Monday, June 05, 2017


"Gulf Monarchies Sacrifice Neighbor Qatar as “Sponsor of Terrorism”".

"Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, & Bahrain Cut Diplomatic Ties, Shut All Borders With Qatar".

"UAE/Saudi alliance versus Qatar: Some remarks".  "Qatari-Saudi/UAE feud".

Qatar presumably gets back in if it shutters Aljazeera and stops making nice with Iran.

You have to wonder if this is coming to a head right now in order to draw some attention away from the direct Saudi sponsorship of terrorism in Britain, specifically mentioned by Corbyn (another conclusive reason to vote for him!).

"Britain in Chaos".  I very much doubt this is May, as the consequences in a tight race, with Corbyn on point, are unpredictable.  Most likely it is ISIS seeing a stage to make its political point (see "The Extinction Of The Grayzone", archived link because), coupled with a rather public failure in Syria/Iraq requiring a new call to arms on a new battlefield.

7muk3 - Ghostbin

"London terror attack: SAS 'Blue Thunder' unit 'lands in London Bridge following atrocity'".

The oddity is that, while some police seemed to run away, other 'police', on the scene suspiciously quickly, dispatched the 'terrorists' with expert headshots (deployed so as not to set off bombs attacked to vests).

It is difficult not to be left with the impression that this was a joint ISIS-IC operation, each using the stage of the election to make a point - a new battleground to eliminate the Grayzone in Britain/Europe for ISIS (and its Saudi sponsors), and the establishing of a new level of domestic 'security'/oppression by the IC.

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