Tuesday, February 13, 2018


"Israel gets bloody nose in Syria. What next?" (Bhadrakumar):
"The pro-Israeli US media, which is heavily under the influence of the Jewish lobby, is conjuring up the spectre of a massive Israeli retaliation against Iran. But the fact of the matter is that the Israelis are hardcore realists. They’d have no difficulty to grasp the message that their plans to insert themselves into the Syrian endgame to extract concessions in terms of legitimizing their illegal occupation of Golan Heights as part of any settlement might as well be abandoned now.

Equally, the Israeli game plan to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran is simply not working. It comes as no surprise that amidst all this, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has chosen to defend Iran’s ballistic missile program. The Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Lavrov as saying in an interview with Russian TV, “There are other countries in the (Middle East) region with such programs. We must look at it as a whole. It is hardly justified to mix nuclear affairs with human rights and put the issue on the agenda that Iran should stop taking certain steps in the region… to my mind, a frankly discriminatory, biased and unjustifiably captious approach can be seen behind these US actions.”"
Good stuff. Contrast a remarkably stupid effort from Korybko in which he shoots down a pile of ridiculous straw men: "Dangerous Delusions: Syria Isn’t Going to Liberate Palestine Anytime Soon nor Is Russia Turning Against “Israel”".

"Untying the knot of the Israeli attack on Syria" (Macaron).

"Iraq Asks Russia to Help It Join Astana Peace Process" (Korzun).

"How American Media Spin-Doctored the Iranian Protests" (Narwani).

"The Jewish Timeline – From Moses to Bibi" (Atzmon).

"Poland to Israeli minister: Please, stay home" (Alexis).

"Dutch Finance Minister Admits He Lied About Putin's Plans For A "Greater Russia"" (Durden).  "Dutch Official Admits Lying About Meeting With Putin: Is Fake News Used by Russia or About Russia?" (Greenwald).  It is funny how straight-up lying to start WWIII, which should be the worst crime imaginable, with no penalty too severe, doesn't merit even the tiniest slap on the wrist.

"John Kelly: An American Viceroy and Imperialist" (Madsen). You don't usually get to read about Dutch neo-colonialism, particularly in a piece on minor American functionaries.

Yates created this bizarre theory that Flynn was a danger because he lied to Pence, and Putin knew it, thus making Flynn blackmailable by Putin threatening to disclose the lie, but it seems to have turned out that it was Pence who was lying!:  "Comey: FBI Agents (Including Peter Strzok) Didn't Think Flynn Lied".

"“Russian Hacking”, a dangerous delusion" (Kit).

"Unhinged Conspiracy Theorists: Leftwing Professor Lawrence Tribe Floats Theory that a Carter Page Associate Was Murdered in an Engineered Plane Crash, Then Deletes His Noxious Tweet" (Ace of Spades HQ).  Greenwald.  It's possible - the American government is certainly capable of doing things like this - but we still lack specifics.  As with the Litvinenko death, we end up with spectacular allegations against Putin that don't make any sense, even from a tactical perspective.

"The Israeli passport is a fraud" (Walberg).  Israel is better analyzed as a crime scene rather than as a country.

"Boycotting Israel Is the Right Thing to Do" (Giraldi).

"New War in the Middle East? – Washington Is Dancing To the Tune Being Played by Israel" (Giraldi).  Despite the presence of President Kushner, there is considerable nervousness in Israel about Trump.

"A President Held Hostage" (Raimondo).  "On Sending Troops And Bombs At Times Square" (Moon)  Trump's instinctive common-sense isolationism.

"Britain warned Sweden not to drop Assange extradition proceedings" (Mitchell):
"Britain’s pseudo-left groups fell into line, echoing the propaganda of the liberal media that the allegations of sexual assault have nothing to do with the campaign to silence Assange and destroy WikiLeaks. For more than a year, the Socialist Workers Party and the Socialist Party refused to defend Assange, finally and briefly breaking their silence to argue that he “must face rape charges,” or that the accusations against him “should be properly investigated.” Neither party has printed more than a passing reference to Assange since 2012."
'Socialism' in Canada:  "Canada’s New Democratic Party Seeks to Topple Venezuela’s Government" (Engler).

"Kushner Companies Decides to Fight Tenants in State Court Rather Than Reveal Its Investors’ Identities" (MacGillis).  President Kushner striving to protect his Chabad slumlord pals.

"In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza’s misery to Palestinian infighting" (North/Weiss).  Part of a series of outrageous lying from the NYT.

"Forensic Science Put Jimmy Genrich in Prison for 24 Years. What if It Wasn’t Science?" (Christ/Requarth).  Some voodoo called 'toolmark analysis'.  This kind of 'science' has become popular for prosecutors as it seems to remove the moral difficulties faced by jurors in making a decision - the decision is made for them by the irrefutable 'science'.
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