Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Moral superiority

"Report: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement".

"Charlottesville Postmortem: This Was Not an Isolated Event, It Was an Extremist Reaction." The Nazi stuff does come off as a prearranged set piece for television.

"Racial supremacy and the Zionist exception" (Weiss).  "Israel's Chorus Sings Again" (Giraldi).  They only get one month off all summer and they have to spend it kissing ass!

"Charlottesville protests and the ‘Car Terror’" (Rehmat)!

"Charlottesville: What You Wish Upon Others, You Wish Upon Yourself" (Moon).

 "The Battle of Charlottesville?":
"But for those of us who are NOT sophists and understand Nazism as Germany’s particular expression of fascism, we recognize that there is a seamless continuity between Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama and the White House’s current occupant.

Was Obama’s failure to prosecute a single police officer for the murders of black and brown people that occurred on his watch some kind of testament to liberal democracy?

That wasn’t Obama who showered billions of dollars on the very bankers who defrauded black Americans of more wealth than at any time since the emancipation proclamation?  Who declared the Palestinians “un-people” and campaigned aggressively against their sovereignty at the UN?  Allowed Baby Doc to run for president but not Aristide?  Installed, LITERALLY, Nazis as the rulers of Ukraine?

As for Trump’s singular moral failings, was it Trump who was told by his own state department that if he sold skin-melting white phosphorous to Saudi Arabia, they would use it on Yemeni women and children, and responded by saying, in effect; “And your point?”

Or what about that amusing little war he started in Africa’s most prosperous country at the behest of Goldman Sachs, in which “white” Africans lynched “black” Africans from light poles, like rednecks in the Jim Crow South?"

These un-rare moments when American liberals are particularly full of themselves, confident in their moral superiority, and comfortable in their exceptionalist skins are particularly enlightening (the classic still being 'We came, we saw, he died' Killary's 'Deplorables' speech).  It is all part of The Clarification.

"Charlottesville" (Roberts):
"Charlottesville has many aspects that are ignored by NPR and the rest of the presstitutes. For example, how does the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neoconservative assertion that Americans are the “exceptional people” whose country is the “indispensable country” differ from Trump’s proclamation of “America first”? No one among the liberal/progressive/left was disturbed when Obama proclaimed to the world that Americans are the exceptional, indispensable people. Doesn’t Obama use much clearer language that puts America first? If Americans are exceptional, everyone else is unexceptional. If Americans are indispensable, everyone else is dispensable."

Trump's second speech. Also.

Note how Lang's way of thinking here is a particularly vile example of American assumptions, this time from the 'realist right':  "Guam rejoices!". The problem is bipartisan and extremely deep-seated.

Curious how Charlottesville is just an American Exceptionalist sideshow, while at the exact same time the rest of the world digs itself out from the effects of  American Exceptionalism:  "Hezbollah and Syrian Army Finishing off Terrorists of Al-Nusra".  "What’s Really Happening in #Venezuela – From Someone Who Knows". "Turkey Reversing on Syria – Will End of Support for Syrian Rebels as ‘Goodwill Towards Damascus’" (wow!).  "Oh, the US Department of State's Annual Report on Religious Freedom found this evidence of anti-Semitism in Syria"!  "Yes, Syrian refugees can return to Aleppo… and do so in their 100,000s".  "Recolonization Rears Its Ugly Head" (Madsen).

"What CIA Hid from the Rockefeller Committee".  It never fucking ends:  "Jerusalem Post lies about Russia and Iran" (Alexis).  "U.S. envoy says Iran cannot 'hold world hostage' with nuclear deal" (this isn't even slightly coherent!).

"How War Pollutes the Potomac River" (Swanson).  Funny how you almost never see this most obvious point:  "War Not Only Kills People: It’s the Single Biggest Destroyer of the Environment".

"Leaked Emails: Saudi Power Behind the Throne “Wants Out of Yemen”".  Note all the sleazy players involved in this 'leak'!

"Is this the beginning of the end for Canada’s Rebel Media?: Tim Harper". I have to note that the following two pieces are Onion-style satire: "Ezra Levant confident riled up, far-right mob won’t turn against Jews this time" (prescient!) and "After years of race-baiting rhetoric and Islamophobia, I was beginning to suspect the Rebel might be racist" (inspired, perhaps, by the classic from pre-Haim days).
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