Monday, February 19, 2018

Pied Piper Strategy

"Mueller Indictments: truth v lies in“The Observer View”" (Kit).  Typical lies and deception from both the Clintonistas and The Guardian.

"Christopher Steele’s Other Job: He Ran an Info Op Against the United States (How to Steele an Election)" (Van Buren).  Except that it now appears the dossier was written by Blumenthal and Shearer - it would be nice, with a huge official investigation and all, if somebody were to fix this down - with Steele's job possibly to gather some lurid embellishments from anti-Putin Ukrainian sources, but mainly to peddle the thing around Washington using his reputation as an established spy to provide some credibility for an otherwise completely shaky document (the go-between from Blumethal-Shearer to Steele was Jonathan Winer, the special envoy to Libya of the Obama State Department, formerly counsel to John Kerry, who now works for the Middle East Institute, a standard US swamp stinktank, now under the financial sway of infamous UAE ambassador Otaiba and MbZ). The lack of fallout on Steele certainly proves he was doing this with the connivance of the British government.

Note how spectacularly unsavory - a veritable hall of fame of bad 'journalists' - Steele's contacts were (the author, who appears to be a critic of Barry-Donald isolationist sanity, uses the telling term 'echo')!:
"Indeed, it looks like Steele and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson may have persuaded a number of major foreign policy and national security writers in Washington and New York that Trump and his team were in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Those journalists include New Yorker editor David Remnick, Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, former New Republic editor Franklin Foer, and Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum."
"Pied Piper Strategy" from April 23, 2015 Clinton campaign meeting.  Trump entered the race on June 15, 2015.  This is more than slightly ironic as the Russians are now being accused of conspiring to do essentially the same thing in the same time period.  Perhaps Putin was trying to help Hillary out to curry some favor?

How Russiagate continues even after Mueller himself has completely undermined it:  "The US-UK Deep State Empire Strikes Back: "It's Russia! Russia! Russia!"" (Jatras).

It is funny how the truth-speaking opposition - Dotcom, Assange, Murray, McAfee - always finds itself in legal problems, or dead:  "Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack"".

"US-UK Accuse Russia of “NotPetya” Cyberattack, Offer Zero Evidence" (Gunnar).  The problem with 'Vault 7', a recent release, and why the CIA, and its controlled British 'judicial' system, is still after Assange.

"Assange Judge’s Husband Runs Security Firm With Ex Head of MI6" (Murray).  It is interesting that 'Lady' Arbuthnot wasn't intelligent enough to keep the invective and obvious bias out of her judgment.  Her family is, well, as you would expect, total slime.

You may have missed this, but it is quite spectacular:  "Chronicle of a white supremacist PR crisis and the making of a hoax".  Actually, even more spectacular!:  "Jerusalem Times Reports on Nikolas Cruz’ “Anti-Semitism,” Brushes Over Fact He’s a Jew" (Anglin).
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