Thursday, February 01, 2018

Six Ways From Sunday / Kill Honey

"A huge cache of Rumsfeld memos were just released — Here are the best ones".  The first one, on the DHS before 9/11, and the one on Carville's volunteering to help with post 9/11 PR, are the most interesting.

"Nunes Hits Back Against FBI FISA Memo Freakout" (Durden).  Outright lies from The Daily Beast.  Things are getting desperate.  The usual suspects are all over this attempted distraction:  "BREAKING: Nunes Admits To Doctoring 'The Memo' After Intel Committee Approved Transmittal To The White House".

"Congressman Jason Lewis Hospitalized Following Deadly Train Collision " (Durden).  "Republican Amtrak Ride Crashes! WHAT! Antifa Terrorism???" (Anglin). "Six ways from Sunday"

Tweet (Sharyl Attkisson‏):
"Some intel agency insiders are having to make some important calculations/decisions. Honest people want the truth told, but some worry if they make a move... that those protecting bad acts may ultimately win & *they'll* be hung out to dry. Nonetheless, they must choose their side"
"Clintons’ ‘Mr. Fixer,’ ally Sidney Blumenthal emerge on list of Russia collusion figures".

"Meet the Corrupt Billionaire Who Has Brought About a New Cold War" (Giraldi).

"The Wheel is Indeed Empty" (West).  Navalny seems to have much more importance in the fringes of American politics than in Russian politics.  I've always been impressed by Wheeler, but The Clarification means she may just be an IC front:
"Marcy Wheeler is one of the slickest, most underhanded so-called ‘journalists’ this investigator has ever encountered. She comes off as a master propagandist, fully engaged in running a professional ‘limited hangout’ or information operation promoting the USA’s intelligence services line. Her target audience is what I’d call the ‘marginally mainstream alienated’ seeking to know what is actually happening. Those people are both; too often convinced and horribly misinformed."
"Israel lawfare group sues New Zealand activists over Lorde cancellation" (Barrows-Friedman).  The greatest Khazar minds of our time are working in developing bizarre causes of action.

"WHITE HELMETS: Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian – Architects of War" (Beeley). Note the sheer immensity of the labor involved in polishing a turd.

Superb summary: "The Top 10 Outrageous Things About ISIS the Western Mainstream Media Ignores" (Bridge).

"Is the US Really That Much Different Than Haiti?" (Ballinger).  Haiti is the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come for the US.  It is funny how the extraction of billions (or trillions) of dollars is ignored as a possible contributing factor in misery.

"Sleuthhound Puppy Takes Deep Dive Into My Story (Funny)" (Moonie Alabama).

"Mass Incarceration: New Jim Crow, Class War, or Both?":
"For all four incarceration outcomes, being lower class rather than middle or upper class makes a massive difference. Being black rather than white makes a modest difference that is statistically insignificant for all outcomes except one: the probability of being in jail or prison for more than a year. And even in that case, whites in the lowest class group are more likely to have been incarcerated for more than a year than blacks in the second-to-lowest class group.

Thus the primary reason why there is such a big overall gap in black and white incarceration rates appears to be differences in the class composition of each racial group."
"Overall, this study supports the view of Cedric Johnson and others that mass incarceration in the United States is primarily a system of locking up lower class men—one which ends up disproportionately imprisoning black men, since they are far more likely to be lower class than white men. Racial disparities remain among certain incarceration outcomes, which are consistent with findings of other studies on this topic, but it is nevertheless class that is the predominant factor.

Understanding this reality is important for policymakers interested in rolling back the American carceral state. While racial discrimination and bias are clearly present in various aspects of the criminal justice system, eliminating that bias will not effectively reduce the racial disparities of mass incarceration. This is because these disparities are primarily driven by our racialized class system. Therefore, the most effective criminal justice reform may be an egalitarian economic program aimed at flattening the material differences between the classes."
"Venezuela Rejects New Interfering Attitude of Canada".  "The Opposition in Venezuela: Terrorists or “Rebels”?"

"Unreality" (Steppling).  "Trashing the Torah: Justice, Freedom and Israel’s Assault on Jewish Values" (Langdon).

Conveniently timed 'suicide':  "Blind Item #8" (CDaN).  Guesses:
"Dead: Mark Salling (scene)
A+ list television actor: Charlie Sheen
A list producer: Ryan Murphy
A+ list ringmaster: David Geffen"
"'I had absolutely nothing to do with it,' Barry Sherman's cousin says":
"Winter said he still doubts the police determination that the Sherman deaths were murder and made the incredible accusation in an interview with the Star that Barry Sherman twice asked him in the 1990s to kill Honey.

“He asked me in his office at Apotex. I was surprised he would ask me,” said Winter. Asked by the Star if he ever told the police of this alleged request to kill Honey Sherman, Winter said he did not, but he did tell two friends. He said he did not tell his brothers then, but has recently."
"During the interview, Winter said that despite the determination of double murder made by both the Toronto police and the Sherman family’s private investigative team, he still believes that Barry Sherman killed his wife, then himself.

Though he cannot remember the date, Winter said that in the 1990s, on two separate occasions during a visit to Barry Sherman’s office at Apotex, he recalls Sherman asking him to make arrangements to kill Honey. At the time, by his own admission, Winter said he was heavily into drugs and the street culture.

“Back in the mid ’90s, we had a discussion in his office at Apotex,” Winter said. Asked what led to the discussion, Winter said: “His disdain for his wife, Honey. His unhappiness in his marriage and that he couldn’t stomach to be in the same room as her.”

Asked by the Star if he believes the comments he alleges were made in the 1990s held true in 2017. “They could have kissed and made up,” he said.

Winter said he never told police, but told two close friends.

“I was quite surprised. I wasn’t surprised that he had this idea, I was quite surprised that he was asking me if I knew someone who would do that,” Winter said, though he later conceded he was likely asked because “I was on the street, I was on drugs at the time and I knew a lot of bad people.”"
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