Thursday, December 07, 2017

Live in open sewage, with Whitefish and wigwams

I've been pondering Al Franken's SNL career.  I mainly remember him as Stuart Smalley, an extremely effeminate man with self-esteem issues couched in new-age jargon, and, well . . . that was the joke!  This wasn't that long ago (though the 'jokes' now sound ancient), and it seemed like he was featured constantly with minor variations on the same slim theme, and even a movie, but can you imagine him trying to construct an act like that today?!  He'd have more luck coming out in blackface.  The best part is that his party tried to hold on to him for dear life despite the allegations piling up, and that this party's sole remaining possible attraction to its supporters is that it is the virtue-signaling identity politics party!

The answers to this revealed gossip blind item from CDaN are Ashley Judd and Bill Clinton.

Comment by Katniss Everdeen at Naked Capitalism on Whitefish, Montana.

"It was not the US which defeated ISIS: foes of the US defeated ISIS" (Angry Arab).  Wow!

"This his how the New York Times described this racist Zionist" (Angry Arab).  How, exactly, do you live in open sewage?  Perhaps he's referring to 'skunk water'.

"Torquemada Makes A Comeback — The Spanish Inquisition Has Arrived In Moscow" (Helmer).  The title is weird - it has nothing to do with the content of the piece - and Helmer doesn't seem to approve, but this degree of 'blood libel' popping up at this time is an impressively crazed provocation.

"Useful Idiots Are Still Idiots" (West).  Short bio of Saakashvili, who I believe is still at large.

Curious eruption of truth where you'd least expect to see it:  "Did American Missile Defense Fail in Saudi Arabia?".

The Khazar plan for decades was to steal a country house by house, and plot by plot, all the while buying time by pretending to be ready to negotiate with the Palestinians, with America as the 'honest broker'.  Nobody actually believed it, but this was the operative narrative for decades.  Kushner has now blown this carefully constructed scheme into tiny pieces, and caused all the rest of the world to loudly proclaim that the status of Jerusalem isn't final until negotiations with the Palestinians are concluded.  While the 'American' Khazars are patting themselves on the back for a politician well beshekeled, and another demand on their list checked off, they don't seem to have realized that their strategy is now gone, and all their stolen gains to date are back on the table.  The Clarification brought by Trump continues to work its magic.

"Toronto music teacher sues after principal, VP call folk song racist".  Triggered by 'wigwam'.   At one point, stamp-worthy:  "1961 E. Pauline Johnson".
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