Saturday, March 03, 2018

Including certain settlements

"Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue To Challenge Hacking Narrative" (Durden).  Nice summary.  People seem to have forgotten about what Hersh said (and then tried to unsay).

"Honduras arrests 'mastermind' behind Berta Caceres' murder".

"Amnesty International Winks at Trump’s Economic Attack on Venezuelans" (Emersberger).  "There Is No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, Says UN Expert".

"“Sonic Weapon Attacks” on U.S. Embassy Don’t Add Up—for Anyone" (Fields).

"Tory MP tells committee that illegal tobacco sales financed 1993 World Trade Center attack".  I wonder if she's paid in cigarettes.

"Canada’s Social Democrats Suppress “Palestine Resolution”" (Engler).  It is as if that asshole Mulcair never left.  There's good reason to believe that Trudeau, in whatever comical costumes he chooses to wear, will be Prime Minister forever.  "Scheer's pledge to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital answers a question few Canadians are asking" (Kay, from whose fangs blood pours).

"'Russiagate' Is Revealing Alarming Truths About America's Political-Media Elites" (a Durden/Cohen mash-up).

"The Pentagon Refuses To Support the Chemical Weapons Hoax In Eastern Ghouta" (Willy B).  It is interesting that it is British intelligence in charge of the lies about Syria.  You have to wonder if Trump's justifiable anger about the Steele dossier plays a role in this.

"The MoD is caught censoring a report that said it was assassinating people around the world".

"Comment Set Free: “Feras Fayyad: ‘I never thought as a film-maker that I would feel endangered’”".  This is the second Netflix-connected PR hagiography of the White Helmets in a row nominated for a Jewish Film Award (aka Oscar) - the previous one actually won - and they really think we're stupid when the director whines about how his free speech is being suppressed.

"Arab Daily: British Diplomatic Cable Unveils US Plots to Disintegrate Syria". 'Small Group'.

"The authoritarians who silence Syria questions" (Cook).

"Rothschild Set To Crown Dynasty Heir As Head Of Legendary Bank" (Durden).

"The world's most prolific dark web pedophile has been sentenced to 32 years in prison":
"The manhunt for the person behind the "666devil" handle was first launched by the National Crime Agency back in 2015, after Falder asked dark web users how he should torture his "daughter" during what he described as "hell week." The girl in question turned out to be the daughter of one of his blackmail victims. The intelligence-gathering operation was the most complex and comprehensive of its kind and was conducted in a collaboration between the NCA, the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Australian Federal Police and Europol, before the authorities traced the posts back to linked an address in Birmingham. Falder was arrested in his home in June 2015."
"Fact-checking the Tor Project's government ties" (Levine).  Falder used Tor.

"The Religion of Black Panther's Jabari Tribe Raises Questions About Cultural Appropriation" (Pulliam-Moore).

"Why Did It Take Two Weeks for the Media to Report on the Parkland Students' Astroturfing?" (Ace of Spades HQ).

"How to buy a gun in 15 countries".  Closest country to the US is, of course, its spiritual twin, Yemen.  Canada (surprisingly smart!):  "In addition to two character references, Canadians must list the names of partners they have lived with in the last two years, all of whom must sign the application or be notified by the police before you can buy a gun."  Israel:  "1. Join a shooting club, or prove that you live or work in a dangerous area authorized for gun ownership, including certain settlements."

"In Israel: fascism is clear and clarion" (Amayreh).

Pure influence peddling:  "Jared Kushner’s swift rise and long, long fall".  President Jared is being squeezed out by a combination of American elite fear of what he is up to, and lack of support from the Khazar billionaires who are jealous that he is an upstart stealing their thunder.  What is he - and his father Charles - up to?:  "Jared Kushner’s Real-Estate Firm Sought Money Directly From Qatar Government Weeks Before Blockade" (Swisher/Grim) and "Qatar Refused to Invest in Kushner’s Firm. Weeks Later, Jared Backed a Blockade of Qatar." (Levitz).  Trump needs a big excuse to break the sad news to Ivanka, and this kind of spectacular corruption - right up to the spectacular standards of the honorable Kushner family (we tend to forget just how comically vile these people are!) - just might do it.

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