Thursday, February 22, 2018

Whataboutism / Hair Room

"The “Olive Branch” Is Breaking: Afrin Pays The Price Of The US-Russia Struggle And Turkey Is Part Of It" (Magnier).  Describes the Russian-Syrian plan to use Afrin to disabuse the Kurds of the notion that the Americans have their backs.  The Syrians now rush in to save the day for the beleaguered Kurds.  It appears that Erdoğan is in on this plan, as long as there is never any form of Kurdish state in northern Syria, and the Russians will tolerate some temporary Turkish presence in north-eastern Syria as long as ISIS and its American guards are finally forced to leave.

"The Guardian is right – Ghouta is “Syria’s Srebrenica”; another attempt to use humanitarian concern as a hook for military intervention" (Catte).  Not the best analogy, and points out that the West has been at this sort of thing for some time!  The White helmets are having their last Syrian PR hurrah over the deterrorization operation - brutal, but once the Ziowahhabicans installed the terrorists there is no option but to remove them - in Ghouta, and the only group with moral or legal responsibility for the civilian harm are the Ziowahhabicans, may they rot in hell.

"NEW MEME ALERT: “Whataboutism” Meme Means It’s Okay for US to Do Everything It Accuses Russia Of" (Anglin). "Confirmed US Meddling in Thailand's Upcoming Elections" (Thomas).

"Russian "Troll Farm" Indictment Shredded By Journalist Who First Profiled It In 2015" (Durden on Chen).

PNACer has a good cry over the fact that today's generation of leaders haven't got the stones to send their young men and women to die, as cannon fodder, for the Khazar Empire Project:  "Witnessing the Collapse of the Global Elite" (Cohen).

"Kushner Pushes Back Against Kelly As Top White House Staffers Battle For Political Survival" (Durden).  Lack of security clearance would be a bold way of finessing the serious problem of President Kushner.  Trump has to know there is no possible, even conceivable, way for a crook like Jared to get a security clearance, and Kelly can say it is out of his hands but Kushner has to go.

"A Tangled Web of Religion in Politics" (Stuart).  More on the Khazar attacks against Corbyn and his party.  See also:  "Human Rights Watch Bro Fired for Mocking Auschwitz Jew Hair Room on Tinder" (Anglin).  HRW?!  'Me too', expanded.

"Trudeau denies Indian politician’s allegations that Canadian ministers are Sikh separatists".  Justin answers the classic question of when he stopped beating his wife.  Of course they are separatists, many of them radical violent separatists.  "Trudeau says convicted Sikh extremist should not have been invited to event in India"!  The Liberals play footsie with these people as they bring in a lot of Liberal votes.

"Israel propaganda festival canceled at French university" (Abunimah).  Interesting as the Zionists are terrified that it would be turned into Ahed Tamimi week!

It is crazy what Sisi gets away with:  "The Egypt-Israel gas deal is scandalous and shameless" (Abo el-Fetouh).

"The UK’s Hidden Role in Assange’s Detention" (Cook).

"US court forbids seizure of Persian artifacts by Jerusalem bomb victims" (Barford).  "Justice Elena Kagan did not participate in the decision."
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