Monday, February 26, 2018

Is there something wrong with this?

"No evidence for circular exchange of data" (Electrospaces).  Well, there wouldn't be any, would there?  It seems awfully naive to assume they wouldn't take the obvious step of sharing information to surmount laws against domestic spying.

"Uranium One: Undercover FBI Informant's Attorney Demands DOJ Inquiry Into Coordinated Smear" (Durden).  As usual, the Clintons walk due to intentionally 'botched' prosecutorial work, and the whistleblower gets the shaft.

"Is there something wrong with this? International Crisis Group OFFICIALLY calling for safe passage for Al-Qa`idah "Fighters"?" (Angry Arab).

"Democrat Memo Lays Egg by Publius Tacitus".  Note the smart comments by RC, particularly the second one (here and here). Carter Page was an IC asset parachuted into the Trump campaign.  He wasn't there to gather intelligence, as he didn't have enough of a position in the campaign.  He was there solely for the purpose of serving as the target of a FISA warrant (it is not clear to me that Page was unaware):
". . . Admiral Rogers' closing of the NSA mega-file to the FBI required work-arounds to continue NSA mega-file mining. So-o-o-o, 4 months after the conclusion of the Russian spy case, Carter Page is presented to the FISC court by the FBI as an Article 1, 100% proven Russian Spy. Article 1 permits the FBI to not only monitor conversations between Page and Americans, but also the conversations of these Americans with others. So with FISC Court approval the entire Trump campaign, the business associates and dealings of Trump during the past 30 years were opened to FBI scrutiny of the NSA mega-file -- Admiral Rogers be dammed.

A lesson to be leaned from this history is that a long spoon will not protect you supping with the FBI. Incidental information gleaned about you in the course of nailing a Russian spy, can and will be recycled into a synthetic case against you as a vicious foreign spy. Of course, Page had no idea that he was the subject of a spy referral and that the secret FISC court had accepted the FBI's lies. As a consequence any email / phone call / lunch with him opened the recipient and his / her many contacts to the same intrusive FBI surveillance. "
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