Saturday, July 22, 2017

Orion Strategies

"McCain and the Trump-Russia Dossier: What Did He Know, and When?" (on Orion Strategies; McCain's lifetime of treason may be finally catching up with him on his deathbed):
"But getting hung up on whether Orion directly brokered the dossier's release to media may miss the larger picture, anyway. The close contact between a U.S. senator, leaders of an allegedly non-governmental (and tax-exempt) organization that bears his name, lobbyists for foreign governments (including Russia on Fusion's end, and Russia enemies like Georgia on Orion's end), foreign intelligence agents, paid opposition researchers, and influential U.S. media—going back at least a decade, and including ample activity surrounding the 2016 election—should raise eyebrows even under ordinary circumstances. And we are living in a time where top people the world over are trying to verify whether a reality TV star turned U.S. president compromised U.S. democracy over a tape of Russian ladies peeing.

So where does this leave us? Are the likes of McCain, Kramer, et al. simply fellow dupes in a Democrat-driven, foreign-op stoked ploy to influence the U.S. election with outlandish accusations? Or did they play a more active role in bringing this bombshell to the American public?

The Steele lawsuit may eventually provide more clarity. In the interim, as everyone focuses on Trump and his family's shady shenanigans with Russia—none of which are necessarily diminished by anything here—we might also do well to apply the same scrutiny to just how and why the dossier details came to be and came to light."
"Murder, Spies And Weapons - Three Fascinating 'Deep State' Stories".  The first one is particularly interesting in revealing the mechanics, and the massive scope, of the arming by the CIA of the 'moderate' human organ eaters

"The long-running family rivalries behind the Qatar crisis".  The fact that they are all related to one another adds to the intrigue.

"Hacking the Vote: Who Helped Whom?"  Utterly evidenceless (of course, as usual) speculation that Cambridge Analytica (Mercer's outfit) was able to help Trump so much with its detailed data because the Russians supplied the data.

"Why Canada Is Able to Do Things Better".   It is not taxation.  There are a number of what used to be called 'first world' countries which are peers of the USA - similar standards of living, economic structures, basic shared understanding - which all have remarkably more success in infrastructure, education, health care results, etc.  Why do they succeed when the United States is failing?  They don't spend trillions and trillions of dollars fighting and preparing for wars.  It is bizarre that Americans still think wars are free.  How can a country fighting multiple major wars at the same time (not one of which, I might add, is of any use to anybody but Israeli generals), with 800 (!) military bases, expect to be able to afford to run an otherwise competent country?

"Global Police Spring a Trap on Thousands of Dark Web Users".  Note another 'apparent suicide'.  It is amazing that people think they can safely buy illegal stuff on the internet based on an understanding that they can trust completely unknown actors.

"The media's war on Trump is destined to fail. Why can't it see that?" (Frank).  This is fine, but I think underestimating Trump is also a major problem which Frank shares:
"Trump certainly has it coming. He is obviously incompetent, innocent of the most basic knowledge about how government functions. His views are repugnant. His advisers are fools. He appears to be dallying with obviously dangerous forces."
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