Sunday, March 04, 2018

Purim stories / Box of bricks

"Putin Trumps Trump" (Margolis):
 "In December, 2002, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the US would unilaterally pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that had curtailed the development of nuclear missiles and anti-missile systems to defeat them.

The arrogant, dim-witted Bush believed that US space technology was advancing so rapidly that it would neutralize Russia’s force of ICBM missiles. Bush was just a puppet. The real power behind him was Vice President Dick Cheney, the leading neocon who sneered at Russia, dismissed it as a mere ‘gas-station,’ and was determined to see the US achieve global dominance.

In Cheney’s view, the ABM Treaty was holding the US back from this goal. Bankrupt Moscow would never be able to stand up to the mighty USA. Moscow warned that reneging on the ABM Treaty would re-ignite a ruinous arms race. A then little known politician, Vladimir Putin, vowed that Russia would never bend its knee to the US nuclear colossus.

This week, President Putin stunned the world by revealing a new arsenal of nuclear-armed weapons that have stolen a march on Washington and left the warlike President Donald Trump looking foolish."
The most wonderful thing is that the American Intelligence Community, by far the bestest and smartest and most well funded intelligence gatherers in the universe, were left completely stunned by the news.  They had no idea!  They've spent so much time on unconstitutional treasonous dossiers and never-Trump conniving in back rooms that they can't even do a semblance of their real jobs any more.  Another example - one of an infinite series, it seems - of spot-on imperial decline.

"Putin: Listen to Russia Now by Willy B".  Cheney and the Americans Assholians decided, typically, that they were so far ahead of everybody else that they could avoid diplomacy all together and just sit on their throne as Masters of the Universe.

"Dermer warned Obama team Israel would turn to Kushner over UN settlements resolution".  Note how this is coming from the Jerusalem Post, meaning it's Jewish billionaires who want President Jared out, despite his seeming ultra-Zionist successes.  Trump needs some kind of Jared exit strategy, something he can bloviate into a promotion.

"Guardian: Pinker Is Culpable for "The Unwelcome Revival of ‘Race Science’"" (Sailer).  Pinker was an undisputed genius of the American academy, right up to the moment he started playing footsie with the scientific racists.

"Washington Post: "This Year, We Are All Esther in America’s Own Purim Story"" (Sailer).

4chan's Q somehow breaks into the comments at Naked Capitalism!  A comment moderator will need to be executed.

"Lewis Carroll’s White Queen would have a career in the media today" (Catte):
"There is now almost no point of contact between the world described in daily mainstream news and social commentary and the actual veridical experiential world in which real people really live. The most basic “facts” upon which they operate are almost completely false. They produce hours and hours of comment and analysis based on events that never occurred, words that were never said, a history that doesn’t exist. It’s not about explaining reality any more, it’s about making it up. "
"Far-right French politician Le Pen charged over grim ISIL photos".  Supporting what's behind the photos is fine - see the current 'respectable' support for the human organ eaters in Ghouta - but publicizing what they do is a crime!  Just as with my little picture to the right, the offense is reminding people of those who commit, and support, violence.

"Here’s How Syrian “Rebels” Manipulate Information From East Ghouta" (Vivaldelli).  New Bana.  I'm not giving a pass to people whose soppy sentimentality makes them support human organ eaters.  You allow yourself to fall for this crap, you are a human organ eater too!

"Welcome to another Western edition of anti-Assad political theater, now in Ghouta" (Bridge).  It's not working - the de-terrorizers must continue to de-terrorize and so do - but all this hand-wringing nonsense is just setting up the next case where there really are humanitarian concerns, but the boys who cry wolf will get no purchase.

Real news, on the conspiracies of the 'Small Group':  "Syria Leaks: Suites, Propaganda And Dividends (Presented By Publius Tacitus)":
". . . the "Western strategy" concerning the war in Syria: to feed and multiply the hostilities by any means to prevent a Pax Russiana; to continue an intense communication campaign on the Russian and Syrian bombings that kill civilians; frame the UN Special Representative for Syria - Staffan de Mistura - with a binding roadmap; sabotage the Sochi peace conference to return to Geneva in a tripartite format: Syrian opposition, Syrian government and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS - mainly made up of Kurdish deputies on the orders of the Pentagon).

In the background, the British TD described the two main political objectives: to sabotage the Sochi conference and to prepare the same massive propaganda campaign that accompanied the liberation of Aleppo in December 2016, intended to punctuate the reconquest, admittedly devastating, by the Syrian government army of Eastern Ghouta (suburb of Damascus) in the hands of different terrorist groups. Reading the document, we understand that this Western strategy opts for "an endless war" in Syria, while denouncing to the international public opinion a new "humanitarian catastrophe". In conclusion, TD welcomes the US leadership for effective implementation and media coverage - as broad as possible - of this strategy."
Contrasting media treatment of Ghouta (and Aleppo) with Mosul (and Falluja) is solid analysis.

The results of painful, but necessary, de-terrorization (and if you want to be furious with somebody, reserve your fury for the monsters, the Khazars and their American stooges, and the human-organ-eating head-lopping proxy armies of the Americans):  "Photo: Aleppo today".

"What We Really Learned From Mueller’s Indictment Of Russian Trolls Is That Internet Providers Know Everything" (Frank, wait, Thomas Frank works for BuzzFeed, it's like learning that James Joyce worked for the National Enquirer!?).  One thing the IC still can do is obtain information from American internet companies, who act as a division of the NSA, with just some sticky legal technicalities to worry about, and then ignore.

On Levine's research:  "‘NSA-proof’ Tor actually funded by US govt agency, works with BBG, FBI & DOJ – FOIA docs".  Of course, this could all be an IC conspiracy to scare people away from Tor.

"The New York Times and the strange case of Quinn Norton" (Morrow).  Suggests that Norton's appointment was some kind of payback for her assistance in setting up the government attack on the 'suicided' Aaron Swartz!!!!!!  Thus the quick, un-thought-out, and quickly yoinked, unconventional appointment of someone outside of the 'elite'.  The commie bros are pretty high on their own supply these days with their constant attacks on anybody who might want to undermine the patriarchy.

"Latvia Bank Killing – Washington Financial Warfare on Russia" (Engdahl).  It is hilarious how cucked countries allow themselves to get wrecked all on some American fishing expedition that won't cause Russia even the tiniest concern.  We're all laughing at you!

"MAJOR: Gazprom begins termination of contracts with Ukraine’s Naftogaz" (Flores):
"In the meantime, within a month, the construction of the first line of the Turkish Stream highway should be completed, through which gas will bypass Ukraine to the west of Turkey, and may also be partially distributed to neighboring European countries."
"Israel climbs down over taxing Jerusalem churches" (Nassar). It is amazing how much the Khazars get away with just because people are terrified to put up even the tiniest opposition to them.  You can make them back down!

"Youtube allows countless parodies of Lorde song — but pulls down one detailing Palestinian oppression" (Weiss).  With all the simultaneous social media platform attacks on the 'right', they are no longer even pretending to hide their real motivation.

"Israeli-U.S. teen indicted for bomb threats, hate crimes - U.S. Justice Dept" (the Khazars, always superior, discover the medical cause of autism, at least in Mossad assets; ha!:  "The statement did not say whether he would be extradited to the United States."):
"Kadar’s parents have said he has a brain tumour that caused autism and other mental problems, making him unable to understand the nature of his actions."
"Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?" (Krebs).  "Man Says He Ordered a $6,000 DSLR on Amazon But Got Rocks, Then Bricks" (Zhang).

"The Great, Bloody Black Dispersal from the Cities" (Ford).  It is a plan, i.e., conspiracy.
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