Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Terminal, high

It turns out the entire North Korea war hysteria was just an advertising campaign to install American missile defense in South Korea:  "US Military Begins Moving THAAD Anti-Missile System Into South Korea Deployment Site" and "U.S. military starts installing controversial anti-missile battery in South Korea".  In the grifter-filled American world of Trump/F-35/Ivanka rebranding ('without her knowledge'! sure!)/countries in the American orbit shopping for competent Russian equipment (with Russian equipment in Syria being the best advertising money doesn't have to buy)/Juicero, Elon Musk and Theranos, this makes perfect sense.  The Pentagon is now just an advertising agency for crap products that can't be sold without trickery.

People who aren't Israelis are coming to realize that having non-working missile defense is worse, much worse, than not having any missile defense at all.

Added:  "Japan Proceeds With Controversial New US Air Base on Okinawa".
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