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"Israeli-Saudi Clash with Iran on Syrian Soil is Pretty Much Inevitable" (Orlov) (the Egyptian leaked documents don't make any sense and are probably Zionist mischief as they are predicated on the Saudis (!) capturing south Syria):
"It’s curious that the Egyptian newspaper Ash-Sharq released details about secret agreements between Israel and Saudi Arabia. According to these reports, Saudi Arabia offered to invade Syria and isolate its southern part, that is, the region of the Golan Heights. The Ash-Sharq notes that according to the documents it has at its disposal, Saudi Arabia also called on the “Israeli regime” to block the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, thus preventing Palestinians from any moves and stopping the support that some Arab countries have been providing to them.

As for Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, it is obvious that the pro-Saudi Egypt together with Riyadh play a double game on the side of the US and Israel. There’s been announcements that Saudi Arabia was prepared to sell its recognition of Israeli Jerusalem, conceding to the proposals put forward by Donald Trump. As the Egyptian press staged a diversion of Trump’s secret plan for resolving the Palestinian issue by redrawing the border territories of Israel and Egypt. According to these plans, the overpopulated sector of the Gaza was proposed to be increased at the expense of 450 miles of Egyptian territory being given to Palestinians, which in return must have received the Israeli Negev desert. As for the Palestinians, they must have surrendered 12% of their territories in the West Bank, a part of the so-called area C.

Thus, the outrage we’re seeing the Arab media over Trump’s decision is nothing but a smoke screen that must hide what is really happening in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement. In fact, by his recent “scandalous” statement, Donald Trump has addressed yet another problem created by America’s Deep State. By launching the ISIS project the globalists drew attention away from the Arab-Israeli issue, while Palestinians were still being squeezed out of Israel. Now, when ISIS is defeated in Syria, the problem of “two states for two peoples” has once again been brought to the front pages of the international media. Trump’s return to the Palestinian-Israeli settlement may provide a cure from jihadism, since it’s impossible to achieve regional piece without addressing this issue. It was the oppression of Palestinians in Israel that initially became a breeding ground for Islamic radicalism. To solve an issue that is more than half a century old, Trump tried to facilitate the deal of the Arab elites with Israel, proposing a compromise solution to the territorial dispute. But this solution cannot be finalized with Iranian preserving its presence in Syria and the Hezbollah remaining in southern Lebanon. That’s why there’s going to be war."
Remember the mysterious Israeli 'art students' connected with 9/11, and similar stories of Israeli spies in kiosks in shopping malls? Well, they're back, at least in Ottawa (and elsewhere; watch out, the links may disappear as Reddit moderators are very quick to suppress truth getting out):  "Rideau Centre store "Adore Organic Innovation"" (the Rideau Centre is almost next to Canada's Parliament).  Note:
  1. extremely aggressive sales techniques which don't fit staid Ottawa;
  2. selling of stolen vastly overpriced pollution scraped from the Dead Sea (though they now call it 'Deep Sea');
  3. intrusive questioning of customers.
The Mossad obviously has a business model of sending low-level spies everywhere and partly financing the operations by scamming people with the overpriced junk.  The young, fit men very aggressivly selling hair curlers to women from kiosks in shopping malls is probably a similar operation.

Tweet (Gary Lineker):
Note the unanimous Khazar response, the same response they have about the murder of the legless man in the wheelchair, is that this wouldn't happen if the victims stayed home and calmly accepted their fate.

"Newly-Declassified Documents Show Western Leaders Promised Gorbachev that NATO Would Not Move “One Inch Closer” to Russia" (WashingtonsBlog).  Nothing changes.

"Lavishing Money on the Pentagon" (Marshall).  $5 trillion since 9/11 on Wars For The Jews.

"Why Is Hillary Clinton Still Wearing Surgical Boot Two Months After Breaking Her Toe?" (ZeroPointNow).  Neurological damage has caused failure of the muscle so walking is aided with the support of the boot.  Watch the video for the odd chunk of falling metal as Hillary is thrown, like a spazzing sack of potatoes, into the van!

"It’s Personal: How Trump Betrayed Both Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan" (Hearst).  Excellent description of the panicky diplomatic machinations.  They could care less about Abbas but losing Jordan as a reliable ally is going to hurt at some point.  Turkey has become the keystone.

"Silk Road fever grips the Russian Far East and boosts economy" and "China and India sail into choppy waters in New Great Game" (Escobar).

"Saudi Arabia in the grip of Saturday night fever" (Bhadrakumar).  Mattis makes fun of Haley (and that doesn't look like Travolta!).  Also:  "Mattis emphasizes diplomacy in dealing with Iran".

"China Is Vacuuming Up DNA Samples From Xinjiang's Muslims".  "US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’".

"NYT Prints Government-Funded Propaganda About Government-Funded Propaganda" (Johnson).

Hello, Newman:  "Ken Marcus Will Save Israel Using the Full Power of the U.S. Government" (Van Buren) and "Israel lobby group trying to sue Steven Salaita" (Abunimah).

"Did Inflated Stories on Aid Theft Lead to Black Hawk Down?" (Vitarelli).

More on the Maiden false flag:  "The Kiev Maidan Massacre: “Gunfire Aimed at Protesters”, The Objective was to Sow Chaos, Reap the Fall of Yanukovych Government" (Black):
"On the 18th of February they were given weapons and two of them took up positions at the Hotel Ukraina overlooking Maidan Square while the third was positioned in the Conservatory. Other snipers were positioned in other buildings to fire into the square. Prior to that they met with, among other people, an American soldier in uniform, a claimed “former” member of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, who gave them orders on what to do, which it turned out to be was to shoot into Maidan Square randomly targeting people, protestors and police alike, to create fear and confusion, to implicate the government forces as the shooters, to create the chaos necessary in order to undermine the government of President Yanukovych, who fled shortly after the event realising his own life was in danger. The name of the American soldier, or the alias he used, was Brian Christopher Boyenger. He showed up later as an adviser to the Ukrainian Georgian Legion. One of the snipers stated,

    “Once, I guess around February 15, Mamulashvili personally visited our tent. There was another guy with him wearing a uniform. Mamulashvili introduced him to us and told us he was an American military guy and will be our instructor.”

Another stated,

    “This American was Brian Christopher Boyenger, a “former” soldier, a sniper, from the 101st Airborne Division.”

    “He was the one who gave us orders.”

Questions naturally arise on how this “former” American soldier entered the country and took command of a murderous sniper unit and it is highly probable that the word “former” was used to give the Americans plausible deniability if their men were found out, as has now occurred. No one can seriously doubt that his presence was known to the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, who, according to then Vice President Joe Biden, was in hourly contact with Andriy Parubiy, the Ukrainian fascist who was in charge of “self defence units” made of heavily armed fascist thugs at Maidan. According to the Italian report, Parubiy was going in and out of the Hotel Ukraina from where many shots were fired and was aware of the presence of the American soldier so the American ambassador must have been aware and his government. The Americans have yet to explain Boyenger’s presence or what rank he held in the US Army. Parubiy’s role in the events has never been explained either but Poroshenko appointed this mass murderer as head of Ukraine security and intelligence forces after the coup and he now sits as President of Ukraine’s parliament since April 14, 2016, in which position he can use to give the Germans and Americans the cooperation they want.

The massacre at Maidan, therefore, is revealed to be a carefully planned military operation organised in detail, with teams of snipers brought in from various NATO allied countries, unknown to each other, but organised on arrival, given orders and assignments and each sniper team being assigned spotters to help in their deadly work. This is the tactic military sniper teams use so it has to be assumed that each of the sniper teams was controlled by the same people as the team the Italians talked to, that is by American soldiers trained in these techniques and who themselves operate in teams. This operation therefore had to be planned and organised on a high level by the American forces and allied NATO governments."

The grim inevitability that Don Johnson and Alec Baldwin have made the current crop of gossip blinds.

Unusual to see any retribution for those, like the Not-So-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, who promote climate-change denial and worsening income distribution.  "LA fire began in homeless community authorities reveal, sparking fears of backlash".  "Bel-Air fire displays L.A.'s extremes of wealth and misery".  "California fires: Rupert Murdoch's $30m vineyard damaged as blaze rips through exclusive Bel-Air neighbourhood".  "Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Have Set Our Future on Fire".

Not something you see every day:  "Apotex billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey found dead".  The donees line up to give their condolences.
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