Friday, March 10, 2017

Splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds

If Americans were truly woke, they would be insisting en masse that the CIA be wound up and thrown in the dustbin of history (instead of the extreme passivity).  Consider:
  1. The CIA paid or inveigled or coerced tech firms to put gaping security holes in their hardware/software, and keep them open (those tech forms should be identified, shamed, and boycotted out of existence, though unfortunately it appears to be all of them, including the very off-shore Samsung);
  2. the CIA carefully gathered the exploitation software for these intentional vulnerabilities from the zero-day industry (which exists because of the intentional vulnerabilities), and promptly lost control of the exploits (negligence? on purpose?  as a result of the craze for using outside contractors?  in any event, completely insane);
  3. the zero-day tools are now in the hands of international gangster gangs who use them for the mass thievery and privacy breaches which we hear about every day now (we can be certain of this as everybody can have access to them);
  4. the cost of these breaches, not to mention all the additional costs and inconveniences of the delusion of 'security', are paid for by everybody, all so the CIA can pretend to have a purpose.
The authoritarian personalities who think this kind of thing is great as the CIA is just protecting Americans have to grasp the point that much of the insecurity and lack of privacy is caused by the CIA's shenanigans, with the key point that real gangster criminals are enabled to commit expensive security breaches because of the CIA. In fact, much of the massive costs of trying to avoid all these problems is as a result of CIA conniving/bumbling.  We've been carefully taught that the massive number of security holes is a result of the complexity of modern technology and programming, and now we learn the holes are there intentionally.

Of course, the CIA stooges in the mainstream media are on crisis alert to make sure Americans don't find out who is really responsible (much 'reporting' is in fact a way to continue the deception by misleading or providing vague denials:  "While the documents themselves provide context that contradicts some of Assange's hype . . . ").  Most of the usual security writers - 'experts' at preserving the delusions - are strangely silent or dismissive.  The worst 'journalists' are using this for more WWIII warmongering by turning it into another Putin-blaming session - see solid Escobar - with some wild conspiracy theories (note that Assange is definitely woke, and Farage and Pamela Anderson may be couriers, that being the only secure communication remaining).  In fact, we now know that all specific attribution of hacking is a lie, as the CIA is specifically equipped with 'Umbrage' to create just such a lie, and that false attribution is a specific technique employed to hide CIA wrongdoing.

It should be obvious that you cannot have a functioning democracy without privacy rights as lack of privacy means that everybody, including politicians, is subject to blackmail (explaining Trump's backing off of his initial anti-CIA attitude).
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