Thursday, December 28, 2017

In Wonderland

Problems with religious extremists:
  1. "Wahhabism, Jihad and Petro-Islam" (Antonopoulos);
  2. "Ex-Chabad Member Exposes Trump Family Cult" (Alexis, Makow, Berg);
  3. "Christmas in India tarnished by 'climate of hate'" and "Muslim hacked to death then set on fire by Hindu in religious attack in India"; 
  4. "Suicide bombers kill nine at Christian church in Pakistan" and "Jihadi mob sets fire upon Hindu village in Rangpur over rumoured Facebook post from fake account.";
  5. "How evangelicals bless apartheid".
"Israelis are used to images of young Palestinians with bullet holes in them bleeding by a checkpoint as Israeli soldiers and sometimes settlers stand by looking at them die slowly and are unmoved."

"Those big bad boys in the IDF were so proud of the dangerous quarry they were about to nab, that they shot a video of Ahed’s arrest.  For some strange reason they pixellated her face." Some strange reason?  Her face terrifies them!

"Twitter account of imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi deleted".

Ben White tweet thread, which begins:
"This isn't a pleasant thread, but it's important. I want to talk about the racist, anti-Palestinian conspiracy theories propagated by Israel advocates - & I'm prompted to do so by the efforts to dehumanise Ibrahim Abu Thurayyah, killed by Israeli forces in Gaza on 15 December."
An experiment to discover the level of outrage for when they really do it:  "What Happened To Julian Assange's Twitter Account? Social Media Confused".

Twitter's been recently banning 'haters', seemingly randomly (the level of 'hate' doesn't seem to be a factor), sending them all to Gab.

"Facebook stops putting "Disputed Flags" on fake news because it doesn't work" (Fischer).  Not only does it not work, it actually serves as a mark of quality journalism, thus increasing readership.  It is like the Consumer Reports of reading - you know that somebody at FB read it and determined Zuck wouldn't like it.  Of course you'd want to read it!

"CPEC heading north to Hindu Kush" (Bhadrakumar):
"China is displeased that the US is seeking a military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. The Trump administration is pursuing a dangerous strategy that can destabilize the entire region surrounding Afghanistan. But China will not confront the US, either. Instead, China is introducing a counter-narrative. The US will increasingly find itself in a false position by threatening Pakistan even as Afghanistan is edging toward the CPEC to “conduct win-win trilateral economic cooperation”."
It's pretty much the same old 'counter-narrative' with these fucking Chinese every single time, peace and prosperity. Why would anyone want that?

"The petro-yuan bombshell" (Escobar).  Some on the 'left' argue that reserve currency status is irrelevant, and now we'll find out the truth!

"Indian troops kill top militant in Kashmir".  Noor Mohammad Tantray, all three (or four) feet of him.

"Hold on a second, Luke."  Maté does a great job at challenging lunatic anti-Trumpist Luke Harding, who has a textbook case of Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome.

"Biden told ex-Ukraine President Yanukovich to resign, former VP reveals in memoirs".  Boasting about this is part of Biden's campaign to be President.

Facets of the French 'justice' system.  "He Stole $100 Million From His Clients. Now He’s Living in Luxury on the Côte d’Azur".  "Suleiman Kerimov Has French Legionnaires’ Disease — Russian State Banker, Oligarch And Other Worthies Beg French President For Release To Russia".  "Hassan Diab case: 'A labyrinth of injustice'".

"Breaking: ‘Assad is a terrorist, no way we will talk to him’ – Erdogan". "Syria hits back brutally against Erdogan's claims that Assad is a terrorist" (Antonopoulos),

"Is It Time for a Ukraine Coup Redux? You Bet It Is" (Butler):  "Ukraine is about to burn so that Greater Israel can become a reality."

"What really happened in Security Council: China REJECTED oil embargo on North Korea" (Mercouris).  "China Responds to Reports of Alleged Oil Transfer to N Korea Amid UN Sanctions".

"Trump: Agent Of Chaos?" (Korybko).  It would be nice if Bannon could convince Trump that he is 'The Kraken'.  Sadly, I think this is too wildly optimistic.

You learn something new, and crazy, every day:  "Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews — Part Two" (Joyce):
"Defeated and marginalized, the crypto-Jewish elite turned to issuing a long series of memorials that in many respects resemble prototypes of modern Jewish apologetics/propaganda of the kind issued by the ADL."
"Go Ask Alice: the Curious Case of “Alice Donovan”" (St. Clair, Frank).  Curiously, for a piece on ethics and journalism, this appears to have been lengthened without mention of the earlier publication (which has disappeared).  Putin doesn't benefit - this kind of thing just lets the 'I told you so about the Russians' crowd run wild.  The Russians could have easily done a much better, undetectable, job.  I assume there are such operatives amongst respectable journalists working today.  This is the kind of bot-like entity you are supposed to discover, and pat yourself on the back for it.  There is one explanation that covers all the seeming paradoxes/contradictions.  The best thing about Putin Derangement Syndrome is that it assumes that Putin is both a genius - able to decide the American election with pocket change spent at FB - and completely incompetent.

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