Friday, January 05, 2018

Lizard brains

"Iranian prosecutor points finger at CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia for unrest".  Michael D'Andrea.  "Why is Trump’s man in Iran, Michael D’Andrea, missing from conversations about the protests?" (Fisk).

"Best Served Cold: Responding to the Iranian Protests".  So batshit crazy that the batshit crazy Wittes at the batshit crazy Lawfare and his batshit crazy editorial board had to change their entire editorial policy to keep this kind of thing out in the future.  These are your greatest American minds in action!

"Trump's Tweets Are a 'Narnian Wardrobe to His Lizard Brain'".  Two patriots named Goldberg, on 'opposite' sides of the political spectrum, discuss America.  I'll just leave this here:  "The Latest Anti-Semitic ‘Alt-Right’ Meme: ‘Fellow White People’".  It is often the case that the only good thing you can say about Trump is the nature of the people who don't like him.

"Jewish Identity Politics and the Struggle to Liberate Palestine" (Najjar).  The Khazars cycle through genetic Judaism, cultural Judaism, religious Judaism, and political Judaism depending on which argument they are attempting to make.

"ISIS Declares War on… Hamas!" (Anglin).  As usual, helpfully illustrated.

" . . . the entire ‘controversy’ over the Steele Dossier is meaningless in any substantive sense. Even if it were literally propaganda from the DNC comms office it wouldn’t change the facts about what the FBI and then Mueller investigations have already uncovered. It is classic misdirection and mendacity in its most direct form." (Marshall!).

"FBI Launches New Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation" (Durden).

"Fallout: ABC Abruptly Cancels Special After Rolling Stone Founder Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct".  "Photographer Terry Richardson Under Investigation by NYPD for Sex Crimes".

"Trump on Saudi Leadership Shake-up: “We’ve Put Our Man on Top!”" (Saleh).  I don't know how much more obvious it could be that Wolff is working for Kushner to produce exactly what Trump considers to be the most favorable spin.  Everybody seems to have bought it, despite the obvious problems with the story:  "They have not explained what possessed Trump to approve the Wolff book . . . ".

"Bannon loses support of pro-Trump billionaire backer over media fights".  This is like Vince McMahon standing in the middle of the ring lighting fire to your wrestling contract while Trump smirks in the background.

As part of the promotion for the new movie, Getty makes the gossip blinds with a particularly sordid case, and no evidence whatsoever:  "Today's Blind Items - The Graves".  The guesses (links removed):
"G: J. Paul Getty
M: Ferdinand Marcos (President of the Philippines) (art collection)
Spouse: Imelda Marcos
J: John Paul Getty Jr.
"Getty Center"/"Getty Center Monorail""
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