Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deals and trade-offs

Grim days. Lots of death.

"The Sessions hearing: Another anti-Russian diversion while the social counterrevolution in America deepens" (Martin):
"The former senator from Alabama came of age in the Deep South of the 1960s, where he was taught that the civil rights movement was a “communist conspiracy” directed by Moscow to promote “race-mixing.” The notion that this diehard reactionary has been seduced by the blandishments of Vladimir Putin would be laughable if it were not being promoted for such filthy political ends.
Democrat after Democrat sought to pin the Putin label on Sessions or his boss, President Trump, seeking to make Tuesday’s hearing the next step, following last week’s testimony by fired FBI Director James Comey, in a Watergate-style exposure of the Trump White House.
Unlike Watergate, however, there is no issue of democratic rights involved in the anti-Russia campaign. Two reactionary factions of big-business politicians and “deep state” operatives are fighting out issues of imperialist foreign policy—whether the US should continue the anti-Russian line adopted during Obama’s second term, confronting Russia over Syria, Ukraine, the Baltics and other issues, or whether the immediate focus of US military-diplomatic aggression should be China and its ally North Korea."
Or, carbonites versus non-carbonites, with the usual pervasive stinky overlay of ZOG.

"How Rich Neighbors May Have Factored Into London's Deadly Tower Fire".  This is some solid class warfare, cheaping out on the cladding that was intended to hide the slum from the tender eyes of the rich.  There are also suspicions that the convenient removal of this building will allow for the building of luxury condos more in line with the neighborhood.

"Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria".  There is an enormous amount of American rationalizations/justifications/lies about how they allowed bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora, but the bottom line is that they always allow their assets to escape, whether it be in Syria or Afghanistan.

"A lousy article in the Guardian about the Wonder Woman movie: I don't recognize the Guardian anymore".  The finest Jewish minds of our generation have finally cracked the greatest problem facing humanity - how to get a Jewish actress who was in the IDF and a vicious supremacist monster into a starring role in a big money-making Hollywood movie.  A female superhero gives you the requisite intersectionality.

"Ann Coulter: The “Resistance” Goes Live-Fire".

"How Did Reality Winner Know To Look For The Russian Hack Document?".  She found the needle in the haystack.  Somebody told her where to look.  Then a 'journalist' at The Intercept with form for this sort of thing instantly managed to effectively turn her in.  Feels like a . . . conspiracy.  Comment from Bob in Portland:
"More propaganda to reinforce the Russian hack scam.

I also see a propaganda move to paint Sanders revolutionary red. The baseball shooting is at least the second incident of a “Sanders supporter” using deadly force. Right-wingers linked the Nazi throat-slasher in Portland to Sanders. It seems to be a happening thing."
Speaking of the Russian scam, the Democrats have decided to let the Koch-sucking Republicans un-insure millions of Americans in return for more Russian sanctions!  People will die in the United States - victims of some form of lack of access to health care -   because of the weirdly extended effects - through Putin, and Syria, and Yinon, and 'donors', and Hillary's psychological inability to deal with her loss - of Jewish imperialism.
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