Thursday, September 28, 2017

Inside the war museum

"‘NYT’ leaves out Dennis Ross’s charge to US Jews: ‘We need to be advocates for Israel’" (Weiss).  Note how Giraldi has been kicked off the American Conservative, a publication which used to garner some respect.  Also note that
Weiss is still, and always will be, a lite Zionist pos, just another trickster warmonger with a stunt:  "I disapprove of Giraldi’s broadbrush prejudicial attack . . . ."

"National Holocaust Monument unveiled in downtown Ottawa" (my emphasis in red):
"For many in the invitation-only crowd that gathered inside the National War Museuma heavy downpour forced the event to be relocated across the street from the monument — it was an emotional moment."
Inside the war museum is such an appropriate location, forced there by God's wrath.

The weaponization of the Holocaust is the main tool used for warmongering by the warmongers.  It should be utterly forgotten, never mentioned by anyone, never taught in schools, never memorialized.  Literally millions upon millions of lives have been ruined in a terrible series of wars and, if you call out the perps, your life will be ruined, all based on an invocation of the Holocaust, and its supposed imminent repetition if the truth is spoken.  Thus, there is no way to block the wars.
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