Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The JQ

"Nomi Prins: Trump's New Dark Money Man Takes Over".  Another kind of dark money.  Is it a coincidence that the US has a gentile head of the Fed for the first time in decades - you know, 2% = 100% - and the market immediately collapses?

"Follow the Money: A Guide to Top Anti-Russia US Think Tanks and Their Operatives" (MacDonald).

"The US-ISIS Nexus in Afghanistan Becomes Hot Topic" (Bhadrakumar). When the problem-causing proxy army of the Americans loses, the Yanks just pick them up and move them somewhere else to cause problems there.  Now the Americans, certainly prodded by the Khazars, want mini regime change in the Afghanistan provinces that can cause problems for Iran and China.  Balkh is an old geographically important Silk Road City, and a major Shia religious site, and Farah borders on Iran, so the play is obvious.

"The JQ in the GOP" (Cole).  Cole is a bizarre outlier at both Taki and Utz, an ultra-Khazar supremacist fox in the hen house.  Nehlen is hopelessly trying to primary Paul Ryan (!), and is absolutely, unequivocally, honest on the JQ.

"Arab Neoconservatives and Peace in the Persian Gulf" (Mamedov).  Fucking Euro-trash can always be counted on to make the wrong choice.  Note that the long-term neo-con plan for all these protests and sanctioning is to push the Iranian government to the right, making it lose popular support and thus be easier to topple in a future color revolution.

"The Islamic Republic Stands Strong: Confused American Deep State Flops in Iran" (Maupin):
"As the crisis ended, a false news story began to circulate throughout US media. Reports that former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had been arrested for inciting protests circulated throughout western media. This story was confirmed to be completely false, first by Ahmadinejad’s lawyers, then by his sons. A few days after the protests ended, Ahmadinejad held a public event with Kurdish activists. Yet, no retraction was ever published and long after the story was disproven, it continued circulate across the internet."
"A lawyer’s and a judge’s reaction to the Nunes memo" (Neo-Neocon).  "Hugh Hewitt: The Failure to Confess That the Steele Rumor-Sheet Was Paid for By Hillary and the DNC is a "Damning Omission"" (Ace of Spades HQ).  I think we can assume that the FBI and DoJ are very skilled at making misleading presentations to the FISA Court, a group of judges who are just looking to whip out the ol' rubber stamp on the basis of documents which, at least on their face, aren't too embarrassingly crooked.

"Whitewashing genocide in Myanmar" (Baroud).  What happens if you have the misfortune to be the subject of a Ziowahhabican anti-China PR play.

"Why Is Nicaragua’s Homicide Rate So Far Below That of Its Central American Neighbors?" (Lovato) (each link goes to the same pdf):
"Of all the reforms initiated during the revolution, two stand out: One is Nicaragua’s rejection of US exports—specifically, the US-bred criminal gangs such as the Maras, along with the zero-tolerance US-style policing models that exacerbated their violence. A 2016 report by the Brookings Institution concluded that years of mano dura (heavy-handed) policing in El Salvador and Honduras had only served to exponentially enhance the prison gangs’ “projection of power”—their ability to consistently stage economic stoppages, control entire neighborhoods, and murder at will. Nicaragua has over 100 youth gangs, according to a study by Casa Esperanza, a Managua-based social-service agency. But these gangs have a fundamentally different culture from those of the more violent and homicidal Mara culture of similar groups in the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Also, mass migration to and from Nicaragua is now centered in Florida, not California, the birthplace of the Maras.

The second reason is the Sandinista revolution itself. Nicaragua is less homicidal than its neighbors in no small part because of the ways in which the revolution enabled the then youthful revolutionary leaders and subsequent non-Sandinista governments to experiment with and then institutionalize things like gun control, alternative policing models, and other policies and social programs, especially ones focused on altering Nicaraguan masculinity in ways first pushed by revolutionary Sandinista women."
"Who Is James Le Mesurier? – The Former British Army Officer Who Founded The White Helmets" (Wight).  The funny thing is that they don't even need to try to cover up the obvious intelligence front, as 'journalists' swallow whole every PR campaign they produce.

"When Is There Going to be Accountability for US Wars and Aggression?" (Sterling). Never, but the good news - getting back to the JQ - is that the country being wrecked by Yinon is not Syria, but the American Empire.

"The Legatum Institute: the charity and its offshored sponsor" (Davíðsdóttir).

"Academics Who Serve as Israel’s Useful Idiots" (Cook).  It is an easy calculation - the shekels you get for selling your reputation are worth many times over what your reputation might be worth.

"Guardian alleges Youtube algorithm bias in favour of Trump & “conspiracy theories”"!

"Government crackdown on 'McMafia' organised crime sees Russian billionaires ask Kremlin to return home".

"G20-related lawsuit on police brutality to begin Monday".  A civil suit.

"Having Russia at the Olympics shows the system is broken".  From the country whose most famous Olympic athlete, by far, is Ben Johnson.

"What the hell is going on at Newsweek?"  I'm wondering how these guys thought they could get away with doing investigatory journalism on their own (extremely) hinky owner!  What did they think was going to happen?

I was reading this and was struck by the fact that it was very smart, not in the least bit moronic, which, as you know, is extremely unusual, and then found it was written by Hopkins:  "The War on Dissent" (the War On Russia, Like the War On Terror, is actually the War On The Woke; my emphasis in red; I've removed separate links that, again, go to the same article):
". . .  it’s all just part of the “reality adjustment,” and the launch of a new official narrative, not a prelude to war with Russia. The USA is not going to war with Russia. The notion is beyond ridiculous. Have you noticed, despite all their warlike verbiage, that no one has put forth a single scenario in which war between Russia and the West makes sense? That’s because it doesn’t make sense. Not for Russia, the USA, or anyone else. This is why “the Russian threat” is being marketed as an “attack on democratic values” and “an attempt to sow division,” and so on. Because the war the corporatocracy is waging is not a war against Russia, the nation. The war they are fighting is a counter-insurgency, an ideological counter-insurgency. “Russia” has just been added to the list of “terrorists” and “extremists” who “hate us for our freedom.”

Thus, our new official narrative is actually just a minor variation on the original War on Terror narrative we’ve been indoctrinated with since 2001. A minor yet essential variation. From 2001 to 2016, the constant “terrorist threat” we were facing was strictly limited to Islamic terrorism, which made sense as long as the corporatocracy was focused on restructuring the Middle East. White supremacist terrorism was not part of the narrative, nor was any other form of terrorism, as that would have just confused the audience.

That changed, dramatically, in 2016.

The Brexit referendum and the election of Trump alerted the global capitalist ruling classes to the existence of another dangerous insurgency that had nothing to do with the Greater Middle East. While they were off merrily destabilizing, restructuring, privatizing, and debt-enslaving, resentment of global capitalism had grown into a widespread neo-nationalist backlash against globalization, the loss of sovereignty, fiscal austerity, and the soulless, smiley-face, corporate culture being implemented throughout the West and beyond. That this backlash is reactionary in nature does not change the fact that it is an insurgency … just as Islamic fundamentalism is. Both insurgencies are doomed attempts to revert to despotic social systems (nationalist in one case, religious in the other) and so reverse the forward march of global capitalism. The global capitalist ruling classes are not about to let that happen.

The corporatocracy wasted no time in dealing with this new insurgency. They demonized and hamstrung Trump, as they’ll continue to do until he’s well out of office. But Trump was never the significant threat. The significant threat is the people who elected him, and who voted for Brexit, and the AfD, and Sanders, and Mélenchon, and Corbyn, and who just stayed home on election day and refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. The threat is the attitude of these people. The insubordinate attitude of these people. The childish attitude of these people (who naively thought they could challenge the most powerful empire in the annals of human history … one that controls, not just the most fearsome military force that has ever existed, but the means to control “reality” itself).

The corporatocracy is going to change that attitude, or it is going to make it disappear. It is in the process of doing this now, using every ideological weapon in its arsenal.
The news media. Publishing. Hollywood. The Internet. Intelligence agencies. Congressional inquiries. Protests. Marches. Twitter’s “advisory emails.” Google’s manipulation of its search results. Facebook’s “counterspeech” initiative. Russiagate. Shitholegate. Pornstargate. The ruling class is sending us a message. The message is, “you’re either with us or against us.” The message is, “we will tolerate no dissent, except for officially sanctioned dissent.” The message is, “try to fuck with us, and we will marginalize you, and demonize you, and demonetize you, and disappear you.”

The message is, “we control reality, so reality is whatever the fuck we say it is, regardless of whether it is based in fact or just some totally made-up story we got The Washington Post to publish and then had the corporate media repeat, over and over, for fourteen months.” If that doesn’t qualify as full-blown Orwellian, I’m not sure what, exactly, would."
The problem they have to fix is wokenness + optimism, or the general idea that progress is possible if you identify the real problems.
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