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The effects of the US playing maximal hardball on every front:  "Oil and gas geopolitics: no shelter from the storm" (Escobar):
"And that plunges us into the heart of the geopolitical game, as admitted, never on the record, by experts in Brussels; the EU has got to reevaluate its strategic alliance with an essentially energy independent US, as “we are risking all our energy resources over their Halford Mackinder geopolitical analysis that they must break up Russia and China.”

That’s a direct reference to the late Mackinder epigone Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski, who died dreaming of turning China against Russia.

In Brussels, there’s increased recognition that US pressure on Iran, Russia and China is out of geopolitical fear the entire Eurasian land mass, organized as a super-trading bloc via the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), is slipping away from Washington’s influence.

This analysis gets closer to how the three key nodes of 21st century Eurasia integration – Russia, China and Iran – have identified the key issue; both the euro and the yuan must bypass the petrodollar, the ideal means, as the Chinese stress, to “end the oscillation between strong and weak dollar cycles, which has been so profitable for US financial institutions, but lethal to emerging markets.”

And that’s why the Shanghai oil futures experiment is such a game-changer, already deepening China’s sovereign bond market. Persian Gulf traders show a keen interest in how Asian traders are profiting from the fact the petro-yuan may be redeemed for gold. Iranian oil being sold in Shanghai will further expand the process.

It’s also no secret among Persian Gulf traders that in the – hopefully unlikely – event of a US-Saudi-Israeli war in Southwest Asia against Iran, a real scenario war-gamed by the Pentagon would be “the destruction of oil wells in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]. The Strait of Hormuz does not have to be blocked as destroying the oil wells would be far more effective.”

And what the potential loss of over 20% of the world’s oil supply would mean is terrifying; the implosion, with unforeseen consequences, of the quadrillion derivatives pyramid, and consequentially of the entire Western financial casino superstructure.

Call it a nuclear financial weapon of mass destruction chain reaction. Compared to that, the 2008 financial crisis would be little more than a walk in an ecologically friendly park."
From the linked article:  "Sanctioning the World, the US Inadvertently Launches Multipolarism" (Crooke):
"The mafia-like, Trump ‘shakedown’ of Chancellor Merkel (‘give up Nord Stream II, or we’ll shake you Germans down, in terms of Steel and Aluminum), firstly, iscatalyzing the possibility of a major re-orientation of European policy.

The European resolve on Russia sanctions long has been shaky: German and Italian businesses have been hard hit financially, and it has been essentially Merkel who held the European ‘line'. These European sanctions are solely Ukraine-related, and the Chancellor has been talking with Putin in Sochi about Ukraine. There, in Sochi, Putin offered two ideas: a UN peace-keeping force for Ukraine, and continued transit of Russian gas through the Ukraine corridor (a major European point) – if that were to prove commercially viable.

If these thoughts prove to be fecund, it would allow Merkel to front-run ‘the inevitability of an Italian ‘no’ to renewal of Russia sanctions in September’. She could be ‘leading again': taking forward an initiative of her own - balm to the European ego after the disappointing experience of JCPOA. Soothing the Ukraine irritant, in this way, would also allow a Germany – now, in this new US tariff era, even less open to taking a ‘hit’ on European delinquent debt, or to re–financing French infrastructure – to view Russia as a natural partner. It might also allow her to defuse somewhat the immigration ‘bomb’ by agreeing with Putin a mechanism by which the some of the one million Syrian refugees in Germany, return home. Next week, Merkel goes to China, to see how to finesse US pressure on Europe to side with America - against China. We may find, contrarily, that Germany ends up closer to China, which has been investing heavily in Germany, rather than closer to the US (though Germany cannot easily avoid being pig-in-the middle in this trade fight)."
It is curious that the Americans (and their Israeli bosses) consistently make the same mistake, which is that they can unilaterally set the terms of the America-world relationship, and relationships between other countries, and everybody will just obey.

Similar issues:  "Trade War and the Nationalist Exchange: Trudeau Trails Trump" (Forte):
"The second reason it was a mistake for Trudeau to use national security as an entry point is that it now opens a valid question for Canadians: what good is our alliance with the US? Why are we in all those wars? Why are we always tagging along with the Yanks? What were we doing in Afghanistan? It’s not like Toronto was attacked on 9/11. Why should we be members of NATO and NORAD? All of it really does not count for anything in the end. Trump has played Trudeau, repeatedly, and is now forcing Trudeau to substantively and effectively call into question Canada’s subservient role as an upholder of American empire"
It goes on to list the litany of terrible things that have happened after Trudeau decided that he would be polite and nice and Trump would, of course, act fairly.

Btw, Trudeau's weird - and obviously panicky - foray into pipelines has to do with American energy self-sufficiency, with its long-term effect on the movement of energy around the continent, and the fact that Canadian prosperity is overly dependent on selling oil-sands oil to Americans, requiring a pipeline to sell it to the Chinese (the pipeline is required to keep the Americans from abusing their monopsony position in oil in other negotiations, as it is feared that increasing American fracking will mean they can regard Canadian oil-sands oil as an optional purchase).  The bottom line is, regardless of his virtue-signalling, he intends to wreck the world with his carbon extraction, as that is his only idea to keep the country functioning economically:  "How Justin Trudeau and Jerry Brown Can Help Save the Great Barrier Reef" (McKibben).

"Who is the Labour Party’s “witchfinder general”?" (Winstanley).  I don't know if Corbyn has a conscious 'gas the kikes' election victory strategy, but it is working!  Brits get more woke with each passing day, and each more ridiculous Khazar abuse of power.  After he is PM, he can triumphantly bring Livingstone back into the party.

This is why the Khazars have achieved Peak Vileness:  "Ben Gurion’s “Plan D”: Massacres of Palestinians Were “Indispensable” to the Creation of the State of Israel".  They are, simply, monsters.

"Israel Funnels Millions to Erase Palestinian History" (Sherman).

Goyim, I . . . .  "The Middle East doesn’t lack democracy. It has too much." (Fromer).

Tweet (Neil Clark):
"What a delightful chap this ‘Lazarus of Kiev’ seems to be. He achieved his ‘dissident’ status by saying he had ´no sympathy, no pity’ for the members of the Alexandrov Ensemble (& others) who were killed in a plane crash over the Black Sea on Christmas Day 2016."
"WaPo Editors: We Have to Help Destroy Yemen to Save It" (Johnson).  Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"breaking: think tank funded by Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman opposes peace treaty."
Are the Shi'ites the future because they have a religion which can progress?  Iran:  "You’ll Never Believe Which Country Just Enacted Massive, Meaningful Drug Reform " (Smith).  "Twelver Shiism and Political Power by Patrick Lang - Re-published 1 June 2018".  "Indonesian Islam – “Eat What Even Saudis Would Not Touch Anymore”" (Vltchek).

"Malaysia's Mahathir's Reforms Could Put Saudi, UAE On The Spot" (Dorsey).  Avoiding the 'cesspool'.

The big brains think they have figured Putin out (playing the Iran card he supposedly holds):  "Syria Is the Next Step in the Russian-Saudi Rapprochement" (Korybko) and "Russia censures Iran, expects Israel to help restore ties with US" (Bhadrakumar).  It is funny that everybody just assumes the Khazars can help you out with your American sanctions problem, with the wider idea that Israel is running what amounts to a protection racket using its unspeakable influence over the US government.

"Poland Under the Jewish Messiah" (Shamir).  It really is a racket.  Hopefully, when Israel is gone, we can all band together and get this extorted money back.

"Hate Speech Advocate, who got Roseanne Barr Fired, Running Trump Mideast Policy" (Cole).  Fred Fleitz.  Cole has previously noted that everybody focused on the 'ape' part of the remark, as an Islamophobic slur simply doesn't count.

MbS disappeared, and those women driver protesters were immediately arrested, which seemed to be a contradiction to his program of 'liberalism', but maybe was just the old school reasserting power after MbS was assassinated.
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