Thursday, April 13, 2017

In honour of this day

"Ted Postol Updated Assessment of U.S. Gov Claims Regarding the Khan Shaykhun, Syria Attack".

"The Malleable Bi-Partisan Utility of Poison Gas".

"Mother of All Bombs joy: A pure Culture of Lickpittle moment".

Tweet (Murad Gazdiev):
"America essentially just used a WMD.

#Trump's bomb has a kill radius of ~1.6km. An 8km² kill-zone.

Pic: if it were dropped on Manhattan."

"An Interview with Edward Burtynsky" (the Canadian photographer who takes photos made into huge prints of the big footprints of humans on the world):
"How was the Nigeria experience versus some of the other countries you have ventured to?

Well Nigeria is scary as shit, whereas Bangladesh was never scary. People were really friendly in Bangladesh. In Nigeria, you had to be careful.

Nigeria was scary for what? Kidnapping?

Yeah, kidnapping.

I heard that.

People kidnap, because you’re worth about 250k. There’s a price. You can actually buy kidnapping insurance.

You had that?

No, I looked at it, but I didn’t buy it. It would have cost $2,000. If you’re a backpacker with a grubby beard, and dreads, I don’t think they will be thinking, oh I can get $250,000 from you. But if you’re a director, and there’s drones and equipment, and you have an entourage, they might see you as someone of value. You have to be careful. For pilots, you’re always in a compound. You’re never allowed to go out by yourself on the streets in Nigeria because if you get nabbed, the oil company pays. The ransom is $250,000. You give them $250,000, and they let you go. It’s like a deal. That seems to be the number. So I didn’t choose to buy it, but I paid close to $30,000 for security.

Bangladesh was nicer?

Well, the people were friendlier. I mean I’ve worked a lot in Muslim countries that they will give you their shirt off their back. They’re the friendliest people. They will invite you to their house, and give you whatever they’ve got.

You’re “the guest”.

Yes, and they are happy to share their food. So, I have nothing but say but good things about Bangladesh.

Finally, I really enjoyed your series of shooting ships being broken down. That’s a fascinating subject.

Yeah. It was the craziest thing I ever saw."
Tweet (FuzzyWuzzy):
"In honour of this day, "How to Roll a Joint", with legendary Canadian historian and bon vivant, Pierre Berton. …  #CBC"
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