Sunday, May 06, 2018


"State Dept Condemns Murder of Journalists… Unless It is by Jews" (Anglin).  "Lawsuits present challenge for neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site" (Strickland).

Interesting timing, while Bibi is under investigation for his massive corruption and desperate for a distraction from his own personal legal problems (and what better distraction than a war, which would cause the whole issue to disappear?), to give him (and the Minister of Defense, but what's he going to say to a war?) the sole decision-making power to start WWIII:  "Netanyahu and his defence minister given the unilateral power to take Israel to war".

"Better not Protest Israel’s birthday in America" (Mykytyn).  Note the grossly unconstitutional over-charging, an attempt to stifle the right to freedom of assembly.

"Syrian Army Uncovers Cargo of Israeli-Made Arms Smuggled to Terrorists - Reports".

"Another distorted ‘NY Times’ report on Gaza focuses on ‘blazing kites’ instead of Israeli snipers" (North). The 'journalist' (((media))) soldiers in the child-murdering trenches of the NYT are getting paid overtime these days. 

"Israeli Troops First Shot a Gaza Journalist’s Left Leg, Then His Right. And They Didn’t Stop There" (Levy/Levac).

Weiss is both the best liar, telling us all about how the Khazars are now working to fix the problems they've caused, a trick intended to buy more time for murdering and land theft and WWIII, and the best reporter of how the 'donors' and their enablers in the Khazar khommunity actually behave in the real world (always shocking in its vileness):  "Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors".

"Starbucks Canada to close stores for sensitivity training following the arrest of two Black men at a U.S. location".  Paralleling choices made in the US, I'm going to suggest the Jewish Defense League, active in Canada (I have to assume because, for some strange reason which has nothing whatsoever to do with shekels, Canada has no laws against terrorism), to conduct the 'sensitivity training'.

"Media Use Disinformation To Accuse Russia Of Spreading Such" (Moon).  "Chris Blackburn Discusses Legacy Press Coverage Of Joseph Mifsud" (Vos).  Remember how the CIA/NATO manipulated Italy back in the 60s, 70s and 80s with false-flag terrorist attacks blamed on the left (the famous 'strategy of tension').  Now, as part of The Clarification, the connections in the current anti-Russian conspiracy are through the global 'left' (starting with the Clintonistas), the ICs of the US and other countries, globalist outlets like the Guardian, and various European fellow travelers, with the anti-Trump conspiracy fronted by Mueller following 'evidence' created as part of the ammo to unseat Trump, involving Mifsud, an unlikely but vital cog in creating the bigger anti-Trump narrative, through the Italian 'left'.

The 'journalism'-PR connections in the US 'dossier' coverage:  "Are NBC and CNN Paying Off Top Spies Who Leaked Info With On-Air Jobs?" (the always excellent Smith)"
"CNN has never disclosed the close relationship between Evan Perez, one of the reporters on the Jan. 10, 2017 story, and his former Wall Street Journal colleagues who went on to start Fusion GPS, including the company’s founder Glenn Simpson. Nor did the Merriman Smith prize committee acknowledge how the dossier on which the leading lights of the news business have again staked their institutional credibility was disseminated to the public.

That story is now coming into focus with the recent release of seven government documents that together detail a working partnership between spy agencies and the press that helped a political attack meme go viral, even though the evidence on which it was based was demonstrably false. While this type of relationship—let’s call it collusion—may be routine in Third World countries, it does not bode well for the health of the American press, or our democratic institutions."
Clapper and Brennan moved the 'dossier' oppo over to the (((media))) through leaking, then got rewarded with jobs at that very (((media))), where they have a platform to cover-up for their various misdeads (including Clapper's outright lying to Congress about what he did).  Also, on the bizarre double role of Fusion GPS in the infamous Trump Tower meeting which is supposed to prove Trump-Putin collusion (and now looks like a set-up managed by Fusion GPS).

Yet again the 'British' Khazars have made a British election about themselves, with the British people, yet again, and given a clear choice, sensibly voting ( the ballots were marked, at the request of Khazar pretend members of Labour, 'gas the kikes' or 'don't gas the kikes', so the choice is obvious).  Unfortunately (or fortunately, as Corbyn is playing this beautifully), the consistent pro-Corbyn voting will have no effect of the treasonous efforts by the 'British' Khazars to unseat Corbyn by labeling him an 'anti-Semite'.  "Freedom No More" (Murray).

"Israeli Flags Hung in Major German Cities Are Taken Down and Thrown Away".  Looks like preparation for serious laws requiring veneration of the Israeli flag.  Why else would you pull this kind of stunt?

"A Bucketful of Novichok" (Slane).  Part of the problem is that the OPCW is itself deeply corrupt (but not quite corrupt enough to be an entirely useful tool!), labeled by the (((media))) as objective 'scientific' investigators but actually just another part of the conspiracy, but they can't keep their lying stories, not to mention the rather important units of measurement, straight long enough to help the lies of May and Johnson.

"Czech President’s ‘Novichok bombshell’ undermines London’s credibility in Skripal case."

Possible Russian geopolitical balancing calculations:  "The War on Iran Has Begun. Russia Must End It" (Glazebrook).  Given what is going on, not just in the Middle East, playing these diplomatic games and not taking the existential threat of the Khazars to Russia seriously enough could very well be the end of Russia (not to mention western civilization).

"The Latest Act in Israel’s Iran Nuclear Disinformation Campaign" (Porter).  Not only really old documents, so old they actually support the treaty by proving its success, but recycled documents fabricated by the Mossad (the ol' 'laptop' documents)! Again, Bibi's a desperate man who can now start WWIII all by himself.

Suspicions that the 'funding freeze' is some kind of feint, especially as so much funding comes from elsewhere:  "WHITE HELMETS: The John McCain Connections and is the “Funding Freeze” for Real?" (Beeley).  I think they do need a rebranding - the British intelligence connections are too obvious and well known, and the most recent false-flag was so incompetently staged that even Bellingcat had trouble spinning the images!  Since the American 'response' had already occurred, this was embarrassing to Trump (though no one will admit it).

"Yemeni Rebels Begin Attacking Saudi Oil Infrastructure: You Know What That Means" (Shahtahmasebi).  No 'humanitarianism' amongst the 'do-gooders' is going to stop this slaughter (our knowledge of the true nature of the 'do-gooders' is part of The Clarification) - the Houthis are going to have to cause enough pain to the Saudis that MbS is forced to so the right thing. Needless to say, the (((media))) will blame this self-defense on Iran.

"The Hassan Diab Extradition: Calling for a Public Inquiry, Reforming Canada’s Extradition Law".  Let's not mention the extreme shekeling of the politicians in two countries that lead directly to this outrage.  Fix that problem and many other problems disappear.  After all, why did the French fight so hard for the extradition of somebody they had not a shred of evidence against (bearing in mind throughout that the alleged crime was bombing a synagogue, with therefore an excellent chance of it being yet another false flag), and why did the Canadian government fall all over itself to comply despite the fact the lack of evidence was completely obvious?  Shekels, and shekels.  We the woke are getting furious.
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