Friday, February 02, 2018


"The Putin Option".

"From Facebook to Policebook" (Damon).  I think Facebook and Zuck are going in the business school course materials as an example of what not to do.  Given IC influence and control over such social media, Zuck almost certainly has no choice in the matter.

"Trump in open clash with FBI over Russia probe" (Martin).  Through no credit of his own, Trump has stumbled in to some remarkable swamp draining.

"2018 Prediction #5 — The H-1B visa problem will NOT go away" (Cringley):
"One more lie is that we even have a shortage of technical workers (this is what the Obama Administration liked to claim). What we have is a shortage of technical workers who will accept shit wages."
"Clark County Defies Order To Release Vegas Shooter Coroner's Report" (Durden).  I am always amazed at how passive Americans are in the face of obvious cover-ups.  A new person of interest, Douglas Haig:
"The newly unsealed documents - which were unsealed by court order after journalists at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media sued - revealed that the FBI is seeking a "person of interest" named Douglas Haig. Haig's name had not previously been connected to the shooting. What's more, according to what's been widely cited as his LinkedIn page, Haig had "DOD Top Secret clearance" and worked for top weapons manufacturers and specialized in Military Ammunition, as we pointed out."
From the link above:
"The LinkedIn page showed that Haig had "DOD Top Secret clearance" and worked for weapons manufacturers. According to the page, he is presently a senior engineer at Honeywell Aerospace."
"Las Vegas Conspiracy Theory Spreads On Web — Fueled By Age-Old Anti-Semitic Tropes". The Chertoff-Adelson conspiracy is based on scaring people into accepting back scatter radiation scanners at places other than airports, places like casinos.  See /pol/ just before the massacre.  Honeywell doesn't seem to make the back scatter radiation scanners, but they are big in airport management systems.

"OSI Systems discloses SEC, DOJ probes into alleged bribery, trading".

"University of Pennsylvania Takes Away Steve Wynn’s Honors. And Bill Cosby’s, Too."  "Steve Wynn, Paul Rosenthal, Jeff Klein: Why Are So Many Of The #MeToo Offenders Jewish?"  The pogrom continues!

"In a Major Free Speech Victory, a Federal Court Strikes Down a Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott" (Greenwald).

Excellent advice - shame about President Jared's veto over sanity:  "A Sustainable US Policy for North Syria, the Kurds, Turkey, and Damascus" (Landis/Barber).  Americans, too bad, so sad, Chabad, for you!

President Jared's multifaceted geopolitical fuck-up:  "Turkey’s Afrin Operation is Much More Than an Embarrassment for the US" (Sheikh).  It is amazing how many problems Yinon is causing to the American Empire!

Another gossip staple for years:  "36 Years After Natalie Wood’s Drowning, Robert Wagner Has Been Named A Person Of Interest In Her Death" (Michael K).  "Blind Item #13 - Truth.Will. Out. - A HImmmm Blind" (CDaN).  Guesses (link to the news report, which is promotion for a television special):
"Actress: Natalie Wood
Husband: Robert Wagner
Guest: Christopher Walken
Boat captain: Dennis Davern
Permanent A+ list singer: Frank Sinatra
Daughters: Natasha Gregson Wagner; Katie Wagner"
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