Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cosmopolitans / problems with the narrative

"The Flawed Chemical Analysis in the French Intelligence Report of April 26, 2017 Alleging a Syrian Government Sarin Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Sheikhoun of April 4, 2017".  "French intelligence service piles on with more anti-Assad nonsense–here’s why it is BS".  I have to say that the bullshit anti-Assad PR campaign is working, at least to the extent that the morons of the left can still airily tweet accusations as if they were established fact.

"Death by Chemicals".  From the Kenneth Roth Wikipedia page (without links):
"In 1987, Roth was hired by Aryeh Neier to be deputy director of HRW and since 1993 (when Neier left to become head of George Soros' Open Society Institute), Roth has been the organization's executive director."
Neier.  I assume when Roth retires there will have to be a world-wide search for a Khazar replacement, as you just can't trust that kind of war-mongering ultra-Zionist propaganda to any old shabbos goy.

"Syria to Boost Military Ties With Iran, Army Makes New Progress, Terrorists Continue to Kill Each Other".  "Russian AWACS is operational in Syria".

"Ukraine opens criminal probe against 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero".  The irony level goes off the chart when you consider the role of World Jewry in installing the current Ukrainian regime.

"Austrian suspected of war crimes in Ukraine detained in Poland".  There must be some curious politics behind this, as slaughtering eastern Ukrainian civilians is generally considered to be a good thing.

"Wikipedia banned in Turkey for refusing to remove contents about links with Syrian civil war: Court".  It is amazing that kind of content made it in.

"Where to Go with Turkey" (Giraldi).  The Zio-Americans and their minions won't do anything, so it is up to the Turks themselves, probably through a military assassination.

"Al-Qaeda leader says group fought alongside US-backed forces in Yemen".

Tweet (Michael Arria):
"I know it's an established fact that Goldberg is shameless but...goddamn."

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"More revisionist bullshit: Not only has US funded countless death squads, but Obama's terror strategy was based on extra-judicial killings"

Tweet (Anonymous):
"Barrett Brown released — after being forced to sign paperwork allowing the BOP to talk to the press about him!!! https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2017/05/barrett-brown-is-home/ …"
"US prosecutors shield ‘classified’ docs from Tsarnaev lawyers".

"The Cuck Stops Here".  Trump's a Democrat.

"“If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump We Know Where You Live”".

"Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, first Cuban-American in Congress, to retire".  Pure Evil.

"Strategies for resisting right-wing populism".  Stop running toadies with Rothschild policies.  "Twenty Truths about Marine Le Pen".

"Michael Moore to Take Aim at Trump, on Broadway".  Yes, $500 tickets for a show on Broadway will fix those Deplorables!

"The silence of the pseudo-left on the danger of war".  Not just silence but positive enthusiasm for it.

"Confirmed: the crucial role of Chilean media mogul on US plan to overthrow Allende".  "Who Is Behind Washington’s Coup Plot in Venezuela?".

"Bayer-Monsanto: A Match Made in Hell. Six Reasons why Bayer-Monsanto Merger Threatens People and Planet".  Merge the two most evil corporations - what could possibly go wrong?

"Luddites have been getting a bad rap for 200 years. But, turns out, they were right".  War on robots.
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