Monday, February 05, 2018

Future not-reading list

 "Hacking suspect Lauri Love wins appeal against extradition to US".  British court seems to have read between the lines regarding recent 'suicides' and the general injustice should you fall on the wrong side of the out of control American IC!  Tweet (Stand With Reality):
"This is a travesty of justice. Reality Winner is an American Hero. This is not right. Please, we need your support. We can't let the courts get away with treating this young veteran like she's been convicted. She has not. Where is her justice?"
Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Former CIA official, now paid CNN contractor (who libeled me as a 'pedophile' on live TV) has some thoughts on U.S. electoral democracy:"
 Of course, following the express threat by Schumer. 

"Korybko: The US Deep State And The Democrats Are The Problem, Not The Solution".  It is not clear to me that the Russian analyst wasn't being ironic.

"Russiagate is Dangerous, Will Washington Get the Memo?" (Maté interview of Cohen).

"Democrats defend FBI as Republican memo shows anti-Russia campaign built on illegal spying" (London).  "Nunes Memo Details Weaponization of FISA Court for Political Advantage" (Whittle).  "Obama State Dept Secretly Distributed Its Own "Dossier" To Undermine Trump, FOIA Docs Reveal" (Durden).  "Nunes: FISA Memo Just "Phase One," Now Targeting State Department In "Phase Two"" (Durden).

"Gene Sharpe: The "father" of Colour Revolutions has died, but methods live on".

"Of course, you might dismiss what Soros has to say (and what I have to say, particularly since I’ve received funding from his foundation)."  Had he put this in the first paragraph I could have saved myself some time, but I've noted the name - John Feffer - for future not-reading.

"Selective 'Science'" (Barford).
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