Saturday, April 08, 2017

Years of useless handwringing

"Inside the Emerging Trumpian Alt-Right Snuff Novel":
"And yet here we are and let's not shy away from it. All accounts suggest that Bannon has fallen from grace and will soon be fired by the President. His ouster comes as the loser in a battle with a group of Jewish Goldman Sachs (Cohn, Mnuchin) bankers and the tall, dapper and yet nebbishy Jewish legacy real estate tycoon Jared Kushner. (I'm Jewish. I can say all of this.) It all reads like the kind of alt-right morality play one of Bannon's deplorables might have written in some grand alt-right dystopic novel. Even the non-Jews are veritable auslanders: A key new player is Dina Powell (born Dina Habib), an Egyptian immigrant (albeit a Copt) who was herself a banker at Goldman Sachs in addition to being a Republican policy insider."

"Decoding the Trump 'war room' photograph" (my emphasis in red; it is starting to look like Ivanka is the first female President, and she's brought a shitload of Khazars with her):
"One of the more noteworthy stories earlier in the week, before the Syrian strike blew the news cycle out of the water, was the ongoing feud between presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump nationalist consigliere Steve Bannon. It seemed Kushner was gaining the upper hand, rapidly expanding his policy portfolio, while Bannon was on the outs - booted from his permanent seat on the National Security Council.
Both men were in the room Thursday night, although the seating arrangement was telling. Kushner was front and centre at the table, casting what seems to be a cold gaze in the general direction of Bannon, who was a lamp away from being pushed up against a wall. (Stephen Miller, one of Bannon's closest White House allies, is also barely visible, seated to Bannon's left.)
There's something else interesting about the seating arrangement in this photograph. On the president's left is his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. On his right? Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin - not the kind of Cabinet officials one would expect to see prominently featured in a national security briefing.
Part of the explanation could be that Mr Trump's Mar-a-Lago travel team was heavily stacked with economic advisers for his meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is seated along the wall on the right. Perhaps they felt comfortable tagging along with the president to learn the results of the missile strike.
It's probably safe to say, however, that a commerce secretary, usually a low man on the cabinet totem pole, has never before had such prominent real estate during a key national security meeting.
During that fateful 2011 raid on Bin Laden's compound, one woman - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - was prominently featured, her hand to her mouth in apparent concern (or, she has since said, a result of seasonal allergies). Another woman, director of counterterrorism Audrey Tomason, is also visible.
There's only one woman among the 15 in the Trump photograph, US Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Powell.
Ms Powell was an adviser to Ivanka Trump during the presidential transition and originally served as the president's senior adviser for entrepreneurship, economic growth and the empowerment of women. Like Gary Cohn, she also is a former high-ranking officer in the investment bank Goldman Sachs."


For many months now, Assad's army has been moving up and down the length and breadth of Syria, eliminating terrorists. Literally thousands of engagements. Never once used chemical weapons. Yet we are to believe that he suddenly decided to gas a bunch of civilians?  Even if you assume that he is some kind of psychopathic monster, what is his tactical rationale for this kind of attack?

Note the important technique of establishing the general intellectual understanding and background assumptions about any enemy of the Khazars.  We've heard months of Jew-controlled media reports of how Assad, in the necessary - you simply can't just leave the human organ eaters and head loppers in place, and they embed themselves in a hostage civilian population just so they can't be easily dislodged - task of de-terrorizing Syria, is bombing civilians.  This despite the fact that the Syrian government, in marked contrast to the Americans everywhere and particularly now in Mosul, took steps to minimize civilian harm and provide humanitarian assistance.  We've been brainwashed into believing that this horrible monster Assad just likes to kill civilians.  Thus the ridiculous latest gas story finds some fertile ground.  Linguists can be particularly vile (and subtle) in this kind of trickery:  "Is Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent for Regime Change in Syria?"

Adams gained considerable credibility by picking Trump early and often, but his attempts to rationalize every Trump mistake as being part of some brilliant plan are becoming increasingly strained:  "The Syrian Air Base Attack".  On the other hand, the Americans didn't bomb the runways (!!!):  "SITREP: Important update on the US attack on Syria".  Remember, the whole stated rationale was to keep Assad from doing this again from this air base!

To their credit, the nationalists didn't try to rationalize or excuse this disastrous betrayal:

  1. "Collapse of Trumpism—On War and Immigration?"
  2. "Cuckold King’s Missile Strike Fizzles And Fails, Several Children Reportedly Killed In The Attack"
  3. "Richard Spencer: The Trump Betrayal" ("Will The ‘Alt-Right’ Break Up With Trump Over Syria?")
  4. "An Extremely Unfortunate Turn of Events".

Add it all up:

  1. after promising to drain the swamp, Trump hired a cabinet full of the worst swamp beasts from Goldman Sachs;
  2. while it may have been a stunt to weaken Ryan, Trump came dangerously close to assisting in bringing in a health care bill that would have been an utter disaster for the deplorables;
  3. there won't be any real Wall, and Mexico ain't paying for it (the deportations are just a stunt, blown up in lurid color in the media, no worse than what Barry did in secret);
  4. Mexico buys too much American corn for Trump to have any leverage in NAFTA negotiations (Canada is, however, utterly fucked);
  5. the infrastructure stimulus to MAGA is going to be tax credit giveaways to Trump's pals (i.e., no real stimulus by government expenditures, as Trump wants to use that money for tax cuts for the 0.1%); and
  6. now the ultimate betrayal, a new War For The Jews (with the bonus of WWIII).

"Why did the American Military take precautions to prevent “fanciful” impossibilities?"

"Dashed Hopes for Trump’s Foreign Policy".

How many times can you say Mossad without actually using the word 'Mossad'?:  "New form of Android malware is the most sophisticated and dangerous ever discovered".

"EXCLUSIVE: Cybersecurity experts who were first to conclude that Putin hacked presidential election ABANDON some of their claims against Russia - and refuse to co-operate with Congress".

"Grasshopper".  With the 'recycling of malware' from Russian organized crime sources, and a specific CIA protocol to disguise, how can anybody with a straight face claim they have proof of the identity of hackers based on signatures?

You watch the neighborhood, We'll watch the skies. (!)


Tweet (Adam H. Johnson) (um):
"Brian Williams calls DOD video of missile strikes "beautiful", unironically quotes Leonard Cohen, "Im guided by the beauty of our weapons""

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"Ticking time bomb scenario ✓
Weaponization of "do something" liberals ✓
Moral extortion of those calling for pause as "dictator lovers" ✓"

Tweet (from the aptly named Anne-Marie Slaughter; note the attack on Barry - 'years of useless handwringing'!):
"Donald Trump has done the right thing on Syria. Finally!! After years of useless handwringing in the face of hideous atrocities."

Tweet (Hayes Brown):
"Omfg. Bolivia, who called today's Syria meeting at the UN, holds up Colin Powell's 2003 picture, saying to remember that ISIS was the result"
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