Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The Clarification, sometimes good - isolationism, we hope - sometimes not so good - censorship:
  1. "The Great Twitter Purge—Corporate Cultural Marxists Overplay Hand?" (Kirkpatrick);
  2. "The New National Security Strategy Paves A Path To Isolation"';
  3. "Mark Ames: Kathy Lally Was Caught Trying To Censor Journalism In Russia and Now Deceitfully Claims She’s a Victim" (referring to this outpouring of a twenty-five year grudge, with its largely negative comments; btw, the moderation of the comments at Naked Capitalism has become even more ridiculous than usual, close to unhinged ravings - look for the key word 'agnotology'!).
"Barry and Honey Sherman sued builders of North York home". Extremely litigious (they may be trying to set up the laughable murder-by-dual-hanging story). The entire 'generic drug' industry has been a massive scam, ripping off billions from Canadians under the advertised guise of saving money for consumers.  All those political donations have bought acceptance by the government of the over-charging.

This is hilarious:  "How Syria's White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine".  Fucking Putin!

"Russia’s Victory and the Western Denial Habit",  Fucking Putin!

"Vladimir Putin takes spotlight as Eurasia connector" (Escobar).  Fucking Putin!

"China Faces Pushback in the UN on Belt-Road Initiative, Retreats Quietly".  All I see here is the Indians being assholes - following what the Americans tell them to do - and the Chinese showing diplomatic adroitness in failing to take the bait. Stunts by foolish American stooges is literally all the Americans have left.

"Hired Killers, CIA & The New York Times" (West).  Saakashvili is at that state of his career as an intelligence asset that he might be prone to some kind of fatal 'accident'.  "Saakashvili Refuses To Be Questioned By Ukraine's Prosecutor-General" - note in particular the bizarre but telling tweet of the Canadian ambassador (completely outside of his normal purview), immediately endorsed by the British and American ambassadors!!!

"Your Trump Dossier Cheat Sheet by Publius Tacitus" (sounds like Strzok was funneling material directly from the Clinton dossier to members of Congress in August/September 2016):
"More damning is the 23 September piece from Michael Isikoff at Yahoo, who was being briefed, apparently by members of Congress and the FBI, about the substance of at least 9 of the 16 Trump dossier reports. It is not a mere coincidence that "intelligence officers" were briefing members of Congress, according to Isikoff, on the details of information that we now know originated with the politically suspect dossier. Specifically, the alleged activities of Carter Page. How did the CIA and the FBI know about the contents of reports that reportedly had only been given to the Clinton campaign? Isikoff's reporting provides compelling circumstantial evidence that the CIA and the FBI were already seeing portions of the dossier in the August/September timeframe and, without disclosing the actual source, briefed this information as "intelligence" to key members of Congress."
 "Hassan Diab case: 'A labyrinth of injustice'". The French keep sending judge-investigators to Lebanon, who always conclude he couldn't possibly have done it (rock-solid alibi and fails to match any of the physical evidence), yet Diab still rots in jail.  The frame-up makes this look like a false flag, as usual.

"Exclusive: Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers".  Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, and former (?) attorney of Weinstein.  "Lisa Bloom’s infusion of 'dark money' into world of sexual assault is a tragedy".  They are trivializing and monetizing #metoo.  Intentionally?

"Mario Batali Cheapens Delicious Cinnamon Rolls With Lame Apology" (dlisted)!  The professional apology industry is still in its infancy.  Still, nice buns!

"Terry Crews Says WME Is Spying on His Family Amid Sexual-Assault Case".  Crews:  "If I were to have a timely “accident” — you know where to look.".

"The Gun That Killed Tupac Is Missing" (dlisted).  Of course it is.  I'll bet it is in the trophy case of whoever arranged the shooting.

"Today's Blind Items - The Monster Icon"(CDaN).  Guesses (see also):
"Mr. C: Gene Simmons
Born: Haifa, Israel
Childhood: Simmons' mother survived internment in Nazi concentration camps. She and her brother, Larry Klein, were the only members of the family to survive the Holocaust.
Award: in Spain the Golden Medal by the Reial Circle Artístic de Barcelona (Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona)"
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