Sunday, December 10, 2017

Salvator Mundi / Branding

"Jared Kushner is wreaking havoc in the Middle East" (Bayoumi).  Trump, totally Ivanka'd, can't get rid of him, so the only constitutional way to stop this rolling disaster of supremacism and stupidity is to get rid of Trump.

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"Sorry, Democratic Party: this is actual resistance."
But we all know the real #Resistance is retweeting snarky comments about Trump.

"Malaysian army "ready" to act in response to Trump's Jerusalem move".

"WaPo Reporter Tweets Picture Of Empty Trump Speech, Gets Called Out By Trump And Retracts" (Durden).  The cumulative effect of all these 'mistakes' is starting to add up.

"Secretive upstate group had Gillibrand’s dad on payroll". "Legendary columnist, Richard Johnson on Sen. Gillibrand & NXIVM in NY Post".  Another kind of branding:  "Gillibrand is subject of debate over Franken, Clinton".

Bill Binney interview by Jeff Schechtman (of course, Binney is still a True Believer, so we don't get into intentional malfeasance):
"For example, in terrorist attacks here in Europe or back in the United States, they basically come in after the fact and say, “Yeah, we knew this guy was a bad guy,” or “he had all these connections and we knew he was on our watch list or something and we were concerned about him,” but they weren’t following them close enough to be able to stop the attacks.
    The reasons they weren’t was of course because their policy of taking bulk acquisition of data on everybody on the planet, which meant you had to dive into this ocean to try to find the fish, you know? That’s the problem. That’s basically what they’re still doing today and that’s why they’re still having trouble stopping anything."
"The way we developed things, we did them very efficiently. That was one of our big mistakes. So It didn’t cost a lot of money. The major managers there at NSA didn’t really like that. It didn’t support a large organization. It didn’t support a big budget. Solving the problem was not their main issue. Also their concern was making sure that the agencies and all their contracts increased year-after-year so they had a bigger budget to manage. That was the big thing for them I think."
"Toronto Fears Assuaged: Putin Will Not Invade!"(Butler).  Sweet Jesus, Teh Stupid!  One of the greatest tragedies in Canadian history was accepting Munk as a refugee from Hungary back in the 50s.  Actually, that whole lot of refugees has been a horrible blight on Canada.

"Secret Buyer Of $450 Million Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Revealed" (Durden).  Salman's gift to MbZ, presumably for all his 'sage' advice on 'modernizing', diversification, Qatar, Yemen, etc (see also)!  "6 Questions for an Art Historian About Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi”".  Odd choice of gift from one Muslim dauphin to another, unless it is a statement that the recipient is the savior of the world!

"Neocolonial Kleptocrats with Clinton Connections. Rwanda’s Links to Wall Street Billionaires" (Garrison).

"Four For Friday - Forget Me Not" (CDaN).  The guesses are either the greatest American political scientist Mel Gibson (always the guess for any blind involving a creepster ever since he accurately and incisively described world politics) and David Copperfield (although Copperfield has no known connection to an Asian island; the Canadian fashion entrepreneur Peter Nygard is intriguing, although, again, his island is Caribbean).
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