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We Note Your Concerns

Max Blumenthal tweets - October 2013, and February 2018.

From 2016:  "Putting Ben Norton under a microscope" (Proyect) and "On Ben Norton’s career-changing metamorphosis".

Tweet (Neil Clark):
"The Kremlin would have known that Messrs Browder and Lucas were soon to address British MPs- urging tougher sanctions against Russia. So ordering the poisoning of #Skripal just 2 days before makes no sense- unless we believe Putin is a complete idiot."
"Russian Spy Poison Attack: Is Nord Stream 2 the Bigger Target?" (Cunningham).  Maybe, but it's way too late to cancel Nord Stream 2.  Support for additional sanctions is more likely.

"Syrian Trappist Nuns Say Western Powers and Factional Media Fuel War Propaganda".

"Belgium: 10 Billion Euros of Frozen Libya Assets Disappeared From Euroclear Bank".

"Newly Revealed Russian Weapons Systems: Political Implications" (The Saker) (comment by FB).  "2018 FIFA World Cup Russia", June 14-July 15, probably setting the timing for some nonsense from the Ukrainians.

"Watch: Colonel Says Israel Is Dragging The United States Into World War III" (Shahtahmasebi). 

"Pinning the Trail on the Donkey" (Ball):
 ". . . there’s a stalwart Constitutionalist to contend with in NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

A mere two days after the latter’s November 17 2017 trip to Trump Towers where it is strongly presumed he tips the cards to Trump regarding the building’s bugged status, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are baying in the Washington Post for Rogers’ firing (see below). One of the pressing reasons given? Rogers’ ‘gruff personality’. The day after Rogers’ visit, Trump relocates his entire transition operation to Bedminster, New Jersey.

Thus Rogers’ termination is proposed in hurried fashion during the waning, post-election days of the Obama administration. Understandably, the President elects not to cloud his final days with an oddly-timed and controversial firing. Wisely (or not), he declines Carter and Clapper’s recommendation. The coup-plotters (for we are very much in a coup phase now) must content themselves with the hope that, between the media’s frenetic arm-waving, the future appointment of a Special Counsel Inquisitor by a compliant DOJ and a cooperating Comey at the FBI, soon-to-be President Trump can still be thwarted via impeachment, resignation or worse."
Really, really, really hard-core blood-pouring-from-the-fangs supremacist, just what you'd expect:  "‘NYT’ free speech advocate Bari Weiss reportedly helped bring down a Columbia dean over ‘intellectual heresy’" (Weiss) and "NYT’s Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel" (Greenwald).  "Review of Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism" (Fontana):
"The central reason Jews like Rushkoff and Barbara Spectre allow themselves to speak candidly about Jewish social engineering is because they believe that by manipulating predominantly non-Jewish societies they are doing the world a service — they are in fact doing God’s work. By undermining their host nations so as to bring about conditions of disunity, Jews like Rushkoff and Spectre believe that in performing this role of “a corrosive force” “breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people,” they are performing a mitzvah as part of their god-ordained task of tikkun olam. A mitzvah is translated as a ‘commandment’ but more commonly means a good deed done from religious duty. Rushkoff describes tikkun olam as “a poetic way of expressing the responsibility Jews have to ‘heal the earth.’[ii]"
"What is interesting is that Rushkoff subtly acknowledges the self-serving and contingent strategic basis of such practices, something Karl Popper, the Jewish philosopher of the ‘Open Society,’ never could. Popper in his The Open Society and its Enemies, expressed the same desires for a universalist, cosmopolitan, pluralist, liberal society, yet Popper rightly concluded that these values were largely the opposite of the Jewish religion, which according to Popper,[viii] and almost all students of comparative religions (e.g., Hegel) is a tribal supremacist ‘closed society.’ On the other hand, in Rushkoff’s deconstructionist, self-serving interpretation of Judaism, it becomes the wellspring from which ‘open society’ values spring. While Popper denied the very Jewish strategic basis of his viewpoint, conservative Jew Malachi Haim Hacohen, who is a foremost Popper scholar and critic, points towards Popper’s assimilated Ashkenazi Jewishness as the main source of his political viewpoint: Cosmopolitanism appealed to Popper and liberal Jews precisely because of their life in between cultures and their indeterminate identity. Claiming membership in an imagined cosmopolitan community, Popper rejected Jewish identity. “I do not consider myself ‘an assimilated German Jew,’” he told a critic of his Autobiography, “this is how ‘the Fuhrer would have considered me.”[ix]"
"Whereas Popper considered Judaism as a tribalist cult of a ‘closed society,’ Rushkoff seeks to re-interpret and thus salvage Judaism by imagining that the social engineering that Jews have been engaged in during modernity is actually the philosophical and moral foundations of Judaism itself. Jews are able to successfully carry out radical changes in society because of their internal cohesion, their sense of mission as Jews, while the changes they bring about are specifically designed to fragment the internal cohesion, the ‘we-ness’ of their hosts. The very success of the Jews working as groups of Jews undermines their stated principles of tolerance and plurality as inherently beneficial. Thus, the changes they established in immigration, desegregation, and integration can only be viewed as acts of subversion.

The problem here is that Jewish tribalism and secular universalism are antithetical, and hence assimilated Jews, especially if they are conscious of maintaining their Jewishness, are involved in a kind of fraud and deception (or self-deception). Nevertheless, Rushkoff in the face of all prevailing evidence (which he himself acknowledges), writes:  “True enough, my entire premise is contradicted by the many ways our own myths and customs have always been profoundly steeped in racial and ethnic assumptions. There are as many warnings in the Torah to kill our tribal neighbors as there are encouragements to embrace them [actually it’s weighed quite a bit more to the killing side]. A good number of our most observant members ground their faith and pride in the Torah’s plentiful admonitions not to mix with other, lesser people”[xi]  Rushkoff explains the Jewish strategy: “Anti-semites are not entirely unfounded in their claim that Jews are behind a great media conspiracy… If there is an agenda underlying Jews’ dedication to expanding the role of media in people’s lives, it is to promote an intellectual perspective and the value of pluralism.”[xii] ‘Intellectual perspective’ as used here is obviously a euphemism for the values and perspectives of the Jews. “Media, then, at its best, is a form of mass education” meaning brainwashing. “The more interconnected a society, the more likely it was to engage in complex transactions requiring Jews’ service. And the more inclusive and tolerant a society, the more likely it was to include the Jews, too.” Is this not saying diversity is good because it is good for the Jews?[xiii]"
"Syria War: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Eastern Ghouta" (Khalek).

It's funny how the most obvious option is never even considered as part of the conversation:  "Putin’s Missiles: Deterring an American Attack?" (Shamir):
"Undoubtedly civilians have suffered in the Syrian war; however, there is a way to end their suffering. The rebels could lay down their arms and join the political process, like everybody else. There are plenty of Americans unhappy with the Trump regime, but they do not shell Washington DC; they hope for a better and different outcome at the next elections. Their example can be emulated by the Syrian rebels, and then, the civilians won’t suffer.

If that’s too much to ask for, they can let the civilians leave; and fight to the bitter end. But no, they do not let the civilians out; instead, they produce reports of civilians suffering and wait for the Mounties to ride in and save them."
"Assange Lashes Out: "Hypocritical Motherf*ckers... Remember How I Exposed Your Secret Deal With The Saudis"" (Durden).

"“We Note Your Concerns” – ABC News Responds to Accusations of Misreporting Syrian Conflict".

"YouTube's Crackdown Goes Beyond Alex Jones" (Zaitchik).  I'm finding the sudden, very public, simultaneous crack-down by various social media platforms to be very odd.  In some cases, these choices may in the future be seen as the beginning of the end, the first cracks showing that seemingly unbreakable monopoly positions did not prevent eventual insolvency.

Angry Arab:  "UN Panels explains that US bombing of civilians in Syria--unlike Russian bombing--cant be said to be war crimes" and "UN Panel explains why when US killed 150-200 civilians in a school in Raqqa it was not a war crime".  "‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria ".

"Now we know why defense attorneys quit the USS Cole case. They found a microphone."  Read the whole thing - the judge seems to be losing his mind!

Still an FBI employee:  "Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence Of Clinton Server Breach" (Durden).

It's a choice week (read the whole thing), but I can't conceive of a swamp-dweller like Mueller taking Prince down:  "Roaming Charges: I Know Porn When I See It" (St. Clair):
"It appears that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is zeroing in on Blackwater chieftain Erik Prince for his role in a strange meeting last year in the Seychelles Islands. The January meeting involved representatives of the United Arab Emirates, a Russian banker named Kirill Dmitriev, and George Nader, a Lebanese-American fixer who, after being detained at Dulles Airport by the FBI,  is now spilling his guts to Mueller’s team. What was going on here? The speculation has been that the UAE, which has loaned billions of dollars to Russia for an infrastructure project, was setting up a back-channel communication between the Russian government and Team Trump, with Prince in the role of secret emissary.

But Prince dismissed this theory when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee in November. He told the committee that he had been in the Seychelles to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed of UAE, for whom he is setting up a private army. Prince denied that he was acting as an envoy for Trump and claimed that his meeting with Dmitriev, who runs the $10 billion Russian Direct Investment Fund, was little more than a chance encounter in the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“We chatted on topics ranging from oil and commodity prices to how much his country wished for normal trade relations,” Prince testified. “I remember telling him that if Franklin Roosevelt could work with Josef Stalin to defeat Nazi fascism, then certainly Donald Trump could work with Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic fascism.”

But Nader’s information (and perhaps that of Michael Flynn, who is also squealing to Mueller) seems to undercut Prince’s testimony, perhaps leaving the mercenary open to charges of perjury.

If Mueller can take down Prince, the whole investigation will have been worth it. Some may gripe that the offense is too petty and that Prince should have prosecuted for war crimes against civilians by Bush or Obama. True enough. But you take what you can get. This was a debate that I had for many months with Alexander Cockburn over Clinton. There were probably 100 crimes Bill should have been impeached for and lying to Ken Starr about getting blow jobs from Monica Lewinsky was the most trivial. But if Clinton had been convicted by the senate and removed from office in 1998 might the senseless and bloody war on Serbia have been prevented? Similarly, if Mueller nabs Prince, it may prevent his company from slaughtering more women and children."
"Israel propagandist Alan Dershowitz protested in Qatar" (Nassar) (see also:  "Gulf states in “race to the heart of the Israeli lobby”")
"Northwestern distanced itself from the event in a follow-up email. It stated that the university “is not hosting or sponsoring the lecture by Professor Dershowitz,” but rather that it was being sponsored by the Qatar Foundation in a Northwestern University auditorium.

The university added that an email from the Qatar Foundation stated “mistakenly” that Northwestern was hosting the event."
and (my emphasis in red; was he drunk?):
"An attendee who requested anonymity told The Electronic Intifada that Qatari police in civilian clothes were present at the event, monitoring and harassing students who filmed the walk-out.

According to the attendee, Dershowitz accused students who walked out of censoring him.

When asked by a student if he believed in the protection of minorities over free speech, Dershowitz responded by saying that “in Qatar, Zionists are a minority,” and in that case he does.

Dershowitz used his presence in Qatar to push anti-Palestinian talking points he has repeated for years, including blaming Palestinians for the failure of every peace initiative. “They have never missed a chance to say no,” Dershowitz claimed.

He also asserted that Israel has killed fewer people than any other nation in the world."
"Blind Item #4 - Scatter Like The Wind - Mr. Hedge" (CDaN).  Interesting comments, including on the identity of Mr. Hedge, who has been attacking Netflix accounting.

The tanks which were supposed to have 'fallen into the hands of' ISIS instead accidentally fell into the hands of anti-ISIS pro-Iranian militias:  "Made in America, But Lost in Iraq" and "Bombshell: DOD Admits $80 Million in M1 Abrams Tanks Ended Up With Iran-Backed Militias".
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