Monday, February 12, 2018

Ruin your weekend / Star Wars bar scene

"The UK’s Hidden Role in Assange’s Detention" (Cook).  From the emails that didn't get illegally erased:
"According to a new release of emails between officials, the Swedish director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny, wrote to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service on 18 October 2013, warning that Swedish law would not allow the case to be continued. This was, remember, after Sweden had repeatedly failed to take up an offer from Assange to interview him at the embassy in London, as had happened in 44 other cases between Sweden and Britain.

Ny wrote to the CPS: “We have found us to be obliged to lift the detention order … and to withdraw the European arrest warrant. If so this should be done in a couple of weeks. This would affect not only us but you too in a significant way.”

Three days later, suggesting that legal concerns were far from anyone’s mind, she emailed the CPS again: “I am sorry this came as a [bad] surprise… I hope I didn’t ruin your weekend.”

In a similar vein, proving that this was about politics, not the law, the chief CPS lawyer handling the case in the UK, had earlier written to the Swedish prosecutors: “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!”

In December 2013, the unnamed CPS lawyer wrote to Ny: “I do not consider costs are a relevant factor in this matter.” This was at a time when it had been revealed that the policing of Assange’s detention in the embassy had cost Britain at that point £3.8 million. In another email from the CPS, it was noted: “Please do not think this case is being dealt with as just another extradition.”"
Newsweek 'journalist' falls for fake Twitter account.

"Lauri Love, Hacking and Extradition" (Kampmark).  The British judges actually took surreptitious judicial notice that this kind of defendant has a propensity, in American custody or surveillance, to commit 'suicide'.  You know you are in trouble when your standards of extra-judicial 'justice' no longer pass muster with crotchety old British appeal court judges.  I've noticed a slight recent shift from the years after 9/11 when the entire western judicial system decided to throw out all traditional notions of justice and became warriors in the 'war on terror'.  They are now taking back some of their old 'courts of equity' skepticism of the entire LE/IC boondoggle.  I still wouldn't piss on a judge if I came across one on fire, but some of them are getting (slightly) better.

"BREXIT: Soros and Others Guilty of Foreign Meddling, Not Russia". What George is doing is creating doubt in the British process, causing the seeming incompetence in creating and negotiating an orderly withdrawal, thus weakening Britain.  The standard Khazar trickery.  I'd take a wild guess that there is some shorting going on.

Heh!:  "Reports: "Trump Dossier" sources aboard the crashed Russian flight".  Not that anybody would be so evil as to destroy an entire civilian plane full of innocents to kill one or two inconvenient people:  "Evo Morales grounding incident".

They've identified the sole non-traitor in the FBI who 'flipped':  "Game Over – Judge Jeanine Interview With HPSCI Rep. Chris Stewart…".

It's true, and hilarious!:  "Russians Are Just Trolling the U.S. Deep State Now" (Sailer). Related, very closely related!:  "Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump".  The danger is that Americans aren't smart enough to understand satire, particularly satirical attacks on their own sense of self-importance in the Washington bubble.

"White House Official: Schiff Intentionally Sabotaged Democratic Rebuttal To FISA Memo" (Durden).  He wanted to force Trump to 'censor' it to score Washington political points.  See also:  "It is up to House Intel Committee, not Trump, whether to release Democratic memo on the Page FISA application" (Lederman).

Predictable shekeling:  "US Lawmakers Pushing to Cancel Lorde’s Upcoming Florida Shows".

"Countering the Quad: Chinese-Pakistani Relations" (Gunnar).  Again, as always, note the contrast between the slick and sleek Chinese, bringing development and prosperity, and the old, plodding, stupid Americans, with their assassinations, terrorism, Wars For The Jews, and attempts at electoral manipulation.  Sad!  See also:  "US feels uneasy about inter-Korean amity" (Bhadrakumar).

I'm predicting that Pakistan is going to quickly leapfrog over India in human development indices by throwing its lot in with the winning Chinese while India doggedly sticks with the losers.

"NYT fails to report that Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him" (North).  It would be funny/ironic if the Khazar land theft experiment was to end over Bibi's increasingly panicky attempts to change the subject and stay out of jail for his own personal thievery.

"Russia warns Israel on Syria strikes, danger to Russian Troops" (Cole).  I know I'm hard on Cole as a rather obvious CIA front, but props are due:
"Apparently Israeli sovereignty in the minds of the ruling Likud Party and cabinet allies (a Star Wars bar scene full of far-right weirdo little parties) extends beyond the still undefined Israeli borders to wherever they want it to. "
"Syria Does Not Fear War with Israel" and "Red Lines Are Crossed In Syria, Expect Israel To Be Shaken." (Magnier).  Also:  "Who is doing what in Syria and why" (Kadi).

"US Antiquities Dealer Lobby Silent as Israel Pounds Syria" (Barford).  I wonder why?

The layers of Khazar supremacism:  "Israel: DNA Tests May Provide Answers on Missing Babies" (Cook).

"Assad quietly aids YPG against Turkey" or "Kurdish-led forces openly say they will fight the Syrian Army and capture towns from them - VIDEO"?  The Kurds are faced with a striking choice - life or death.

Maybe, but this is complex as the Turks are MB, and ISIS is not (but al-Qaeda is):  "Turkey Accused of Recruiting Ex-Isis Fighters to Attack Kurds in Syria".

"Oxfam denies cover-up over 'Haiti prostitutes'".  Why the scare quotes?  "Charities Run By The Spies?" (Aangirfan).  It makes perfect sense - charities are a perfect cover for espionage work.

I usually don't link to videos, but the fact that Hillary can't avoid a severe coughing spell in a rare public appearance is striking:  "Democrats Clearly Studying Necromancy as Shown by Their Resurrection of Hillary Clinton’s Zombie".

The missing Guardian comments section:  "Comment set Free on: “the Guardian View on Syria: the suffering grows and the world turns away”".  The White Helmets are pulling double shifts in the Damascus suburbs.

"Scared of my Own Thoughts" (Murray):
"Then a couple of days ago I watched an uncritical BBC report of alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria based entirely on film provided by the White Helmets, which plainly had zero evidential value. Given that the origins and motivations of the White Helmets are today known to anyone with an internet connection, the continued retailing of this repetitive propaganda is extraordinary. I felt contempt for the BBC journalists who were retailing it. In the last 24 hours Israel has carried out large scale bombing attacks on Syria which are undeniably illegal, and for once has acknowledged them brazenly. There has been very little media reporting of this. In a two sentence report on BBC News as I type, the second sentence was that the attack followed the downing of an Israel fighter, without mentioning that plane was itself illegally attacking Syria. The Israeli statement was given verbatim and no balancing view from Syria was given."
We've reached that 1984 point in the propaganda wars where everybody knows that they are lying, but they continue as our not doing anything about it makes us complicit in the lies.
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