Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tragic fruits of unwokenenness

Almost the entire discussion in the comments at Naked Capitalism is on the tactical wisdom, or lack thereof, of Bernie publicly going over to the dark side and supporting Russiagate.  These are the tragic fruits of unwokenness.  Bernie's a Khazar.  He has consistently argued for an increase in the New Cold War leading to WWIII.  On this issue, there is no difference between Sanders and the Kagan family.  The Khazars have determined, certainly correctly, that Putin and his government are an existential threat to the Khazarian Empire.  Try to imagine what the Middle East state of affairs would be had Putin not intervened to block the terrorist proxy army attacks on Syria.  The Khazars are insisting on WWIII to obtain regime change in Russia.  Massive dangers exist as long as the fundamental problem is hidden, and cannot even be mentioned among respectable people.
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