Friday, February 16, 2018

On the tracks

"Former president of Modern Language Association resigns following decision to ban debate on BDS" (Ferguson).  There are some things you just can't talk about.

Virtue-signaling problems:  "Leaked Chat Transcripts: New York Times Employees Are Pissed About Bari Weiss".  Weiss is a Professional Khazar of long standing, for whom the usual rules are waived:  "Analysis: Columbia University Deals With Recent Charges of Anti-Semitism on Campus".  On the other hand:  "After Storm Over Tweets, The Times and a New Hire Part Ways" and "The Saga of Quinn Norton’s 7-Hour Times Career, Explained".  I hope everything is now completely clear.

"How Myanmar forces burned, looted and killed in a remote village".  It does not help that Reuters is most famous for its lying.

"Syria - New 'Chemical Weapons' Fake Planned - Chlorine Though Will Not Do" (Moon).

"Ira Greenstein: Jared Kushner’s White House Employed Conflict of Interest Behind The U.S. Attack On Syria For Genie Energy And Israel" (Zanting).

They don't like having their precious secrets released, and this is the complex way they have for punishing leaking:  "The Scourging of Julian Assange" (Wight).

"New Witness? Man Claims to Have Seen "Boys on the Tracks" Murders".  Early Killary:  "Kevin Ives and Don Henry (Murder of)".  "You’re seeing the downfall of my life. It’s women".

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