Sunday, February 04, 2018

One of the hyenas we saved just died of organ failure

"Turkey Establishing Long-Sought US "Safe Haven" in Northern Syria " (Cartalucci).  Getting rid of the Americans comes at the cost of an infestation of Turks.  We'll see if Putin has anticipated this and has cut deals to prevent it.

"LOL: Turkey Accused of Murdering Random Refugees in Syria for No Reason" (Anglin; Daily Stormer is back at

"On the ground in Afrin, it’s hard to know what Kurdish fighters really stand for" and "On the front line in Syria, a confusing conversation with a doctor who may be an official of the YPG" (a strikingly 'woke' Fisk).  I guess the smell of some bullshit is so strong that just about anybody can whiff it.

"The Syrian Madhouse Gets Even Crazier" (Margolis):
"Why on earth are at least 2,000 US troops mixed up in this fracas in darkest Syria? Because the pro-Israel neocons in Washington, who pretty much run US foreign policy these days, are determined to have revenge for the defeat of US-backed rebel forces in Syria. So it’s once more into the breach near Afrin and the town Manbij though America has zero national interests in Syria. The US first tried to overthrow Syria’s governments in Damascus in 1948 because it was too independent and flirting with the Soviets. Today’s intervention is part of Israel’s plan to fragment Syria and gobble up its water and fertile land resources."
"Dangerous Escalation: US-Backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ Shoots Down Russian Jet, Kills Pilot" (McAdams).  Using a weapon they must have manufactured themselves, using local rocks and mud.  Can you imagine what would happen if the Russians supplied such a weapon to a terrorist group of human organ munchers with the intention it be used against an American plane?  The Russians are playing it safe and blaming Turkey, though all these groups are American - which is to say, Khazar - proxies:  "Video Captures Cruise Missile Strike On Militants That Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet In Syria" (Durden).

"Evil Kikeroaches Win Cash Settlement from New Jersey Town They Invaded and Conquered" (Anglin).  It is amazing that they take over these towns using exactly the same methods they have used in Palestine.  They start by identifying a town they want, surreptitiously buy up properties, bribe the local (and state) politicians, and when the time is right, move for a full political annexation, imposing all their weird customs on anybody who has the misfortune to still live there.  Of course, the final step is to label and punish anybody who complains about it as a bigoted hater (and then make movies and write books and editorials about why everybody else has such an irrational hatred of them).

Big read of the day:  "Habakkuk on ‘longtime’ sources".  Trump regime change is part of the greater plan for Russian regime change, and all these actors are motivated by the bigger plan, and, of course, it all turns on what the 'settlers' want (see link above for the 'settlers' of New Jersey). Note the disappeared Levinson's connections to Steele, and Steele's early efforts on the Litvinenko death PR war.  This is a much bigger and longer spy versus spy story than we imagine.  We've got a whole history of Russian anti-Putin figures (funded by Khazar mobster-oligarchs) connected through Steele to their anti-Putin counterparts/managers/enablers in the American IC and the IC-controlled American media.  Despite its complexity and invisibility in respectable places, the whole thing fits together quite nicely when you understand the key connections.

Also, don't forget how 'alternative' writers like Wheeler do their part to back up the bigger and more important arc of American IC propaganda.

Related:  "“Simulated Press Freedom”: part 2 of our look at Udo Ulfkotte’s suppressed book “Bought Journalists”" (offGuardian).

The two curiosities make up the odd media landscape:  1) the incomprehensible fact that Trump won the election, and 2) the incomprehensible fact that Putin, a politician who is also an intelligence agent, is actually better at this stuff than the Zio-Anglo-American IC/media complex, and has been able to successfully parry all their moves (e.g., the death of Berezovsky, who employed Litvinenko, the disappearance of Levinson, the current memo, etc).  Of course, part of Putin's success is that there are reasonable humane human beings in the West who don't want to see the Khazar's WWIII.

"The US Deep State and the Democrats Are the Problem, Not the Solution" (Korybko).

"Nunes Memo Reports Crimes at Top of FBI and DOJ" (McGovern).

"“Nunesburgers” & denial from the MSM while Politico blames Putin" (offGuardian).  Politico has always been an obvious IC organ.

"The FISA Memo, Obama, And The Election that Almost Wasn't" (Luongo).  I wonder how much political capital the Democrats are prepared to spend to prevent a token FBI guy from going to jail over this.

"More Diversity Comes to the Oped Pages" (more peak Sailer).  You just have to laugh.

"Gene Sharp, agent provocateur" (Hugus).

"Freelancer Despairs: "My Lies About Hizbullah Can't Compete With Trump" - (Updated)" (Moon).  There is a long and remarkable history of Khazar or Khazar-employed 'journalists' who claim to have received insider knowledge from Hezbollah members of things embarrassing to Hezbollah, white the success of real-world Hezbollah depends on absolute secrecy and the last people a real Hezbollah member would confide in are these 'journalists'.
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