Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Sudden passing'

"The Ties that Bind: Families, Clans, and Hizballah’s Military Effectiveness". I'd like to hear what the Angry Arab has to say about whether identical surnames and towns of origin has any significance.  Surely the fact that people killed in battle defending a town tend to come from that town is very uninteresting!  I suspect you would find identical connections - families, towns, socio-economic status - if you did a study of Americans killed in recent illegal American military attacks.

Funny how we have all this 'hate' speech legislation, but it never seems to be used against real hate speech:  "Should Pamela Geller be allowed to speak in Toronto?" (Kutty).

"President Moon’s China state visit spirals into PR disaster" (Salmon).  The Chinese are masters at intentionally bungled diplomacy, but most of the fault for this falls on the Koreans.

Tweet (Ashley Feinberg) (and the requisite hug from Michelle?):
"I can't wait until it's Steve King's turn to be the next Resistance Hero"
On what planet do the words "a longtime champion of the working class, Mr. Rubio" fit together?  And note the reply quoting the NYT on Theresa May!

"The key takeaways from Doug Jones's victory in Alabama" (Robin).  Isn't the sole message, as always, that you can't insult voters by taking them for granted?  The Republicans basically said that these podunks don't have any choice but to vote for our candidate, so we'll make fun of them by running a child molester and degrade them by forcing them to vote for him.  I would have thought that Bannon, of all people, just off successfully exploiting Killary's identical problem of taking her victory and voters for granted (the 'deplorables' quip was just a symptom of the greater problem), would have known this.  It is shocking these days how many elections turn on the fact that one party just can't seem to avoid arrogantly insulting the voters.

"Syrian Realities Defy Imperial Projections: The Military Industrial Media Complex sold Us these Wars" (Taliano).

"Trump’s Illegal Syrian Mission Creep" (Pillar).

"The Moment of Turkey’s ‘NATO Ex-communication’" (Sheikh).

"What Is Israel’s Project in Argentina?" (Meyssan).  The 'Yid army'!  "What is Israel & Jew Inc up to in Argentina & Chile?" (Bacon).  Preparing for a world after they foolishly provoke the Hezbollah rockets?  They will be telling us that Patagonia, where, of course, nobody lives, is the Khazar traditional homeland, promised to them by their deity.

"Argentine judge seeks arrest of ex-pres. for cover up of Iran's role in AMIA bombing".  Background: "Argentina: A Case Study of Israel’s Zionist-Wall Street Destabilization Campaign" (Petras).  Related!:  "Paul Singer: Who Is the Billionaire Republican Donor at the Center of the Trump-Russia Dossier Storm?".  They won't give up on this as nobody is allowed to question their false-flag anti-Hezbollah (or anti-Iran, depending on which one is in that day's Israeli sights) propaganda attack (for a precedent, see "1950–51 Baghdad bombings").

"Iranian-American Jews call for boycott of Persian singer over 'antisemitic' lyrics". It is the video which causes all the problems, and yet (my emphasis in red):
"On December 14, the ADL condemned a controversial video featuring Yeganeh's song ''Flock of Vultures.'' The video claimed that Israel was responsible for the creation of ISIS, and in turn, for the group's slaughter of civilians. The video in question was not released by Yeganeh, nor did the ADL confirm the singer's affiliation with it.

Los Angeles's Beverly Hills neighborhood is home to one of the United States' largest Iranian Jewish communities; approximately 25% of the city's population identify as Iranian Jews."

Somehow '& shekels' got left off the end of this tweet (with funny replies).
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