Monday, May 14, 2018

Hack Journalism

"Media Debate Best Way to Dominate Iran" (Shupak).   The American debate is over the best way to push Iran around, with the deal or without it.  Iran is situated in an inconveniently strategically important position, and will be a big part of China's New Silk Road, so pushing it away at this time is right in line with the pattern that Americans now have of always making the maximally weakening choice for the Empire, in this case forcing Iran into the arms of China.  Americans are now so consistent that you can predict what they are going to do based solely on what, for them, would be the stupidest choice.

"Syria Imposes New Rules of Engagement on Israel" (Hasan).  "Syrian Attack on Unit 9900 Weakens Tel Aviv Intelligence"  Skilled job by the (((media))) making it seem that Israel 'retaliated' while completely underplaying the serious results of the attack they claim started it. A real and damaging counter-attack is something completely new for Israel.  A big part of Israeli mythology is that it can do whatever it wants without consequences.  The 'Iron Dome' was yet again an utter failure, and the antiquated Syrian defenses acquitted themselves quite well.

"Netanyahu: “Let’s You and Him Fight”" (Reed):

Israel, Israel. Israel. Israel.

Always Israel."
"The New ‘Axis of Evil’ Forms Up Against Iran" (Madsen):
"There is informed speculation that the UAE is planning to annex Socotra to the UAE. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the UAE, Anwar Gargash, tipped his hand as to such a possibility in a Twitter message that referred to the UAE’s “family and historic relations” with Socotra and its people. Gargash was likely referring to the fact that Socotra was once part of the Mahra Sultanate of Qishn in Hadhramaut. If the UAE plans to annex Socotra, it might include inviting a restored Sultan of the Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra to join the UAE as the eighth member of the federation. The Mahra Sultanate would have to change to an emirate or the UAE would have to alter its name to the “United Arab Emirates and Sultanates,” especially if a restored Qua'iti State of Hadhramaut, Kathiri State of Seiyun, and Sultanate of Lahej also join the UAE or “UAES” as members, thus expanding the UAE to include what is now South Yemen. If that were to occur, the Sultanate of Oman, which would lie between the bifurcated federation, would feel threatened.

Before it can expand to the south by annexing South Yemen and Socotra, the UAE had to deal with potential internal trouble at home. Sheikha Latifa, the daughter of UAE Vice President and Emir of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, was recently kidnapped from a yacht off the Indian state of Goa. Latifa has been a constant critic of her father’s rule and she has called for democratic reforms within the UAE. Since the age of 18, Latifa has reportedly been refused permission to leave the UAE. In February, Latifa tried to make a run for it. Sneaking into Oman, Latifa and a Finnish friend used jet skis to reach the yacht, The Nostromo, anchored in international waters and captained by Hervé Jaubert, a U.S. citizen and former French intelligence officer. Naval vessels of the UAE and India, as well as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft of both nations, reportedly intercepted the yacht and special forces of India and the UAE – possibly including Prince’s R2 mercenaries and “General Steve’s” aircraft – forcibly removed Latifa and her Finnish companion and repatriated them back to Dubai.

The kidnapping at sea scenario is similar to MBS’s purge of senior members of the House of Saud and prominent Saudi ministers and businessmen after Kushner shared with the crown prince transcripts of U.S. National Security Agency intercepts of the Saudis’ communications. Those who expressed opposition to MBS were detained and some were tortured. Some of those tortured reportedly died of heart attacks under the stress."
For a while there South America was the true progressive beacon of hope, and it has almost all been beaten back, in various ways, by the neolibs:  "In an ongoing operation, the US imperialist hawks seek to wipe out the last Leftist governments in Latin America".

"Is former chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne halachically Jewish?"  The crypto khonspiracy raises its ugly head again, and he is both shocked and delighted.

"What Would Sherlock Holmes Have Made of the Government’s Explanation of the Case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal?" (Slane).  It is not just lying, it is laughably incompetent lying, and Slane has reached the point where he really is beating a dead horse.

 Almost every word of this is a lie!:  "When Spies Hack Journalism".

"Brennan, Strzok And Kerry Allegedly Set "Spy Traps" For Trump Team; Hunt For FBI Mole Intensifies" (Durden).  Nunes is getting very close to uncovering a major constitutional scandal so, of course, they are fighting back by trying to remove him.  The craziest thing is that his supposed flaw is that the IC doesn't trust him, based on some obviously phony fear about endangering agents, with the information about the wrongdoing of the IC!  The traitors are screaming for the investigator to be removed because he is getting too close to identifying them.

"Guccifer 2.0's Final Messenger: Mainstream Media & Their "Russian Fingerprints"" (Vos).  "Did Guccifer 2 Plant his Russian Fingerprints?" and "Media Mishaps: Early Guccifer 2 Coverage" (The Forensicator).  The 'Russian fingerprints' in Guccifer 2.0 are an artifact produced by the document reader used.  From the second Forensicator link above:
". . . the DNC changed their story on how/where Guccifer 2 came by his copy of the original Trump opposition report.  In their first announcement (via WaPo) the DNC stated “Russian government hackers penetrated the computer network of the Democratic National Committee and gained access to the entire database of opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump“.  Yet in the November 2017 AP report, an anonymous ex-DNC official is cited: “The first document Guccifer 2.0 published on June 15 came not from the DNC as advertised but from Podesta’s inbox.”  That is a significant divergence, which has gone unnoticed and unreported on, by the media.  To place this in context, recall that Guccifer 2 was implicitly linked to the initial alleged hacking of the DNC and his widely publicized “Russian fingerprints” were important to making that connection."
Right at the end of the second piece you'll see some hints that Gawker, The Smoking Gun and Guccifer 2.0 may all have been involved in some kind of conspiracy based on finding 'Russian fingerprints' in documents sourced from the Podesta emails.

Two years at 89 for badspeech is quite amazing:  "German police officers. (File)Protest Erupts in Germany Calling for Release of 'Nazi Grandma'".
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