Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This is the BEST Hot Chocolate in the world

"Jew Questions Democracy Now! Jews Endorsement of Neocon Regime Change in Syria" (Anglin).  Things are getting complicated when you consider that dear old dad (Sid) wrote the 'Steele' dossier in order to regime-change Russia and pre-regime-change the US laying the groundwork to achieve WWII so the Khazars can complete their empire building without interference from isolationists and peacemongers.

"Lewis Carroll’s White Queen would have a career in the media today" (Catte).

"Since 1917, Who Keeps Dragging the USA into Wars? HINT: It's NOT Muslims." (Bacon).  It is possible to build a definitive history of much of the world from 1914-2018 based entirely on the one explanation of Khazar political interference.

"Richest Man in World Hires a New Columnist" (Sailer).

"50 years later, locals recall mysterious circumstances of NAL Flight 2511 plane crash".

Handy list of people to never listen to at any time on any subject.  Riyaled monsters (to be fair, some may just be retarded).  See also:  "Saudi High Command fired by King over Yemen Quagmire" (Cole).  And:  "Ghouta Is An Aleppo Redux To Save "Assad Must Go"" (Luongo).  Note also the complete and total lack of coverage of the mass atrocities being committed by the terrorists embedded in Ghouta, including shelling Damascus and using the residents, with the help of phony 'humanitarians' (there are simply no words to describe how deeply evil these people are), as human shields.

"State Department Troll Farm Receives Huge Cash Infusion" (Moon).  The US has been doing this sort of thing since well before the internet.  The funny thing is that when you are still rising as an Empire it reinforces your power, but when you are in imperial decline it just accelerates your downfall.  Related:  "Gene Sharp: The Passing of a False Guru" (Karganovic).

Classic Nazi and pre-Nazi anti-Jewish iconography is coming in from the side:  "The Rothschild Organ And Octoputin - Projection or Envy?" (Moon).  "Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds In Leaked Email".  'Lady' de Rothschild's twitter feed reads exactly like what a 'Lady' de Rothschild parody twitter feed would look like.  Last tweet (with meme replies):
"Not that it matters to anyone but me, but I am deleting my Twitter app after this last tweet;to think that Russians have been using all of us to sow discord & destroy America is repulsive to me & I refuse to take part;the hate & anger on #Twitter is out of control;#GoodbyeTwitter"
Second last tweet (really!):
"This is the BEST Hot Chocolate in the world @RChocolateLDN"
"Who is doing what in Syria, part II: Syria grabs the initiative" (Kadi):
". . . Syria is not like any other nation that America has engaged in war with; Syria has rockets that can reach Israel, and this is in itself a deterrent that other nations did not have. If this reality formed the foundation of what became a solid alliance between Syria and Russia, then we should not be at all surprised.

To say that this deterrent has been as effective as otherwise Syria having a nuclear arsenal would not be an over-statement. And finally, President Assad himself has recently made it publically known, and for the first time from the horse’s mouth; not mine, that should American troops in Syria attack Syrian troops, then Syria will retaliate by attacking Israel . . ."
You have to admit it is curious that Bibi, who could really use a diversion, could start WWIII with some big air attack on Syrian/Russian positions under the guise he is attacking Iranian 'terrorists', but hasn't.  The Khazars are really afraid of something - Hezbollah, and perhaps Syrian, rockets, and Russia-supplied air defense - to be able to suppress their great need to steal for so long.
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