Friday, December 08, 2017


Buchanan on Saakashvili, recalling the recent history of neocon-proposed WWIIIs:  "The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO":
"Do we really want to cede to folks of the temperament of Mikhail Saakashvili an ability to instigate a war with a nuclear-armed Russia, which every Cold War president was resolved to avoid, even if it meant accepting Moscow’s hegemony in Eastern Europe all the way to the Elbe?

Watching Saakashvili losing it in the streets of Kiev like some blitzed college student should cause us to reassess the stability of all these allies to whom we have ceded a capacity to drag us into war."
"Retired CIA Agent Working With Blackwater Founder Claims H.R. McMaster Approved NSA Spy Job On Trump Family" (Durden):
". . . Maguire told donors that Obama administration holdovers were withholding information from President Trump, and H.R. McMaster - a protégé of former CIA director David Petraeus - authorized a spying operation on members of the Trump family as well as Steve Bannon, and then sent the gathered intel to an international facility owned by George Soros."
This might be true, but it sounds like Prince PR promulgated by The Intercept - while appearing to be critical of Prince! - to justify the private Trump Intelligence/Assassination Agency Prince and Maguire want to set up.  Bannon and his crew have had it in for McMaster, connecting him to Soros (note the uncropped cartoon!).

There is actually a genre of apologias which insist that our neocolonial enterprise will work, as it is 'different' from all the other ones that have failed:  "Mali is France’s Afghanistan, But With a Difference".

The Helmer link from yesterday on the investigation of the possible Khazar ritual sacrifice of the Russian royal family (!) is working again.

"John Lehman: China, Russia, Iran threaten ‘New Pearl Harbor".  The United States isn't spending enough (!!!) on its military.

"Trump's Jerusalem own-goal is a victory for the world" (Flores).  Intellectually and morally solid.

Sounds like a conflict to me:  "Turkey links U.S. judge in sanctions case to wanted cleric".

"How Russia-gate Rationalizes Censorship" (Lauria).  HuffPost, FAIR, Gary Sick, and the ACLU are all in on the conspiracy to censor criticism of Russiagate.  Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible disease.

More mischief from Sailer:
  1. "How Many Black Male Democrat Bigshots Will be Left When This Is Over?" (the Democrats are already having trouble finding a Conyers replacement as all the prospective candidates have the same, um, problem!);
  2. the modern classic piece on 'not shy' Toback, not to mention its rambunctious comments, referring to this bizarre quasi-celebration of sleaziness from not that long ago which might have well been the Middle Ages:  "The original pick-up artist";
  3. "There Is No Inner Party: Obama Had His 18-Year-Old Daughter Intern for Harvey Weinstein" (despite all the resources and insider information available to him, Barry was utterly clueless) and "Harvey, Barack, and Hillary" ("If Hillary had been elected, Weinstein would be at this moment chasing starlets around the Lincoln Bedroom."); and
  4. "And Then They Came for Two More Public Radio Oldsters" (we should be able to morally and legally distinguish between the outright rapists - Weinstein, Lauer, Singer - the sexual assaulters who probably don't reach the level of being charged with a crime even if their actions were criminal assault - Franken, who went down like the asshole captain of his asshole ship - and the persistent verbal pests who would normally be disciplined for creating a toxic work environment, but don't reach any level of criminality).
Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Totally doing this."
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