Monday, July 03, 2017

'I didn’t get any sun today'

It's just a game to them: tweet (Ashley Feinberg) (Soros, a Koch, Jared, Ivanka, Schumer, Richard Cohen, Margaret Carlson, Icahn, and Steven Spielberg amongst other 0.1% trash, partying down):
"This is fucking obscene"
"Philip Graham, 48, Publisher, a Suicide".  'Suicide'.

For some reason these days we seem to be hitting peak conspiracy theory.

"How Russia Can Secure the De-Escalation Zones in Syria".  Muslim military police from Russia.

Tweet (Jared Yates Sexton):
"Here's another meme from the guy Trump tweeted, this one showing CNN personalities with Jewish stars."
"Reddit User Behind Trump's anti-CNN Video Has History of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia".  The poster, though . . . .  Try to imagine a world where you could make such a poster about a prominent American media outlet with Khandas on it.  You can't, it is too bizarre.

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"Peter Hitchens offers a thought experiment"

Tweet (Omar Ghraieb) (you are utterly fucked if you ever submit yourself to the tender mercies of the Khazars):
"I swear I hear my neighbors walking their crying little children in the street because its too hot & humid inside & they cant sleep. #Gaza"

"Pushing Gaza to Suicide: the Politics of Humiliation" (Baroud).

Murderers and land thieves is what they are:  "Israel’s attorney general okays controversial 1967 settlement order".

Rather gentle 'defacing'.

"J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)" (Atzmon).

Closing a state park for exclusive use of your own family - and lying about it - in the middle of a financial crisis sounds like something from Ceaușescu or Idi Amin!  Is is even better that the park was closed due to a lack of money to keep it open due to Christie's own right-wing shenanigans.

"Foisting Blame for Cyber-hacking on Russia" (Porter):
"But none of those who testified offered any evidence to support this suspicion nor were they pushed to do so."

Tweet (Thom Brooks):
"This is what the Tories think about sprinkler systems - it'snot good via Private Eye."

"John McCain and Paul Ryan Hold 'Good Meeting' With Veteran Ukrainian Nazi Demagogue Andriy Parubiy".  "Jewish Ukrainian PM – “I Never Hid My Ethnic Origins”".

Did they retype from the same Pentagon hand-out?:  "NYT, WaPo Send Top Reporters To Stenograph Five O'Clock Follies".  Sloppy 'journalism' - I assume they usually run each other's copy by the other to ensure this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Oddly light:  "‘Crackas’ hacker sentenced to 2 years in prison".

"SB 562 and The Intercept: Intercepted by the Insurance Industry?"  The Intercept is a place where you can sell what's left of your reputation as a 'journalist' on eBay, and get paid for it by PayPal.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (what the hell is Roth doing with a cross?):
"Human Rights Watch head Ken Roth has for years shilled for Venezuela's right-wing opposition, which loves violence"

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"McKew is lobbyist for convicted felon Vlad Filat, imprisoned for role in largest mass theft in Moldova's history …"

"Mass Grave of Dozens of Tortured Black Men Found in Deceased KKK Leader's Estate?".

"Conflict MN".  Nicely presented.  The front page quote is from Valerie Castile.

"Can We Criticize Foucault?"  The gay intellectual roots of neoliberalism/identity politics.  The I've-got-mine-jack gays welcome what is today called 'libertarianism' if it is mixed with identity politics.  It is a bit eerie how Foucault appears to have presaged this.

"Rio's favela residents protest against killings".

"In all this, where on earth is the UAE foreign minister?"

Making a mockery of the whole thing:  "U.S. lifts laptop restriction for flights from Abu Dhabi".

"Saudi king orders newspaper columnist to stop piling on the praise".

"How Israeli/Saudi ‘Alliance’ Plays Trump" (Crooke):
"One of the two conflating dynamics which might help us understand the enigma of Israeli satisfaction is this: a well-known Arab journalist wrote recently of a dinner held some months ago in the Gulf (with prominent Gulf guests), at which an unnamed former Arab Prime Minister was quizzed about MbS’ prospects of becoming king. What he said shocked the gathering. Some expressed their incredulity.

He said bluntly: if MbS wanted to come to the throne, he would need America’s blessings. He would need to offer them something that no one had offered before – that no one had dared to offer before. And what was that, the journalist asked the former PM that MbS must offer: “He must recognize Israel. If he does that, the U.S. will support him. They’ll even crown him themselves.”
In one of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories, Holmes’s solution to a particular mystery rested on “the dog did that did not bark in the night.” Holmes’s point was why had the dog not barked when its nature is to bark.

It is common knowledge that the U.S. has been firmly committed to Prince Nayef succeeding King Salman. The authoritative Saudi insider and blogger Muhtahidd has tweeted that the U.S. sent messages last year to MbS warning that he should not seek to supplant Nayef. In July 2016, Mujtahidd tweeted that Secretary of State John Kerry had told MbS that Nayef continuing as Crown Prince was a “red line” for the U.S.
Why then did the U.S. “dog” not bark on the night that MbS seized the succession, just before dawn? We have heard not one tiny growl on Nayef’s behalf. In fact, a trawl through Mutahhid’s early tweets lays it all bare … if one bothers to connect the dots.

The main actor in this drama is Mohammad bin Zayed (MbZ), the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, who according to Mutjtahidd recognized MbS’ ambition from early on, and saw in him an instrument by which MbZ could gain personal influence through becoming kingmaker in Saudi Arabia. From the outset MbZ apparently urged MbS to obtain America’s support for him becoming king – via the channel of Israeli full support.

In tweets from May 2, 2016, Mujtahhid describes MbZ’s advice to bin Salman: first, seize the succession to the throne before King Salman dies; second, gain U.S. favor by moving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia away from religious values – away from values that reinforce an Islamic identity, and third, expand ties with Israel.

Mujtahidd developed the third element in his tweets – ties to Israel – by saying that it began “shyly” as a lead-in to direct contacts. Senior Saudis were to be encouraged to participate in debates with Israelis (i.e. appearing on Israeli TV channels), while highlighting a common interest in combatting Iran and fighting “terrorism.”

MbZ was also reported by Mujtahidd as advising MbS to please Israel by supporting President Sisi of Egypt (with whom the Israelis have a close relationship) – and finally, Mujtahidd reports MbS (again in July last) that Netanyahu had met with MbS at Aqaba, three months earlier.

All of Mujtahidd’s points made over a year or more have been borne out in practice: The Saudi succession has been seized before the king has died; MbS has paraded his “opposition to religion” and Vision 2030 has emphasized a more secular, liberal economic identity for Saudi Arabia; Sisi has been supported (in spite of political differences); and Saudi ties to Israel have become incrementally more visible.

Mujtahidd is clear: There is no “big bang” shock recognition of Israel planned, but a continuing incrementalism (Israeli use of Saudi airspace, institution of telephone links, etc.)."

"Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, Yemen and the Gulf crisis".  He really is very good across the board.  Discussion of Corbyn and Brexit at Naked Capitalism (you need Brexit to fight austerity).  Al Jazeera seems to be making a particularly good argument recently for keeping open.

Tweet (Thom McVeigh) (epic list of replies):
"Read for the replies. Dying."
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