Saturday, September 30, 2017

Do you feel the lash?

"Kurdistan Referendum: ‘Divide and Rule Policy’ against the Islamic Countries".

"The Kurdish independence genie is well and truly out of the bottle".  "US-Israeli Plot to Establish ‘Barzani State’ in Iraqi Kurdistan Doomed to Failure".  The mess this creates - many dead people, mostly Kurds, and decades of violent disruption - is yet another reason why the world simply can't afford to have a Jewish-controlled state in the Middle East.

"Breaking: Captured ISIS Fighters Admit Cooperation between ISIS and U.S".

"Labour Party Conference and the Great Antisemitism Stitch-Up" (Wight). "Israeli embassy accused of pressuring UK university to censor free speech".

"Jews do NOT control the media!" (Barrett). "I Believe Some of Your Best Friends Are Jewish" (Stephens)!  The nature of the attacks on Plame/Giraldi prove the Plame/Giraldi thesis.  The over-doing of the attack from positions of power is intended to discourage others.

"Three megadonors (who just happen to love Israel) are pushing Trump against Iran deal" (Weiss).  Note at the end the modified position of Weiss, essentially blaming the warmongering on the gentiles!  You have to laugh.

"Canadian FM Freeland Was Slated to Be George Soros’ Authorized Biographer" (Helmer).  On the Freeland/Soros connection, and the depth of connections between the Canadian government and 'respectable' European neo-fascism/irredentism.

"DailyStormer Likely Losing Its .IS Domain Today" (my emphasis in red):
"Daily Stormer is not hosted in Iceland, but in the US. It is for this reason that Iceland’s hate speech laws cannot be enforced to shut down the website. A registered domain can be likened to an address which merely points to a site’s IP. However, ISNIC does have terms of service, and it is through these terms that the site may lose its .is domain.

“Our terms of service are very clear,” Jens told us. “All registrants must provide proof of who they are, and where they are physically located. [Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin] doesn’t want to do that.”

Andrew reportedly told Jens that he would not provide this information as he is concerned that Jens would in turn give this information to the Icelandic police, who may then give it to law enforcement in the United States. Jens confirmed that he would in fact do exactly that."

"Five Things to Remember About Catalonia". "How to break a revolution".  "Short Cuts".

"Why Won't American Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?"  Application of the Haitian model.

"Russia and US will build a new space station".  Underlying this is the massive technical superiority of the Russians.

"Assange Reminds The World That Facebook Did Collude In 2016, But With Hillary" (Durden).  Enthusiastic and undeniable bias from the very top for the "first woman President of the United States".

"The Slimy Business of Russia-gate" (Parry):
"The neocons also have been targeting Russia for regime change for years because they see Russian President Vladimir Putin as the chief obstacle to their goal of helping Israel achieve its desire for “regime change” in Syria and a chance to bomb-bomb-bomb Iran. Russia-gate has served the neocons well as a very convenient way to pull Democrats, liberals and even progressives into the neocon agenda because Russia-gate is sold as a powerful weapon for the anti-Trump Resistance."

A particularly egregious example of the lying:  "Hello Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, Slate: Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart" (Mish).

Psychos of Silicon Valley:  "God Is a Bot, and Anthony Levandowski Is His Messenger".  You almost end up feeling sorry for Google!

Tweet (Stanley Cohen):
"If the governor of Puerto Rico had a lick of sense he would reach out to Iran for help."

"Firestorm over racially charged remark prompts Massey College to drop title of ‘master’ for head of school" (hilarious supremacist misidentification of the problem and solution!; my emphasis in red):
"An incident in which a professor used the term “master” in a remark directed at a Black student has prompted Massey College to change the title it gives its leader.

On Tuesday, Michael Marrus, an emeritus professor of history and scholar of the Holocaust, was sitting with three junior fellows — graduate students who earned residence at Massey College through academic and extracurricular achievements — when Hugh Segal, the head of the college (known as the master), arrived at their table.

When Segal asked to join them, Marrus allegedly said to a Black graduate student: “You know this is your master, eh? Do you feel the lash?”

According to media reports, Segal spoke to Marrus after the students left, telling him that his comment was inappropriate. The comment was widely viewed as a reference to slavery."
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