Friday, March 09, 2018

Casually / Certain Still Images

"For NYT, a Trillion Dollars’ Worth of A-Bombs Is ‘Little’ Response to Russia" (Johnson).  "Israeli terrorism reduced to “nationalist” crime by New York Times" (Brown).  If they can get you to take their insane ramblings seriously enough to debate them over it, they've already won:  "The Cult of Authority" (Hopkins).

"Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would ‘end the state of Israel’" (Ofir).

"Israelis disguised as journalists shoot, abduct Palestinian students" (Nassar):
"Israeli forces then took Sharawna, a minor at the time, to the Israeli Assaf Harofeh hospital and amputated his leg without consulting his parents or his lawyer.

A mock funeral was held for the leg in Dura in 2015, highlighting the abuse of Palestinian prisoners."
"Israel Now Arming Seven Terrorist Groups in Syria, Report" (Turbeville).

"Israel passes law to strip residency of Jerusalem's Palestinians".  International law doesn't apply to Jews.  Incrementalist theft:  "Israel’s Deliberate and Carefully Planned Annexation of Palestine" (Omer-Man).

"Theresa May recruits Royalty to thwart BDS" (Littlewood).

"Netanyahu in DC: I don’t want Palestinian ‘subjects’ but the West Bank will remain ‘militarily under Israel’"(Deger):
"Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that he wants the West Bank to remain under Israeli’s military control and does not want the Palestinians living there to become citizens or “subjects” of Israel, revealing an apparent hope to annex the occupied Palestinian territory while leaving its residents stateless.  The remarks, made in an interview with David Rubenstein at the Economic Club in Washington DC, signal that Netanyahu has no intention of negotiating in talks that would conclude in Palestinian statehood. Yet the prime minister stopped short of explicitly calling for an official takeover of Palestinian lands in the form of a “one-state solution.”"
Tweet (Wayne Madsen):
"Beware of Saudis bearing mega-city projects. NEOM a ploy by Wahhabists & Zionists to force migration of Palestinians from West Bank, East Jerusalem & Gaza to eastern Sinai/Tabuk.
"Kushner foreign dealings dealt heavy blows to Palestine, Qatar, and Iran" (Madsen):
"As a result of Kushner’s clearance being downgraded, there is pressure from Trump’s family to fire Kelly as chief of staff. In fact, the pressure is being exerted by Israeli moles in the White House who want Kushner’s pipeline to the most sensitive U.S. intelligence secrets restored. These moles include Ivanka Trump, a convert to the Orthodox Judaism practiced by her husband."
'European socialists' and 'globalists':  "The NRA's Wayne LaPierre's Chilling Christian Nationalist Call to Arms" (Bronstein) and "This Anti-Semitic Term Was Casually Used At The White House 3 Times This Week" and "Ann Coulter Names the (((Globalist)))!" (Anglin).  Ha!:  "Intersectionality and anti-Semitism".

It is curious that Cohn left when the tariffs turned out to be a nothingburger.

"The CIA Democrats" (one, two, three) (Martin).  The official amalgamation of the IC and the Democratic Party (what could possibly go wrong?), and an indication that despite its infinite power, the IC feels it needs another leg up to properly run the USA.  The strategy is that these various monsters will attract the psycho votes which would otherwise naturally go to Republican candidates.

"Are You Listening, America?" (Ritter):
"There is a reason the Trump administration—and to be frank, those of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama before him—have treated nuclear disarmament and arms control so cavalierly. The United States walked away from the ABM Treaty, opening the door for the current crisis in U.S.-Russia relations. The Cold War-era START has expired, and the INF Treaty has been reduced to little more than a politicized foil, in which unsubstantiated claims of Russian noncompliance are bandied about to further demonize Moscow in the eyes of the American public.

The New START, which replaced the original START, is set to expire in 2021, with little or no effort being made to keep it alive or use it as a foundation for new, more meaningful arms control agreements.

The practitioners of what constitutes arms control and disarmament policy in America today, unschooled in the ultimate futility of nuclear conflict, actually believe America can fight, and win, a nuclear war. “If deterrence fails,” the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review notes, “the United States will strive to end any conflict at the lowest level of damage possible and on the best achievable terms for the United States, allies, and partners. U.S. nuclear policy for decades has consistently included this objective of limiting damage if deterrence fails."

"Australian Diplomat Who Tipped FBI About George Papadopolous Ties to, Get This, the Clinton Foundation" (Ace of Base HQ).  "Four Other People May Have the Trump Dick Pics (AKA “Certain Still Images”)!" (Marshall).

Not-Putin bot amplification.

"A hundred grand and hundreds of betrayed agents What was former GRU Colonel Sergey Skripal's treason against Russia?" The inscrutable motives of that rascal Putin.

"Google admits collaboration with illegal US drone murder program" (Damon).

"The Starvation of Yemen and the Saudis’ ‘Cynical P.R. Exercise’" (Larison):
"The Saudi-led coalition has been using its blockade to try to starve Yemen into submission for almost three years now. They keep commercial imports out of Hodeidah because they want to strangle the areas of the country that continue to resist them, and they don’t care if that leads to mass starvation. It should not come as a shock to anyone that their plan to “help” Yemenis is an attempt to distract attention from what they continue to do to the civilian population. The Saudis and their allies are not the least bit interested in alleviating the terrible conditions in Yemen, but they want to appear as if they are so that their Western patrons don’t face as much political pressure to end support for the war. No one should be fooled into believing that the Saudi-led coalition’s “humanitarian” plan is anything more than a fig leaf to cover the horrifying reality of what they have done and what they continue to do to the people of Yemen."
"The Oxfam scandal is just one aspect of the aid industry's ugly power problem" (Humphrey).  The employees are there primarily for the inexpensive opportunities, just as pedophiles often end up as school teachers.

"Latvia Plans to Culturally Cleanse Its Russian Minority" (Korybko).

Investigative journalism from Sailer:  "Who Is "April Reign," Celebrated Inventor of #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag? Is She Also April Sands, Who Violated Hatch Act in Lois Lerner-Linked Obama Administration Scandal?" and "Hiding in Plain Sight: Have Superstar Black Activist April Reign and Disgraced Ex-Lawyer April Sands Ever Been Seen in the Same Room Together?".
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