicely.

"David Rockefeller & October Surprise Case":  "we fucked Carter’s October Surprise."  Does that include sabotaging Carter's attempted helicopter rescue mission?

I don't know why anyone would care (it is not like Snowden's return to the United States as a hero will turn on it!), but this is a tour de force of investigation/analysis:  "Newly Obtained Documents Prove: Key Claim of Snowden’s Accusers Is a Fraud".  Also:  "The World of Edward Snowden" and "Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong barrister authenticates hotel records debunking mystery gap claim".  Anything which produces a general queasiness about Epstein is a positive.
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