Sunday, August 06, 2017

From below

Hugo Chavez saw this big pile of oil money that the rich people would have normally just taken, naturally, as they do, and decided to give it to poor people.  Btw, these poor people are poor because they are discriminated against on racial grounds (being indigenous, not European).  Yeah, they could have been smarter on the central banking tricks, and some of their friends got rich in the way that happens when money is flying around, but the fact of the matter that they radically transformed the lives of millions of people.  There is a spirit coming up from below that must not be allowed to be quashed to set an example of what is impossible.  For armchair quarterbacks to criticize them for not being 'socialist' enough - when we're looking at one of the greatest real socialist events in human history! - is both bizarre and embarrassing for the critics.  Maduro just wants to keep this going, in the face of massive resistance, backed up by the CIA and the worst American oil thieves, from a group that resembles what you would get if you ground up Pinochet and all the Argentinian and Brazilian generals, added 90% horseshit, and formed them into lumps in the shape of human beings.  This isn't hard.  As I've said here before, you have to pick the right people as your friends, and stick by them.

Speaking of which:  ""The United States assassinated Pakistan's first PM, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, more than sixty years ago". " (Angry Arab).

Welsh is usually pretty good, but this is unfortunate (has 'the clarification' not been clarifying?):
"There are, roughly speaking, three views of human nature: we’re inherently good; inherently bad; or about neutral.

Those on the left tend towards “good” and those on the right tend towards “bad”."
From BLCKDGRD I noticed this spectacular blog, 'Tom Clark:  Beyond the Pale', mainly of news-relevant photojournalism, with some wordy-words in between.
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