Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hiding with Lucky

"Let's Call Western Media Coverage of Syria By Its Real Name: Propaganda".  This isn't difficult, particularly given our recent similar experiences over Libya and Iraq, so let's call those who pretend to be fooled by the latest propaganda by their real name, fucking warmongers, who lose all credibility on all matters.

The Atlantic Council (a warmongering front for the huge American military contractors, and a major NATO PR operation) explains how the truth gets out:  "How the alt-right brought #SyriaHoax to America".

"Why did Trump bomb Cheyrat?" (Meyssan).  No evidence for most of this, but the John McCain stuff is real:  "There’s Something New In The Trump-McCain Relationship These Days".  Trump's juggling three (or four) wars - Syria, North Korea, possibly Iran, and Russia (WWIII).  Can he keep all of them in the air, playing the warmongers off each other, for eight years?

"The Korean War’s Brutality Turned the Stomachs of America’s Most Hardened Soldiers".

"Senate Quietly Drops Russian Sanctions Bill, Focuses On Iran Crackdown".

"How the Russia Spin Got So Much Torque" (Solomon).  "Insiders expose how the 'Russian hacking' bogus story was staged by Hillary Clinton team".  It was a detailed conspiratorial plan of the Democrats, and of course is based in keeping their lucrative 'donor' model intact even though it has been an electoral disaster, while appealing to 'donor' warmongering.

"When Yes Means No".  Room for hope in Turkey if there is any chance of a future fair election.

Related stories:  "The FBI Translator Who Ran Away to Syria and Married an ISIS Terrorist" and "More Evidence Of Spook Interaction With Boston Marathon Bomber?".

Tweet (AJ+):
".@BernieSanders spoke with @Dena about Palestine, the BDS movement and whether two states are better than one."
Note the appalling air quotes over 'human rights': Bernie is just another Khazar, and if he acts as a supremacist against the victims of the Khazars, he is fundamentally and always a Khazar supremacist and no messiah for the American 99%.

"NATO Terrorism in Syria".

"The US Aggression on Syria and the Principles of a “Just War”".

"Israel Accepts Chinese Demand Not to Employ Chinese Laborers in Settlements".

"Still Gorkin’".

"Trump’s Adviser and Son-in-Law Fails to Report Dealings With Soros, Goldman Sachs".  Khazar bipartisanship.

Tweet (olokun):
"Meat eating Indigenous people respect and connect with animals and the earth more than vegans ever will."
Tweet (Chris Big Eagle):
"I said it once, I'll say it again, PETA is racist organization. #VeganRacismIsReal"

"Breaking: Mumia Abu-Jamal Back in Court, Criminal Conviction Could Crumble!".

"BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg accused of misleading statements about Jeremy Corbyn. Again."  May is trying to get through the entire campaign while hiding in a closet, so she requires hack help.

Tweet (Crescent Radio):
"May taking refuge with Tory stalwart for the next few weeks."
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