Saturday, February 17, 2018

The War on Troll Farms

"The War on Dissent: The Specter of Divisiveness" (Hopkins).  Rooskies.  "The party's long-term goal should be crafting a patriotic story about a new Cold War, a dangerous cyberconflict happening as we speak, one that demands the best America has to offer." (Stoehr) - as opposed to the ikky 'economic populism'.  In these dark days of Meathead, it's a way of getting Archie Bunker back in the fold without actually giving him anything.  It goes back as far as 1950s Jack Kennedy.  The virtue-signaling identity politics of Barry-Killary just washes over these white voters, or annoys them, so they are reaching back to Cold War fears.

"Pieces of the Coup Puzzle Fall Into Place by Publius Tacitus" (the dog that didn't bark; note, again, that they didn't fully commit to their story on the assumption that Killary was sure to win):
"What is so curious about all of this is the lack of a formal response by the intelligence community. In other words, if the Russians really were in a full court press beyond their normal propaganda activities, then the intelligence community should have been galvanized to collect more information and should have briefed the leaders of the Senate and House intelligence committees. That did not happen. Key Republican leaders DID NOT, I repeat NOT, receive such a briefing. For example, Devin Nunes, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, did not get briefed by Brennan or any of his minions on this subject.
And where was Jim Clapper. If the CIA Director is raising the warning that Russia is marauding through our electoral system like some rapacious pirate, then it was up to the Director of National Intelligence, to make sure the President was briefed and that the vested intelligence agencies were alerted and focused on dealing with this new threat. That did not happen.
Barack Obama provides the final proof that the Russia threat was bullshit when he responded to Trump's persistent claim that there was an attempt to rig the election (which we now know is true). On October 18, 2016 (two days after the FBI submitted a FISA application insisting that Russia was meddling in the election via Donald Trump), Obama called Trump a crazy whiner:
"It doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you'd want out of a president. You start whining before the game's even over? If whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else? Then you don't have what it takes to be in this job," Obama said. 
And he said the warnings of a "rigged election" are entirely unprecedented in modern American political history.
"I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place. It's unprecedented,"
But, if you believe the Washington Post, Obama was warned in August 2016 by John Brennan:
Early last August (2016), an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.
Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race.
There was no other intelligence source besides the Christopher Steele dossier for this information. And, thanks to the unwitting reporters of the Washington Post, Barack Obama, courtesy of John Brennan, read what existed at that time of the Steele Dossier."

"An emphatic example shows how deeply the US establishment considers war a permanent and unquestionable situation".  Failures of the infinity wars just means Americans have to infinity spend more on them.

"The New Conspiracists" (Muirhead/Rosenblum).  Surprisingly lazy strawmanning.  I assume this is what is considered to be truth, or history:  "Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls" (Vos).

I'm sure you could predict 'Syrian government' gas attacks by charting where the White Helmets are based:  "Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow".

"Falsehoods and Lies: Inciting War Is a War Crime".

"Assange Hits Back At The Intercept - Claims "Obsessive And Obscenity-Laden" Campaign Against Him" (Durden).  "Op-Ed: Et Tu, The Intercept? Smear Of Assange Murderously Timed" (Vos).  Lee is obsessed with Assange.  The Assange letter.  I would not be surprised if both Boing Boing and Lee were CIA assets (actually, I'd be shocked if they weren't).

Reconstruction of the conspiratorial mechanics of the Assange persecution based on Freedom of Information Act requests:  "Few documents, many mysteries. How our FOIA case is unveiling the questionable handling of the Julian Assange case" (Maurizi). This has required considerable work by many very bad people, and much of it remains covered up.

"Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity" (Farrow).  Typical rigorous reporting from Farrow.  I've mentioned this sophisticated National Enquirer operation as covered by Popbitch (now, sadly, paywalled).  McDougal isn't a victim of Trump, but it sounds like she has an excellent case against David Packer's company, American Media, Inc.

"Fake news by omission—the Haiti example" (Blum).  The Aristide removal was one of the more outrageous acts by the Empire, completely indefensible and shameless.

"The IQ Gap and the Science Fair Project–Diversity Makes Even Smart People Stupid" ('Virginia Dare').  The comments correctly take everything sideways!

"A Russian Trump?" (Shamir).  Wild analysis of world politics on the differences between Bolsheviks (politics based on class) and Mensheviks (politics based on 'identity').

"Labour apparatchiks smear Black activist in “anti-Semitism” witch hunt" (Winstanley).  See:  "Alan Dershowitz: 'Intersectionality' is a code word for anti-Semitism".  Khazars gain a lot of their land-stealing power by playing the identity politics card, so pro-Palestinian non-white activists are their kryptonite.

"Palestinian Schoolteacher Mauled by Israeli Military Dog as Soldiers Watch" (Levy).  This sounds like the real-life reenactment of some of the propaganda the Khazars write about their heroes and true spiritual forebears, the Nazis.

"The US Is Observing The Return Of Afrin Into The Arms Of Damascus With Great Concern" (Magnier).  Doesn't seem like much of a choice for honest Kurds as the Americans have already betrayed them.

Yinon condominium?:   "Turks propose joint deployment with U.S. in Syria as allies aim to mend ties".  Sounds very unlikely, and is probably Reuters (i.e., Rothschild) Khazar propaganda:  " . . .a Turkish official told Reuters . . . "

"Putin’s Grand Bargain to Israel: Can Israel Digest It?" (Crooke).  It is hard to judge long-term effects, but Putin does seem to have successfully communicated with the Israelis.  Note the mischievous reference to Israel's other 'demographic problem': 
"And would then a preventive war to try recuperate Israeli air superiority be feasible or realistic from the perspective of the IOF? It’s a moot point. One third of all Jewish Israelis are culturally and ethnically Russian, and many admire Putin. In such circumstances, could Israel count on Russia not using its own highly sophisticated S400 air-defence missiles, stationed in Syria, in order to protect Russian servicemen stationed across Syria?"
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