Thursday, June 01, 2017

The perils of primitive thinking

You can imagine somebody having the insane idea that the Soviet Union was an existential threat to the entire world, to human civilization itself, and that an American President might have exhibited profound tendencies to treasonous behavior in colluding with the Soviets (rumors to that effect abounding in the early 60s), so you can imagine how somebody, even a Quaker, might get involved in a plot to eliminate the threat (without even knowing, or caring, who was behind the plot, or what their motivations might be).  You can see how that same kind of somebody might then decades later slip seamlessly into the current Democrat fantasy that the President must again be removed because of the threat to the world posed by Russia and its control over him ("Russia is still planting things because we still read it.", or that WikiLeaks works for Putin, and the Russkies have planted the Seth Rich story).  These threats are pure fantasy - Jack was a hard-core cold warrior, and much more of a threat to the Soviet Union than the Soviet Union was to the world, and there has never been the slightest piece of actual evidence proffered against Donald - but primitive thinking has its own simple logic, and the threat must be eliminated at all cost.  Reality doesn't enter into the calculation.

We constantly get into trouble as we underestimate the power of primitive thinking in the 21st century.  The big advantage that the primitives have over us is the power of surprise:

  1.  The current Clintonista obsession with Putin, and their collusion with the IC leading directly to an attempted coup d'etat and the disaster that President Pence would be (not to mention the destruction of the legitimacy of the entire American constitutional system), flowing directly out of the American supremacism known as 'American exceptionalism', 
  2. an educated and extremely intelligent man like Brzezinski, who bungled from disaster to disaster mostly turning on his similar obsession with the Soviet Union (Polish nationalism filtered through American exceptionalism),
  3. and, of course, the Khazars, with their terror of 'Jew hatred' and their obsessive need for a protective ark, and the necessity of doing anything and everything to expand and preserve it (really just Jewish group supremacism hiding behind 'self-defense'). 
All these people act with their backs to the wall, in a perceived crisis situation, and we let them get away with it as we are literally incapable of conceiving that such thinking is even possible in our sophisticated times.
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