Wednesday, February 21, 2018

School play

"The US is protecting ISIS to weaken rivals, expand US occupation of Syria" (Chovanec). Yinon through assisting its proxy army ISIS (including actual military assistance at key points), manipulating the Kurds, and setting up Baseworld in Syria.

"Nation-building in Syria – or nation-wrecking?" (Jatras).:
"The permanence of the intended US presence in Syria was signaled recently by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Speaking at a meeting in Kuwait at a meeting of the global coalition fighting against ISIS – a coalition that includes neither Russia, nor Iran, nor Syria itself . . . "
How does that rascal Putin, despite having obviously inferior precious bodily fluids to the master race of Americans, always prevail?  It's simple.  He knows that Americans aren't allowed by their Khazar masters to act in their own national interests.  Since the Yanks are utterly predictable, all Putin has to do is line up the various geopolitical contradictions to achieve his goals for Russia.  The scoundrel Putin seems to be playing the Kurds and the Turks and various Ziowahhabican terrorist proxy armies like a violin, but actually the deep contradictions in American foreign policy mean that the rapscallion Putin just has to step out of the way and allow the Khazar stranglehold on America to play itself out.

"Then They Came for Tony Greenstein" (Atzmon).  Corbyn winning the leadership, and then almost winning the election, despite in both cases massive Khazar counterattacks from within his own party, was an unambiguous sign that normal real patriotic British people didn't want to be slaves to the Jews.  Despite that, the Khazars have not ceased to act as if Labour was just part of their toy box, to be ruined and manipulated at will.  Note how they establish the principle that the only people entitled to weigh in on any issues even remotely connected to Zionism have to be three-way Kosher:  Jewish, Rabbi-connected, and with a direct familial tie-in to the Holocaust.  Even if you manage to have all that, they still win (and this is just the start of the purges, with future gentile purgees having no hope whatsoever!):  "Labour expels Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein" (Winstanley). Of course, Atzmon is universally described as being beneath contempt, not even worthy of being part of the conversation, for noticing.  The bigger picture is that the Khazars are terrified of a Corbyn win, and are trying to wreck his chances by tearing apart his party.

The shekeling of the 'left' in Canada:  "Academic Freedom at Alberta’s Universities: Open Letter to Premier Rachel Notley" (Hall).  I always have to wonder whether these gratuitous political pot shots are paid for directly, or whether they are included in the annual bribe.

"Tillerson throws Erdogan a bone in Syria" (Moubayed).  Ha!  'Throwing him a bone' doesn't work if the result was exactly Erdoğan's plan all along!

The usual, China develops, while Tillerson foams at the mouth and plots the undermining of democracies:  "China’s ‘New Silk Roads’ reach Latin America" (Escobar).

""Russian bots" - How An Anti-Russian Lobby Creates Fake News" (Moon).  When you've lost Higgins . . .

"Here’s how Mueller’s latest indictment further discredits the Trump Dossier" (Mercouris):
"At the time the Trump Dossier was published in January 2017 little was known publicly about the contacts which actually took place between members of Donald Trump’s campaign and tranisiton teams and the Russians during and after the election.

Today – a full year later and after months of exhaustive investigation – we know far more about those contacts.

What Is striking about those contacts is how ignorant the supposedly high level Russian sources of the Trump Dossier were about them.

Thus the Trump Dossier never mentions Jeff Sessions’s two meetings with Russian ambassador Kislyak, or the various conversations Michael Flynn is known to have had with Russian ambassador Kislyak, some of which apparently took place before Donald Trump won the election.

The Trump Dossier never mentions Jared Kushner’s four conversations with Russian ambassador Kislyak, including the famous meeting between Kislyak and Kushner in Trump Tower on 1st December 2016 (which Michael Flynn also attended) over the course of which the setting up of a backchannel to discuss the crisis in Syria is supposed to have been discussed (Kushner denies that it was).

The last entry of the Trump Dossier is dated 13th December 2016 ie. twelve days after this meeting took place, and given its high level a genuinely well-informed Russian source familiar with the private ongoing discussions in the Kremlin might have been expected to know about it.

Nor does the Trump Dossier mention the now famous meeting in Trump Tower between the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Donald Trump Junior – which Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner also attended – which took place on 9th June 2016.

This despite the fact that the Trump Dossier’s first entry is dated 20th June 2016 i.e. eleven days later, so that if this meeting really was intended to set the stage for collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia – as believers in the Russiagate conspiracy theory insist – a well informed Russian source with access to information from the Kremlin would be expected to know about it.

Nor does the Trump Dossier have anything to say about George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign aide who had the most extensive contacts with the Russians, and whose drunken bragging in a London bar is now claimed by the FBI to have been its reason for starting the Russiagate inquiry.

In fact George Papadopoulos is not mentioned in the Trump Dossier at all.

This despite the fact that members of Russia’s high powered Valdai Discussion Club were Papadopoulos’s main interlocutors in his discussions with the Russians, and Igor Ivanov – Russia’s former foreign minister, and a senior albeit retired official genuinely known to Putin – was informed about the discussions also, making it at least possible that high level people in the Russian Foreign Ministry and conceivably in the Russian government and in the Kremlin were kept informed about the discussions with Papadopoulos, so that a genuinely well-informed Russian source might be expected to know about them.

By contrast none of the secret meetings between Carter Page and Michael Cohen and the Russians discussed at such extraordinary length in the Trump Dossier have ever been proved to have taken place.

Now Special Counsel Mueller has provided further details in his latest indictment of actual albeit unknowing contacts between members of the Trump campaign and various Russian employees of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Internet Research Agency, LLC, apparently both in person and online.

The Trump Dossier has however nothing to say about these contacts either, just as it has nothing to say about the Internet Research Agency, LLC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, or the entire social media campaign set out in such painstaking detail by Special Counsel Mueller in his indictment.

The only conclusion possible is that if the Trump Dossier’s Russian sources actually exist (about which I am starting to have doubts) then they were extraordinarily ignorant of what was actually going on."
Steele's no James Bond, and was actually demonstrably incompetent as a spy.  The Dossier, which was written by Blumenthal specifically to be anti-Trump oppo, and presumably not fully used as Hillary was sure she didn't need any help at winning, has now magically been transformed into a document which supposedly proves some kind of meddling, by that ne'er-do-well Putin, to manipulate the entire American political system.  The long list of specifics that aren't in it is a clear demonstration that the writer didn't have any actual information, and was just making shit (and urine) up.

"Exclusive - EU scraps border projects as 'Ukraine fatigue' grows".  The Nazi holes the Europeans are expected to shovel Euros into.

"Hezbollah Leader Threatens "We Will Open Fire" On Disputed Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations" (Durden).  Asynchronous warfare - Israel is a rich-target-rich environment.  Btw, 'disputed' is hasbara talk, 'stolen' is the correct word.

"‘NYT’ writers slam left for intolerance of dissent– on Israel panel that excludes anti-Zionists and Palestinians" (Weiss).  More on the horrors of 'intersectionality'.  Will the universities have to be shut down?

"Genocide? As Gaza dries out, Israel turns off fresh water spigot" (Shahtahmasebi).  "UN: Food aid to Palestinian refugees will end soon".

"Responsibilization".  I'm wondering if there is a 'over-under' line of number of dead school children - somewhere between one and all of them - determining whether there will be some form of American gun control legislation.  The libertarian idea is that everyone is solely responsible for his or her self, including dodging or blocking a bullet fired by a free man doing what he happens to want to do.

"Florida lawmaker’s aide fired after saying outspoken Parkland students are actors".  One of the students is a publicity hound.  The golden PR rule in any authoritarian society is that you cannot dis 'victims'.

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