Monday, March 05, 2018

The Khazar-Persian War

"How ‘Operation Merlin’ Poisoned U.S. Intelligence on Iran" (Porter).  If you are a striving careerist building your power in the American IC, and there is no threat against which to make your reputation, you make it up, and suppress any conflicting real intelligence.  Some dare call it treason.  The actually competent analysts and whistleblowers end up in jail or fired.

"Israel Plans a New War in Syria -- but Not for the Reasons It Claims" (Porter):
"Israel is thus planning a long-term war in Syria several years too late to prevent those "game-changing" weapons from falling into the hands of Hezbollah. It is as if Israel were organizing a big, expensive -- and lethal -- operation to shut the barn door years after the cows are known to have left the barn."
"Israeli officials have long boasted that they have effectively deterred Hezbollah from a missile attack on Israel. But what is never discussed is the need to deter Israel's use of military force. The IDF began planning its attack on Hezbollah in detail more than a year before the 2006 campaign. One of Israel's aims in launching the attack, according to strategic analyst Edward Luttwak, who has deep ties with Israel, was to destroy enough of Hezbollah's missile force in a lightning offensive to persuade the George W. Bush administration to drop its opposition to an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites.

Although Israeli officials would never admit it officially, by thwarting Israel and building an increasingly powerful arsenal of missiles, Hezbollah has established a relatively stable peace with Israel for more than a decade. As Seth Cropsey of the pro-Israel Hudson Institute has reluctantly acknowledged, "Hezbollah is the only force that Israel has faced that has extracted an operational and strategic stalemate from the IDF.""
"Field Report: Is Dr. Strangelove Holding Court in Netanyahu's Inner Cabinet by Decameron".

"Mona Alami and al-Monitor take a page from Nicholas Blanford's playbook (and quote him)" (Angry Arab).

The easy refutation of various insane anti-Assad conspiracy theories from the Gulf:  "Did Assad Deliberately Release Islamist Prisoners to Militarize and Radicalize the Syrian Uprising?" (Van Wagenen).  Good deep analysis of the conspiracies within the 'Syrian opposition'.  This reminds me of the theories that Assad picks the time when all kinds of witnesses are around, and with no tactical rationale, to set off the chemical weapons he knows will get him in trouble by creating Khazar PR.

"Painting an Israeli Attack on Syria as Israeli ‘Retaliation’" (Shupak):
"This larger context of Israel’s Syria policies would have helped news readers make sense of what occurred on February 10, but it was absent. Given that Israel had just launched an airstrike on a Syrian base, has apparently bombed Syria close to 100 times in the past six years, has carried out perhaps 1,000 attacks against it in the last year, has backed an armed insurgency against the Syrian government, and has stolen and illegally colonized Syrian land while oppressing and dispossessing Syrian civilians, it is far more accurate to say that Syria retaliated against Israel on February 10."
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