Saturday, May 12, 2018


Some history they somehow managed to miss teaching you amongst all the 'Holocaust' studies:  "Israel Uses Intelligence Cutouts To Target the US" (Smith).  The real all-kosher sausage-making (my emphasis in red; note that Stanley Fischer, the fox who was later invited into the Fed chicken coop to 'look after' the American economy, was involved in this!):
"In the mid-1980s Israel was in an economic crisis, begging the Reagan administration for billions in emergency aid. AIPAC and its economic gurus such as Stanley Fischer demanded that the US unilaterally lower all of its tariffs to Israeli exports, a program internally dubbed, "Duty Free Treatment for US Imports from Israel." Realizing that even this euphemistic framing was a bit of a giveaway, the lobby later redubbed it the "US Israel Free Trade Area," incorrectly implying that US producers would someday have improved Israeli market access (which they, for the most part, never gained).

There was only one problem. US industry, from chemical giants to agricultural and labor interests, were universally opposed to the "FTA", seeing it as a Trojan horse for future deals that would prioritize obscure foreign or special interests over domestic US industry. Their formal written opposition, lodged with the International Trade Commission, put Israel’s US lobbying entity, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in a bind. AIPAC needed to know the details of each industry’s secret submissions to ITC, in order to effectively lobby against them on Israel’s behalf. But AIPAC couldn’t just have friends inside the ITC hand them a copy of the classified industry report to study and circulate. AIPAC needed a cutout.

This was the role of Dan Halpern, Israeli Minister of Economics. Halpern obtained a copy of the classified ITC report – he would not tell the FBI how (PDF) – and passed it to AIPAC’s lobbyists to reproduce, circulate and begin their lobbying and PR campaign for the FTA. AIPAC defeated powerful US industry groups using their own data against them. When the FTA fully went into effect, it reversed a formerly balanced trading relationship with one producing an enormous trade surplus for Israel. By cumulative, inflation adjusted deficit, it is still America’s single worst performing bilateral FTA.

After an initially robust counterintelligence and theft of government property investigation, the FBI realized that because Dan Halpern could claim diplomatic immunity, neither Halpern nor AIPAC could be successfully prosecuted.

The new revelations of Black Cube and the JCPOA present only a slightly new twist on an old cutout tactic Israel deploys when the stakes are high enough. Rather than claim diplomatic immunity like Halpern, Black Cube can simply slink away to whatever darkly lit cubicles at the Kidon or wherever it came from, to later reemerge for Israel’s next major initiative targeting America."
No doubt a Khazar traitor passed the material to cutout Halpern, protected by diplomatic immunity, and with single-minded supremacist determination and chutzpah, and the FBI, no doubt scared of political consequences, folded up and gave up.  This kind of thing keeps happening over and over again, as the Khazar supremacists walk over everybody.  Since they work in unison to defeat us, we have to start working in unison to defeat them.
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